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Dragon of My Dreams

Updated on January 16, 2011
Artwork is Unknown
Artwork is Unknown | Source

Dragon of My Dreams

You are the dragon of my dreams

breathing sacred air into my fading


As time and space shift, a translucent

phoenix climbs from the shadow.

Are you the ancient mariner who has
mapped my endless sea?

I am a tempest until you embrace me

ebbing and waning no more.

You are the dragon who swims

beneath the wicked facade

hunting me like a champion of fate.

Kori Fitch 2011


I think my interest in dragons came from this summer when I read all three of the The Girl with Dragon Tattoo books. The main character is a fighter and heroine that we have not known yet in the Western world. So then at Christmas I found a Keltic artwork that dipicted two dragons fighting. It is an old tale of Britain who's symbol of independence was a Red Dragon. The legends says that there was a Tyrant king and he wanted to build a tower on the HIll of Emrys. It continued to fall everytime he tried to build it. So he had his officers bring him a young boy to sacrifice. This young boy had the gift of prophecy and so said that he could see two dragons fighting underneath the hill in a pool. A red dragon and a white dragon. were in a battle and this is why buildings fell. He prophesized that the red dragon would when and Britain would win against the Saxons. Some legends say this young boy became Merlin.

The symbolism of the Dragon is a powerful one since dragons have command over all elements. I like them mostly because they swim and breathe fire. I am a fire sign and I also have my moon in Scorpio which is water. I have to be in water like I am really a mermaid and a terrible spell has been cast over me. Salt water is my preference- although fresh water is very appealing. I have to lay in water at least three times a week or I feel uneasy in general.

2012 is the Chinese year of the Water Dragon- which really gets my interest going. I think it is interesting that we are going from two years of metal to water. Dragons to me mean wisdom- flying creatures from ancient times. I like the Avatar movie and how they showed the dragons or those creatures who resemble dragons.

So I wrote a poem about a man and or muse that sparked my fire but lives in water. It is a long story-the good part is that I came up with this little poem.


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