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Don't Understand Me

Updated on September 1, 2010

directly below where my feelings go
no one has the answer for me
this invisible beat writes my song for me
so then i calmly set the tone
i've walked for miles over an over again
gently pushin' down this paper with my writing pen

the lines seem to challenge me an that is just fine
witness all the love i see an no one can intertwine 
its all flamboyant when you take a look inside
my walls are caving in but its something I appreciate
an i ignore all the skeptics who try to manipulate

don't know what to feel
but still i write endless writings on my ceiling
for this someone i adore
but she has no feeling...
i don't understand
how something so beautiful
can't admit that I really love her

still singing time an time again
but all she sees is a friend...
I can't accept not because i want to
but my heart won't give in..

its takin too much to give up now
fighting for the love of my life
like Scott Pilgrim
who fought for her right...

don't understand me its okay
no one ever

really does


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