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Don Lucas

Updated on July 5, 2015

I was born with a golden spoon,given name Lucas. My fondest memory was my growing up under the watchful eyes of my parents who provided me and my younger brother the best of everything. We attended the best schools and immediately after school,i took over ownership of one of Dad's numerous companies.

I was born to rule and have been the leader everywhere i go. I was a prefect in all the schools i attended and at the University,i was elected president of the Rotrat club in my first year,a post i held for four years. The term Don was not co-incidental rather i was born to be a Don. I have heard people talked about suffering,well, i don't know what it means because i have never suffered for any reason.

Life to me is full of beauty,i got everything i wanted and has no reason to lack, no reason to beg and no reason to be deprived of anything i ever want. One good thing about me is that anything i set my eyes on must be attained perhaps that was why when i first saw her, i called her my wife and six years later,i married her. Angela, the most beautiful creature in this world.

Angela fitted into my life style though she is a little bit more conservative but there was luxury so one wouldn't see her sense of conservation but i had a total of twelve private cars before i married her and within four years,it was limited to three, two for me,one for her. She made me gave out every other car which i did to make sure that she remained happy.

Angela is not just the most precious thing in my life because there are also our three beautiful kids but though i love them dearly,my wife comes first before any of my kids. Perhaps that was where my mum got it wrong. She loved Angela from the start but somehow things began to take a different stroke and she began to see my wife as a competitor, a situation which also began to affect me.

My parents sacrificed alot for me especially my mum who made sure that i got everything in this world and i share a special bond with them though stronger with my Mum compare to my Dad.

Her strain relationship with Angela is affecting me. I cannot take side in this situation and Angela has made it clear that she doesn't want my mum anymore in our matrimonial home but how on earth will i stop my own mum, a woman that carried me in her womb from coming to my house?

What should i do?


My mother gave birth to me but Angel made me complete.

This is the first time in my life that i suffer and I have understood that suffering comes in different forms.

Most times we don't get everything we what.


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