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Drowning in Reality

Updated on February 22, 2021

 losing yourself in everyday life
when did it get this cold?
too cold to play drunk twister
I miss her finding the the truth
Santa is your parents,
the fairies with your tooth
I lost myself on the road behind
picking a life?
I can't make up my mind
too many secrets for the world to find
self medicate, you know I hate that way to unwind
hating oneself or just her habits
I wish you away, my troubled white rabbit
she’s restless and crazy
can't handle it all
no person to depend on
no place to fall
she's lost to reality
drowning in life's crease
too warm to be lonely
too cold to be happy
she needs a haven for peace
a syndrome for love
breaking through stereotypes
breaking through walls
a voiceless oration
that she can only hear
making a home with her fear
filling a beautiful void
giving only the comfort
of a timeless moment
one she hasn't destroyed
discovering a victory
an entirety unknown
living only to find perfection
in everything she can bury
poking through the wires
encountering people
she only cares to meet
to guide all her feelings
finding the real compassion
before it all expires
these selfless friendships
are best under the shades of modesty
the truths for the real test
are falling off the edges of my lips
stupid and crazy
distant and strange
life never altering
I change drugs for the patience
I build up my hopes and run
but I think I’ve gone too far
too deep into my conscience
so shut up
quit working for a dream
the lessons learned are burned
things are never what they seem
but always sleep to dream
someone save me
no matter how late
but how can I prepare?
its unexpected fate
reality is a razor blade
so don't be afraid
everyone’s out there
dancing in patterns
no matter how rare
an aftermath of bliss
guided by hate
more of a woman
less of a girl
less of a relationship
I find my faith
living without love
washing my face
with my tears
and my fears
tearing away the wall
holding me as I fall
all my beauty confirmed
barter self loathing
give back sanity
swallowing the reality
through a hollowed out space
inside of you
waiting for the sun
just in case
surrounded by strength
smothered by empathy
happy and bleeding
from the wounds of existence


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