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Is Letter Writing A Thing Of The Past?

Updated on November 30, 2011

Do you ever write handwritten letters to friends and family?

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Dear Friend,

How long has it been since you pulled out that pretty stationary in your desk drawer and wrote a letter? Yes, I mean a snail mail letter with an ink pen and paper. That form of communication is almost a thing of the past, a lost art in the museum of our memory.

Now we have tex message, cell phones and e-mails ( which are great technology), but we rarely take the time out of our busy lives to craft a personal letter to a sweetheart or a loved-one.

What makes a handwritten letter so special? Well, to give a modern example, does it ever make you happy when you check your e-mail and you actually have a personal e-note from someone you care about that doesn't have forward attached to the front of the title box. Something about that makes you feel cared for and you can't wait to open and read it. With that said, even with all the greatest communication technology that we only dreamed of twenty years ago we have become more busy and negligent of our friends and family members than ever.( I am a guilty culprit of lack of connection and taking precious time and sharing it with a letter from my heart). When you go to the mail box and you see a pretty envelope with handwritten names and addresses, you usually put all the other junk mail and bills aside and open that up first, knowing the sender took the time to put pen to paper makes the message more special.

I'll never forget having pen pals growing up, always checking the mail to see if they wrote to me that week, sometimes I could expect stickers and little homemade gifts inside that thrilled me so. Then there was the little boyfriend thing going, butterflies swarmed in my tummy every-time I seen a letter with my name written in sloppy print with a deformed heart beside it.

During the romantic dating sega, I enjoyed all the love letters and signed cards that poured in my mail box or given in person. What makes it so special is I still have these timeless treasures, they are family heirlooms that I will pass to my children someday and a beautiful scrapbook of memories. A delete button or crashed computer can never make them go away, I can hold them in my hands and relive those cherished moments of happy times.

I know I'm terribly sentimental, but I miss those days, I like the natural handwritten font on a piece of paper that reflects who the writer is as a person.

I know we are trying to go green, but we can't let our campaigns of saving the world make us too distracted and impersonal that we postpone investing time in memories and relationships. "Even if it's just once in a while, send a physical letter of the heart to a friend or family member that hasn't heard from you in a while, you never know it just might renew your friendship and ignite old flames of close kinship."

Psychologists say that just looking at a clean sheet paper fills you with hope because it represents the connection you are about to make! To top it off you get to choose the right stationary for you: Are you preppy? Pick a classic monogram. Romantic? Consider florals, lace or teapots. You will feel inspired to exercise your letter-writing muscle more often! Neurologists recommend letter writing to their patients to stimulate their brain and express their emotions, ensuring quicker healing and recovery.

Fun Ways To Make A Letter Special:

  • Personalize it! - Send a profile of yourself to, and they'll create cameo stationary of you. You can also make personalized stationary on your computer. If you are a strict green saver, check into learning how to make your own tree free paper, it's fun and very personal creativity.
  • Stamp it! Go to or to order custom U.S. postage stamps of your favorite photo ( even your kids pics).
  • Scent it! Using a rose-vanilla scented pen will make your message fragrant-and keep you relaxed at the same time while you write ( Check out ). You can add a thin sachet or spray the letter with fragrance oil or perfume.

Here is some online stationary resources you can check out too! or

Go Bless Someone Today:.)

Letters From Home


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    • marwan asmar profile image

      Marwan Asmar 

      6 years ago from Amman, Jordan

      A beautiful article, and so true. The days of writing letters were really great. There was a sence of space, and as you say now its at the click of a button. What a great pity

    • The Real Tomato profile image

      The Real Tomato 

      9 years ago

      I am sentimental about letters/cards too. My grandmother (when she was alive) spent time each day writing to friends and family. I treasure the ones she sent me and I know how meaningful it is for the receiver.

      Such a good topic to talk about.

    • G-Ma Johnson profile image

      Merle Ann Johnson 

      10 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

      Well to tell you the never know when some one is home and has the time to chat...we are soooo busy you know. If however you receive an your  convenience you may respond....or not. I love it..but write notes and send cards...both  by the P O and e-mail.....G-Ma :o) hugs

    • compu-smart profile image

      Tony T 

      10 years ago from London UK

      Yes, very good hub Letters are so nice to receive and can no way compete with texts or Emails..

      Lets just hope it's not a thing of the past!.

    • singingmommy profile imageAUTHOR

      Candace Green 

      10 years ago from OKLAHOMA

       You all are just great thanks for your comments, they add to my hub.

    • Lissie profile image

      Elisabeth Sowerbutts 

      10 years ago from New Zealand

      I know the last letter I received was from an elderly aunt who died a couple of years ago so Iguess it was about about 3 or 4 years ago. The last letter I wrote was probably to someone who sent my mum an Xmas card the Xmas after she died so that was Dec 93. I think the saddest thing is that its hard to keep records - I have letters my mother sent to her mum prior to my birth - but all my emails and blogs etc will become inaccessable unless I keep on upgrading and then my heirs know where to look and care to!

    • twindad481 profile image


      10 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I believe you are right on when you say people don't send letters anymore. I know I'm guilty of not sending letters, but am really encouraged when someone takes the time to think of me. You've made me realize I can make someone's day with just a few minutes of my time. I vow to write some letters soon.

    • soyelude profile image


      10 years ago from Lagos - Nigeria

      Yeah...its been aeons since I wrote a letter. Can't even remember what postage stamps look and taste like anymore. Thanx for the hub SM. Whao...this age we live in!!!

    • singingmommy profile imageAUTHOR

      Candace Green 

      10 years ago from OKLAHOMA

      Thanks G-Ma and In the Doghouse for your nice comments!

      I know what you mean it is hard to pick up a pen and paper and write when it's so much easier to just e-mail, then sometimes I fail to take time to do that too. Times are busier than ever, that's why I think little things like this can help slow down a bit and share our time and love:.)

    • In The Doghouse profile image

      In The Doghouse 

      10 years ago from California

      When my son was on a mission for our church was probably the last time I sent a snail mail letter. I just received one from my aunt, a thank you note to be exact, and it was really fun. Thanks for the reminder that we can all be a little more thoughtful to others.

    • G-Ma Johnson profile image

      Merle Ann Johnson 

      10 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

      It does seem that fewer and fewer people write letters these days...but istill do..not as often as I used to though since I got a computer..shame shame Good hub thanks... G-Ma :o)


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