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Dreaming in glass houses 2

Updated on May 6, 2016

Reality consumes you and me,

You sing your pain to me-

Our dreams begins to break down all around us in crystal showers...

Although this is all we've ever desired-

This is the price we pay-

For loving in Glass Houses.

There's no saving us,

No reinstating crowns,

We can't turn back now.

There's blood all around...

We lay fractured on the floor,

Shocked at the chaos that surrounds..

We stare broken heartedly into reflective pieces of ourselves.

It falls slow, then it crashes to the ground.

Beautiful aren't they- Crystal Showers?

So difficult it is for me to believe...

That all this time we- were at war.

Whats the term- is it, star-crossed?

You'll never know how I'll always need you more.

I said I wouldn't forget what we've been fighting for...

I forgot, I know it now and it burns me straight to my core.

How beautiful our love could've grown, but look at all the evil seeds I've sown.

Should've let you conquer me- Pizarro.

Instead we lay here- tattered, broken- borrowed.

Never touched your face, never kissed your lips.

I can't conceive-

all of it was a hopeless dream....


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