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Dust And Cobwebs.

Updated on May 2, 2017

Some thots on encroachment

Dust and Cobwebs.

©-Matthew F. Blowers III

My dust it creeps

and seldom sleeps

in downy heaps

my cobwebs drape

their gossamer capes

on corner scapes t

These cluttered rooms

all keepsake's tombs

are spider looms

unseen these blights

form every night

feeding dust mites

Microscopically they forge

in hungry packs as one

they gorge upon my house

a well-known smorgasbord

I guess I should be grateful

that my unkempt waste

helps keep them fat

Thank God their not bulimic

S P L A T !!

To solve this plague

soon I must Pledge

to let my featherduster wedge

it's quilling strokes scross each ledge

then let it wing high up in space

to briefly nest in every place

that cobwebs dare to show thier face

all dressed in lace

But at this time I just don't care

and so I find I sit and stare

at dust and cobwebs everywhere.


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