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Dreams don't die

Updated on March 20, 2013

When we talk of personal accomplishments,we talk about dreams.

Some of us dream but along the line kill our dreams by ourselves but this hub is focused on letting you know that dreams don't die, i mean real winners don't quit. They do not no matter the circumstance and inevitable situation, real winners keep all their hopes very high and their dreams alive.

Believe me, she is a real winner.

Chioma is a motivator,an aspirator to women in general and especially young girls across the globe. This is a young lady that was banned from sports for failing a drug test but that ban did not in anyway killed her dream as she went on to complete her ban then bounce back and excelled.

Chioma Ajunwa was born on the 27th of December 1970, she grew up a young and elegant lady and sports was her passion. Somewhere in her pursuit for excellence, she found herself playing football for the Nigeria female team but football was not actually where her passion lied so she quit and got into field and track. Now a serving Police officer with the Nigeria Police Force.

Dreams don't die...

Chioma made it to the 1996 Olympics where she broke world record by being...

The first West African woman

The first Nigerian win an Olympic gold medal in a track and field event. Chioma Ajunwa emerged victorious in the women's long jump

Chioma Ajunwa is a role model to many and as a


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