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Drowning in the Inkwell: How to Write Poetry

Updated on February 20, 2014

Me, Myself, and I: Writing Begins With YOU

Remember back in that one English class were your teacher made you keep a journal? Many thought that was the worst assignment in the world because you have you write an entry everyday, regardless of how short or long. Whether if we knew it or not that concept was training our brain to be more open, not with everyone around you but with yourself. The more comfortable an individual is with self, the more comfortable they are sharing their thoughts and opinions. Once an individual got past the journal entry, poetry was introduce and many got the concept misinterpreted. Poetry does not have to rhyme, unless the author wants it to have that particular flow. For example, "I always enjoy a gentle breeze, that hides itself between the trees." The flow of poetry come from the author and depending on if it is going to be a personal work or something that an individual tend to publish will tend how how they will deliver the final product. Even the greatest of authors did not sit down and produced a work in one day, so do not get discourage. Begin brainstorming and do not limit where your thoughts take you. Some individuals make the mistake of thinking about a brainstorm, instead just writing whatever comes to mind. This writing process is not the final product. It is a guide for you to generate a focal point for your work.

What is Writing?

The population as a whole would select many different hobbies; hobbies that you never heard of or sound very strange or peculiar. However, when it comes to writing, you single out a major number of individuals who have enlightened themselves with the craft and in most cases have taken it beyond what they first envisioned. According to definition, writing is the act of grouping words together to form a concise statement. The statement alone can generate different view points because what is actually a concise statement? One can argue that a concise statement is a group of words that an individual can interpret regardless of its structure. Although we all were taught what was considered proper grammar in school, as society keeps going through consistent changes, we discover many did ways that individuals choose to communicate with one another. It is not intended for everything that is written to be understood from the point of view of the author. Generating your own opinion of what you are trying to portray is the first aspect of writing, and if you choose to share your thoughts with others, it is up to the individual to generate their own understanding. Besides the more perspectives you receive, gives an individual another foundation to produce more literature.


The Paper is your Friend

Individuals will see more balled up pieces of paper around your chair or in a over flowing waste basket when they first start to write poetry. Do not panic, this is normal because some may still have problem with letting there thoughts filter to paper. Also, pencils or erasable ink pens are better for the writing process because liquid erase products are a tad bit expensive.

Edgar Allan Poe


Langston Hughes


Help from the Pros

Have a favorite poet? Getting inspiration from a favorite poet can help build your poetry to where you are comfortable with writing. One thing to remember about this process is that you should not try to write like the poet, but instead create your own writing style based on the analysis you generate from your favorite poet. Besides, you want to create something that is new, fresh, and most importantly your own creation. Especially if you plan to publish your work, readers are use to reading a particular type of writing from different individuals, because that particular author is known for that writing style.

Tips on Writing

Video Contents

The video displayed contains some writing tips that are some basic tools for an individual to begin producing their own work. Even though these tips are basic structures, it does not have to be followed in the order that they are presented. For example, some may think it is easier to develop their feedback about their writing style before they produce an actual work to see if their thought process about their writing carries the same idea.

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