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Don't Let the Shadows of Yesterday Spoil Your Tomorrow

Updated on April 11, 2022

When I was young

don't seem that long

when I was a boy

underneath a huge sky

we all travel through time

each day is a sign

to feel the wind blow

and watch ourselves grow

but times not on our side

no matter where we hide

it seems we can only borrow

the sunshine of tomorrow

to be or not to be

through others eyes we see

presume others to care

desires and smiles we share

minutes turn into hours

morning dew drips off the flowers

footsteps on the run

to catch the new days sun

where will we be

when the stars meet the sea

through tears of salt you've cried

in the nothing that's the void

thoughts are yours to keep

in your memories that’s so deep

like the images that you view

are the treasures that belong to you

like joy that springs aloft

each passing smile is scoffed

amid the sky so blue

time is always chasing you

ticking clocks just fade away

like vanishing stars at the dawn of day

feelings to are put to sleep

locked in the heart for you to keep

the flame of love too quick to burn

the ways of life to long to learn

the eyes of hope to slow to spite

the will of truth to weak to fight

beside the beach the ebb and flow

waves of brine and foam do grow

stones and sand rhythmically mingle

creating lines of salty shingle

the pen scribes with littery lament

the past and the future present resent

all that we do and all that we see

frozen in time a memory to be

clouds roll over like shrouds of doom

hiding the sun and fading the moon

days pass like words that are spoken

promises of the future the past has broken

within the eye the image is set

like living a movie you want to forget

where's the producer who directs the scene

amid the out-takes where you've once been

can you remember or have you forgot

the time allotted and what you have got

or do you walk on with ignorant pleasure

hoping you're the one who'll live forever

© 2012 Mark


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