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Sorrows In a bottle

Updated on May 31, 2016

Shot after shot is what I seem to adore the most, I feel that my mind is lost in the distance of another coast. From blackouts to amnesia I can absolutely say it’s worth it, after all no pain or grief and my conscious no longer hurts me. Don’t swim on dry land or drink on an empty stomach, it’s true from short days to longs nights I can’t remember nothing. You can say what you want but I’ll drink as I please, and continue the same pattern I left off with last week. You wouldn’t like it when I’m sober so now’s the time to grant your wishes, on a good day I ignore blessings just because of my addiction. Clearly I’m thinking clearer bottled up I call it liquor. Unless you’ve wore my shoes you wouldn’t believe the journey I’ve traveled, please don’t judge me but pray for me as I drown my sorrows in a bottle.


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