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Dr Seuss Nightmare

Updated on June 3, 2014


A poetry contest asked for entries taking a nightmarish spin on a classic Dr. Seuss story. I chose the iconic "Oh the places you'll go."

Oh the place you'll go...

The end has come.
It’s now the day.
Your body will rot,
and mold and decay…

Your brain is now dead.
You no longer stand
You made many mistakes
Nothing went as planned.
You're all alone. And you know what’s to come.
YOU messed it all up, now time to succumb.

Is it a stairway? No, not a chance.
A highway awaits, with one last backward glance
About now you’ll say, "I don't choose to go there."
But now it’s too late, you haven’t a prayer.

You start to resist, force pulls you along.
Thinking of all that you have done wrong.

Temperature rises, skin starts to burn
With all those chances why didn't you learn?

Out there things happened
And frequently did
You kept for yourself
And to others forbid.

Now that your fate
Has been forever sealed
You finally let go
And forever yield…


Oh the places you'll go!


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