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Dramatic Poetry: "After" Old Age

Updated on October 13, 2013
Padded Room
Padded Room | Source

Original Poem

Buland al-Haidari is the author of the Arabic poem, Old Age.

Please read both and let me know what you think of my version.

My Version of "Old Age"

Another winter,

And here I am,

In this padded room,

Dreaming that man is dreaming of me,

That I might lay my head on his chest

And he would not laugh at my secrets;

Dreaming that even now,

I am on the outside on the wind,

And he would say:

This wind is mine alone;

No other man will ever feel it.

Here, in this padded room,

Another winter,

And here I am,

Believing in my dreams and fearing

They will never come true.

Thinking he might look and laugh at

My wild, insane head,

My melancholy, aged soul;

Thinking he will stomp on

My love,

And here, in this padded room,

I will be laughed at by that man.


No love, no man, no dreams to hold,

Tomorrow I will die from this emptiness,

Here, in this padded room.


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