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Down Will Go Dear Heart

Updated on February 22, 2017
Red Rock Canyon, NV - 10/2009 hiking trip
Red Rock Canyon, NV - 10/2009 hiking trip

Down Will Go Dear Heart

by Laura Summerville Reed

I will never learn to anticipate my own changing

Some, entirely new;

a divorce

a Camelot of more than a quarter century

undone by my own hands.

I didn’t see my hands at work.

Making changes, moving away,

moving aside, moving

other than in the direction I was expected (stasis)

I have become a solitary creature.

I no longer think to check

for the changes in others,

or the lack thereof.

Other changes are not new to me,

only forgotten,

changed for the welfare,

happiness and safety of others,

and now revisited from long past.

I feel compelled to climb.

These lungs that, until recently, released breaths that

issued warnings of impending danger and constant reminders

of care and caution now find themselves filled with the air

at the edge of a rocky precipice.

I climbed and climbed

in my childhood;

trees, creek banks, fences, barns,

rooftops, and sign posts.

I climbed for the joy of it then,

I climbed because I grew up in the country

and there wasn't much else to do.

There is still a great joy in it; cathartic,

cleansing, rebellious joy.

My own.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist

to understand my desire to climb things.

I have new obstacles in my life,

it’s a Freudian attempt at staying on top of them.

Each time I reach the edge of sure and impending death,

I peer over and see I've left my cloven heart

impaled upon the rocky crag below.

I will climb down

and pick up the tender, bifurcated pieces;

on to the next obstacle.

But I’ll need both hands for this task,

so down will go Dear Heart,

once again.

©LSR 2010


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    • lalesu profile image

      lalesu 7 years ago from south of the Mason-Dixon

      Ahh, my dear man, I wait with bated breath to see the spectrum of wordplay that will be refracted from under another of your jaunty chapeaux. BTW - Hats are accessories, not apparel. So you're all clear on the nudity front.

    • profile image

      ralwus 7 years ago

      Don't you be getting attached to my hat, I wear others and frequently change them as you will learn. I will likely be nude again by summer

    • profile image

      ralwus 7 years ago

      I forgot to welcome you, so Welcome to HP.

    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 7 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      Climbing is about obstacles and having the ability to overcome them. This is a strong and powerful hub, and I was moved by this. You will be strong enough to overcome. It takes time for the heart to heal, but it does. In a Universe of dead moons and planets, our lives and awareness of life in our fantastic beautiful world is a miracle, and the friendships we make along the way too - we should live it for as much as possible while we are still able to. I hope you find what you are looking for.

    • lalesu profile image

      lalesu 7 years ago from south of the Mason-Dixon

      Ralwus - I hope I never lose my desire to "get over" things and I do hope this is a friendly memory soon.

      Winsome - trees are still my first and favorite love. I scope them out, even as I drive, daring myself to knock on a strangers door and ask if I might perch among their branches for a bit. Someday I'm going to be brave enough to do it!

      the voice - thank you for your kind words. I certainly do not feel very powerful at the moment.

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      great hub its powerful thanks

    • Winsome profile image

      Winsome 7 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

      Very nice Laura. I was always a climber--to the highest limb that would hold my ten year old frame, weaving with the wind and looking out as far as I could--out of body until a gust drew me back. Take care of your hands, nothing is so creative, especially if they have experienced the hard things of life.

    • profile image

      ralwus 7 years ago

      this too shall pass