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Draven's Quest For Treasure

Updated on September 21, 2014

Draven's Quest for Treasure by Melanie Zetterberg

Book Preview

Draven's Quest for Treasure

By Melanie Zetterberg

DRAVEN DONOVAN is a professor that knows his way around a treasure hunt. After the death of his long-term girlfriend, he becomes a workaholic that hides from life behind the walls of the university. That is until an anonymous and rather mysterious letter is delivered promising a chosen spot on a team of five treasure hunters. Draven is excited about the opportunity and can concentrate on little else.

When a second letter arrives at his home recanting his whereabouts from earlier in the day, Draven is convinced that is he being followed. Passing on the opportunity is not an option as danger escalates when Draven is abducted. VENTI DONOVAN DEVERAUX, Draven’s sister is taken as well as a bargaining chip to ensure his cooperation.

When Draven escapes, he is home free until a voice from his past reaches from beyond the grave to keep him there. As he reaches for the door knob, CARMEN VOSS reminds him that they have his sister. They will kill her if he leaves. How could this be? He had attended Carmen’s memorial service.

Seeing the love of his life again and the curiosity over the circumstances of this miracle meeting compels him to take the journey with an underlying desire to win back his Carmen who now goes by the nickname BEAUTY as in BLACK BEAUTY, the vixen with the cold black hair and the even colder personality.

This quest leads Draven through the streets of New Orleans and Abita Springs- a bedroom community for New Orleans, in a search for a 24 carat gold cigar box filled with rare golden coins-a bounty worth in excess of $8 million U.S. dollars.

When the financial backer for the hunt and author of the mysterious letter deems Draven a personal threat, the heat is on. Racing against the clock, Draven must fight to stay alive while being unaware that the enemy is closer than he thinks, find the treasure to give his sister back her freedom, and finally win back the girl who has had his heart from the beginning.

CARMEN VOSS, is a woman that is torn between her love for one man and her loyalty to another. When Draven, the man she loves is threatened by THE FALCON, her loyalty is put to the test. The Falcon had trained her in the ways of an assassin and has provided her protection under his wings as well as her current way of life in exchange for completion of assignments with no questions asked. When he tests her loyalty by asking her to kill the one man that she can’t, she is forced to face her feelings for Draven. She realizes the only way to ensure Draven’s safety and have a life with the man she loves, she will have to bite the hand that feeds her. She will have to take out The Falcon.

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    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 4 years ago from Germany

      Interesting story. Good review. Thanks for sharing.