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Dust to dust they go.

Updated on March 12, 2012
  This Piece is dedicated to my families loves that have passed on to a new  beginning!
This Piece is dedicated to my families loves that have passed on to a new beginning!

Like dust in the wind someone you love is wisked away from you. Maybe its your lover, a best friend, son, or mother. Maybe just maybe they were a little bit of everything to you; they were an important part of who you are the last piece of your defiing puzzle. That connection you had to a life you feel is no more. That hope you would get yourself olf the yester years back seem long lost and forgotten because your missing puzzle piece is no more you no longer haved what it takes to complete your journey. In reality you do have it all, you all the pieces you need. They might not all look as they did before. But take a look once more and here's what you'll what see. You will see the puzzle piece have each the defining moments, memories, love laughter and tears that you shared with that special one you grieve for today. With everything they have done for you over the years they have done still one thing more. They have left a piece for you behind every new door that you open. You see its like they're saying here take my hand or in some cases paw, you have nothing to fear I'm still here always near I'll help ypu through.We all those people, those pets that have been a n integral part of the person we are today an the worse part is always when we must say goodbye. I don't know about you, but I truly dislike goodbyes I prefer the: "See you next time", or "Talk to you later". Saying goodbye is like admitting and end. I believe there are no ends no goodbyes only new beginnings waiting to be had. So when you lose someone of importance to you; you are not saying goodbye, no, instead you should be saying: "Good Luck", for sending them off to a new beginning and " See you later my friend", for someday you'll on the same journey again!


A couple of people I know have lost alot in life these past few years. I ave seen their hearts broken lives torn apart; heck its as if the whole world came crashing down got flipped upside down. They were left in tears with questions of; why and how could this have happened, it was not deserved. I think we all go through this at soe point and time in our lives. There is is not much it seems that can be done in these situations. The best you can do is be there for them as they cry help them through it, be the best corn you can be all ears to listen but no mouth to spread words that shouldn't be said! I'd like think I'm there when it matters most to the ones who need me. My friends, my family I ahte to see them cry but being human is knowing when to sacrafice for yourself for the things you hate for the sake of helping another on the road to recovery!


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    • profile image

      Glinde B Hamilton 5 years ago

      Very beautilful poetry. Very nicely written. Thank you for sharing this!