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Driving in the Fast Lane Never Slowing Down

Updated on March 19, 2013

Driving in the Fast Lane ,Never Slowing Down

Driving in the Fast Lane ,Never Slowing Down
Driving in the Fast Lane ,Never Slowing Down | Source

Driving in the Fast Lane Never Slowing Down

Do you catch yourself in the fast lane of traffic and running into slower traffic? In the fast lane cars are suppose to move forward at an accelerated speed. Does it not tick you off that this person is doing the speed limit and you want to go faster and he is just moping along doing 55 in a 75 mph freeway, and the traffic is zipping away.Slow cars in the left lanes of expressways frustrate the hell out of most of us and we are zipping at the speed limit in this lane as the law provides us to do.

What’s wrong with these turtle drivers and what compels them to go so slow, when all along you know they are aware of your car behind them? Do they not know that you’re in a hurry to get to an appointment or to your girlfriend’s house, or is it the car you’re driving, it’s just too sporty and new, and these idiots are making you slow down? It’s frustrating and so is life in itself, maybe it’s time we pull over to the right hand lanes and try to go with the flow of things and not let that person influence our day and our thoughts of reconciliation, for it’s only a vehicle that is bothering us. Is it something else, have we been groomed to be on time and to that extent we will go as fast as we been to reach our destination just to find out we are going to have to wait. I have had that happen, in a hurry for a date, and been late once too many times, then I show up 10 minutes early and she isn’t ready for another half hour.

Food for thought today, is it worth risking your life to get somewhere quickly when you’re running behind, and the lives of others. Of course not but we do it almost every day. I think back to Dallas, Texas and how I use to have to wait in traffic from Denton, Texas to North Richland Hills, Texas a Northern part of Dallas, that was only 40 miles, yet it would take me one hour to two hours of traffic time in the morning to get to work, why didn’t I just take my bike, or by a Murder Cycle. It comes down to slowing the anxieties down in our lives and figuring out what is really important, that mean attitude we get when Driving the fast lane and never slowing down, is a bad attitude to have so remember this when you go home today, make it home in one whole piece not several, I want to see your smile the next day.


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    • BlissfulWriter profile image

      BlissfulWriter 6 years ago

      The reason that they are going slow and you are going fast is because you are young. Young people have good eyes and have fast reaction times and they can process visual information quickly.

      Unfortunately, when we become older, we loose that ability. Yes, it is true. We can not see as well, we have slow reaction time. Car going at 70 seems like bullets to us. That is why they are going much slower. It is the fastest speed that they can manage to drive safely given their slower reaction times. Forgive them. We may be in their shoes someday.

      I understand it can be annoying when we are in a hurry. I practice mindfulness which I wrote about here

      and that helps.