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Updated on November 9, 2015

Lost family.

This was a terrible stage in my families life.when I heard the news I couldn't quite take it in,I didn't believe it was true.i cried when I saw my big sister devastated as were her husband and his sister.They looked totally numb, they looked as if they were in a distant place that no one could access apart from was a truly horrid time in the families existence.

Donald my nephew,
I'll miss you a lot
Didn't always see eye to eye,
forgiveness I sought.
We lost lots of years,through
arguments and tears
Wasted hatred,unfounded fears.
I still kept track,of how you were
Good or bad,I always did care.
I thought of you often,I wondered what to do
To rebuild our friendship,I owed that to you.
I regret it now,both stubborn and mad
I knew you were good,not always bad.
In my old house,I loved you staying
My girls loved you to,said you were amazing.
Made them laugh,your heart plain to see
Full of love,that's you all over Wee-d.

My nephew who recently passed
My nephew who recently passed | Source


your mum dad and sister

miss you a lot

they cry for your soul

never be forgot

a gaping hole

is left behind

their son who passed

they wish to find.

hurts each day

never gets old

no help for the family

a story not told.


Young at heart.

this picture personified wee Donald. He was fun and had a wicked sense of humour. I supposse even in his older years he maintained this talent. he was always family orientated,he loved his mum and dad,and adored his sister. He was a very loving boy. His loss is still felt to this day,and will be for a long time to come.

Family squabbles.

My biggest regret was not seeing Donald before he passed.we had a falling out sometime before and it was stupid why we were not on speaking terms.if I could turn back time and change some of my mistakes,that regret would be at the top of my list.

Ironically I drove close on the road that passes his house the week before he died,I remember thinking in the car that it was about time I gave him another chance.stupidly I didn't,i so regret not following up with my attempt to recontact him.

Fondest Memories

what I remember from Donald was his truly good nature.he was very loving,he used to come to my home when my girls were very young.he played games with them the whole time he was there,he never tired of their daughters were very fond of him.they loved it when Donald came down to stay for a few days,we loved it too as he always gave us a break as he always tired them out.he will always be in their hearts.

Never Let Family Lose Touch.

No matter what the quarrel was about,no matter the argument that festers,no matter what insults were thrown I regret going to sleep that night and not making amends.if I could advise anyone,it would simply be to try reconcile with your estranged loved ones,as I regret not getting on better with some of mine.i paid the ultimate price for my obstinance, I lost contact with a nephew who I truly had a wonderful connection with when we were friends.there's not a day goes by I don't think and regret my stupidity.

We All Lose

Families can be infuriating,frustrating,mind bending.One fact that links us all is our connection with families.our love for our families I think is expressed a lot of the time in the arguments we have.most of the time we argue as our advice we give is not accepted,even if it's meant with care.families are so similar and alike that's why the arguments tend to be more fierce,and why we don't speak for longer periods of time.when you fall out with a friend most times it is a small time frame,but when it's family it usually ends up being a long arduous process of getting back on speaking terms.


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