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Dream Scene

Updated on November 11, 2009

Dream Scene

The vines whispered and danced all around her.  The wind spun its tail around her legs, purring its song.  The girl felt happy.  Dragonflies flitted from bush to underbrush, searching for a tasty snack, all the while keeping their eyes on her.  She was the life of this forested party.  The green surrounding took up all of her vision, but made her the spotlight.  A butterfly ducked the wisps of her nightgown.  It's brightly purpled wings pulsed as it leapt through the breeze.  The girl lifted her eyes heavenward and sighed her delight.

Soon the clouds gathered, painting the sky a dark gray.  The sunny breeze turned cold and the dragonflies darted off seeking shelter.  The girl felt an icy drop pluck at her hair, another at her left shoulder.  She raced to the Tallest Tree before the clouds spoke of their sorrows.  Pattering raindrops shushed the bright green.  The girl knelt beside the tree, the tip of her nightgown collecting brown pine needles and flakes of old bark.  She noticed the nightgown, and then the butterfly.  It's wings soaked and it's legs scrabbling for a drier spot of earth.  The girl carefully slipped her fingers before its trembling legs.  She cupped her other hand around, sheltering the purple wings from gusts of wind.  They sat, huddled and cold.

Once the rains gave their encore and departed the girl rose from the soggy ground and paced through the forest.  The butterfly sat trembling in her cold, cupped hands.  She had almost reached the end of the forest, when she glanced down and saw the butterfly.  On its side.  It's wings still looked soft, but its small body looked dried and broken.  Tears welled up in her eyes.  She pressed her hands to her chest, still cupped and cold.  What had happened to the butterfly?  She sat on the wet leaves, searching for the answers in her wrinkled pruny fingers.  The wings fluttered, stuck together, with the breeze that blew back happiness.  


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      7 years ago

      very good


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