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Dumb Poem # 71 - People to People

Updated on December 27, 2012

While I am still remembering about things political, presidents, and the like, across my flexible mind slid a memory or two about President Jimmy Carter's peanut farm, his goofy brother, and his lovely mother, Lillian Carter, the one who had lots of compassion for the downtrodden and desperates of the world. She was into the "people-to-people" stuff, bigtime. Her visit to the poor in India impressed me, for it was my hope that she would not flap around that land of ancient civilization and religious depth like one of those "Ugly Americans" who run around the world acting like the jerks that they are. From all indications, she did OK on her India visit. It is commemorated here with a friendly dumb poem.

People to People

Miz' Lillian told us (on the air)
that all was well in India.
"Those folks'll treat you downright fair,
as long's they don't get wind a'ya."


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