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What A Dream I Had

Updated on August 8, 2016
Sallie Mullinger profile image

Sallie is a retired mother and grandmother who has written short stories for most of her life. Her stories are from her heart to yours.

Once upon a time, the world was younger than we knew

And when the rain beats against my window pane...I'll think of summer days again and dream of you.....

So I sat tonight, with a friend on Facebook, and we walked a bit down music memory lane. Whenever we do that, inevitably, its not just the music we remember. We remember how we were...when we were younger, prettier, smarter, had better memories, thinner waistlines and smaller asses and more hair. We worried less, although maybe as much, but about what we would consider superfluous things nowadays. Why is it that the past is always so much better than it really was? I know I couldnt wait to grow up and become an adult and now all I want is to go back and be a child again with not so much to worry or think about and the knowledge that I had a gazillion days stretched out before me waiting for me to live them.

I am sure that in my misguided youth I truly believed that I knew it all and that I would grow up to become a famous singer. What happened to that dream? I think babies and diapers and Little League and jobs and getting from day to day while growing older happened to that dream.

And these days when I watch shows where people compete to win a million dollars and they offer themselves as singers as an entry form for winning that million dollars, I think to myself that I could still sing as well and maybe even better than most of them. And so I do what I did all those years ago and I go into a room by myself and I sing. I think Ive come a long way baby in that I no longer have a hairbrush in my hand as my microphone but I have been known to pick up my letter opener and use it as a pretend mic if Im in my study singing and the passion of the song completely overtakes me.

Its OK to judge. I know its an amusing image.

Im too old to compete and too old to chase down the dream and so maybe thats why when I allow myself to walk down music memory lane, I end up feeling wistful...missing not just my youth but those days when my dreams were still within my reach and reality was somewhere in the distant future along with babies and diapers and Little League.

What A Dream I Had.........

Once Upon A Time


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