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Poetry for fun! Domestic Goddess in bib overalls!

Updated on March 10, 2013

Dress for the job

This is not my sis but she does wear pink bibs for construction
This is not my sis but she does wear pink bibs for construction | Source
Cute tools!
Cute tools! | Source

Grab that hammer, Deb

There she stands in her bibbed overalls

Cute Tool hammer and Cute tool saw!

She knocks down the stairs that are toppling over

Rotted boards falling into the clover

She can’t find a contractor to take over the repair

So she grabs a tape measure with no time to spare

What does she think a domestic goddess can do

Make a new stairway with a hammer and screw?

She just ran to home depot she knew what to do

The guys there all know her, they admire her too

They said its no problem we know you can do it

Just buy some stair treads and boards that will fit

Wow what a gal-no job goes undone

She paints floor to ceiling then doors must be hung

Plaster is falling off the ceiling and wall

Hates to climb ladders, afraid she might fall

But alas, she has learned she can do it, she can

Up that ladder she climbs like a fireman

Takes a sledge hammer knocks the plaster down

Now she needs new dry wall, must run back to town

Lest I forget, she is not doing this job alone

Her wonderful husband is as close as his phone

When his work day is over, another day done

He slips into his bibbed overalls to join Deb in the fun.

When each day is over they pause and look around

They both agree it is a treasure they have found

So they lock up the doors and turn out the light

And whisper to each other, I love you, Goodnight

© By

Betty Overstreet 2006


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