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Dream Walking

Updated on February 20, 2021

I walked down a long dirt road
and what a sight I did behold
a pair of yellow eyes staring at me
through the thick forest trees
I stopped, still, frozen in my tracks
nowhere to run, nowhere to turn back
so I reached deep inside my mind
and brought up the only thing I could find
a courage I didn't know I had
making me feel both sad and glad
I heard it breathe and hiss
and a burst of fire shot out, not intending to miss
but it whistled by my exposed ear
sending a strong jolt of fear
down my crooked spine
and I knew I was running out time
so I ran behind a pair of rocks
I heard it laugh with an intention to mock
slithering out the words "you can run, but you can't hide"
"I will chase you until you fall on your backside"
"then, oh, then" let out a laugh
"I will gobble you up"
until nothings left of you but a bloody stump!"
my fear suddenly became panic
and I could feel the knots deep in my stomach
I took off in a sprint
and heard the trees behind me split
I could feel it close at my heels
with its hisses and squeals
but I ran and ran until I felt my heart
skip a beat and I felt sure it might depart
then I saw a tiny light
and I ran with all my might
banged on the door and screamed out
help me! help me! I continued to shout
but no one came to the door
I was about to give up and I fell through the floor
I found myself in a basement surrounded by dark
still feeling the panic and the beating of my heart
I could hear the monster laughing up above me
hissing out "I've got you now my little treat!"
before he jumped into the hole
I tried to run once more, but there was no where to go
suddenly I awoke and I was lying on my floor
with my sheets tangled and my head a little sore
I took a second to realize it was all a dream
but so real it did seem!
as I slowly untangled the sheets
I took a quick glance down at my feet
how odd, my shoes were still on
covered in mud, where could I have gone?
then I saw the scratches on my arms
and my heart began to flutter in alarm
I must have been sleepwalking again
a habit I did sometimes, one I can't explain
it was not a big surprise
so I laid back down on my bed and slowly closed my eyes


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