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Dream with me

Updated on October 19, 2011

This is a simple poem, of a million dreams, of love, to my prince charming, my husband.

If you could be my voice,I could sing a thousand tunes,a million melodies
If you could be my breath,I would never feel alone,never cease to feel complete
If you could be my heartbeat,I would never cease to feel loved
If you want to fly away,Can I be the wind beneath your wings
If you’re the storm in my life,can I be the wave that crashes on the shores with you
If I were the star twinkling far above,would you be my night sky?
If I were a feather would you be the wing that harbors me
If there would be a flood that engulfs me tonight,can I drown in the waves of your love
Would you be the sunshine that makes my rainbow glow bright
If I were to be the colors that paint the hues of you life would you be my palette
I want to be the hope that will be the anchor of your dreams
If you long for silence can I be the solitude that you long to sleep in
Can I be the breeze that caresses you in the cold lonely nights
Could I be the moonlight that kisses you goodnight
If there were a thousand fragrances all around you,would you sense the scent of my presence
Cos I live to be yours,I long to be cherished,through time and silence
I long to be a pretty flower in the garden of your life
If you ll be my summer can I be the leaves that fall to the earth and kiss you
If I can be your morning will you be the sun shining bright in my life…


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    • michememe profile image

      Miche Wro 5 years ago

      Beautiful poem, I am sure your husband enjoyed this one.