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Create awhile!

Updated on September 11, 2014

dropping diamonds

taste it
taste it

crystals clear

  • Emote Letters!

Penning a poem


An art of arraying

Fit words

That reflect

Right feelings!

  • Reviving Pieces!


The broken bangles



The shaken hearts


  • Music Around!

By mellowing life with love

One bellows

The beat of the rhythmic cosmos!

  • Correct Vision!


The length and breadth

Of anything

In life

Is the right angle

Of perception!

  • Thunder Stroke!

A work is at its best

When the author

Lashes out words

Weilding the quill!

  • Worthy Tiff!

Juggling with words

Thoughts and feelings

Fall into the lines

Of poetry!

  • Cosy Blanket!

Weaving words with

The woollen thread of letters

Damn sure provides

Warmth to its readers!

  • Worthy Words!

Strings of arrayed letters

Snapped at required intervals

Add sense to one's life!

  • A-Populism!


Of a few

Leads to

The impoverishment

Of many!

  • Productive Thought!

Let us all muse

To put

Our gifted talent

To good use!


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