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Dragon School

Updated on August 13, 2015

A young boy sat on his bed and looked out of the window at the amazing sight. He had only dreamed of Dragons and never thought they could be real. But here he was looking out of his dormitory window at the older children practicing Dragon Ball. It was a little like polo. Well more like lacrosse on Dragon back. It looked like a lot of fun but he would not get to find out until he could ride a Dragon, but he would not get that chance until next term. First he had to prove to the school that he was worthy of his place there. He was one of only a handful of children from the normal world to have ever been accepted into this fantastical place. In fact at this moment he was the only 'Outsider' at the school.

Since arriving that morning he had been either ignored or taunted by the other students and none of them would share a room with him. He was alone and felt isolated but the sight of the Dragons somehow made him feel warm inside and reminded him of his favourite dream. Closing his eyes he took himself to the lake in the mountains where the Dragons of his dreams lived.

A loud bang on the door brought him out of his daydream with a start. Opening it he found himself confronted by an older boy. ‘The Headmaster wishes to see you in his office, follow me.’

‘What could I have done for the headmaster to want to see me? I did nothing to the other boys that taunted me.’ He thought, worried about what was going to happen.

The older boy turned to see that his face had become ghost like and his hands were shaking. ‘Don’t worry he said. ‘The headmaster just wants to talk to you and make sure you are OK. He heard about the others taunting you when you arrived. I’m Eoghan by the way and I’m head boy.’ He finished holding out his hand.

‘Joe’ the young boy replied taking the offered hand and shaking it. They continued through the cold stone corridors of the dormitory and then out in to the courtyard. They headed across to an ornate looking white stone and marble building at the other side. Although the building shone in the late evening sun the wooden door looked a little out of place. Joe thought it would have looked better on an old castle rather than a building this grand.

Knocking on the door Eoghan announced himself and Joe. The large wooden door slowly opened to reveal an ornate hallway filled with statues. ‘Each of these statues represents someone of importance to our school.’ Eoghan told Joe as they moved along the corridor. Joe read the plaques as they passed each one.

They had not got far when one of the names caught his eye. Stopping Joe read the plaques full details. ‘King Arthur and Excalibur, true King of our people. He pulled the sword from the stone to prove his worth.’ Looking around he saw two others statues, one on either side of Arthur that also caught his eye.

Uther Pendragon was nearest to the entrance and Merlin stood with a twisted wooden staff to Arthur's right.

‘So King Arthur was real?’ Joe asked as they moved along the corridor.

‘He was and in fact it was Uther his father who set up this school. The stories you know are just that. Here you will learn the truth about them.’


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