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Golden Retreiver Devotion - Dusty and Gordie - A Poem Celebrating Love

Updated on November 21, 2015

Devotional Poem to Golden Retrievers

Two Golden Retrievers in an Autumn Setting
Two Golden Retrievers in an Autumn Setting | Source

To Be Worthy of Devotion

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.


Dog Quotes

...always there with a tail waggin and a soft, tender touch.

...when I returned from distant journeys, they danced at the door.

...they gave me more loved than I had ever planned.

Life Lessons and Inspirations - Background of the Poem

Life has angels that take your hand and guide you through your life. We loose our grandparents and our parents too soon in our lives. Our children are busy with life. And I often say that life gets in the way. Time is precious, yet more precious than time is the memories of those who walk alongside of us.

When my husband was suspecting that he might have the same cancer as his father, we pondered getting another dog. When he asked me the question but what if I am really ill - my reply was immediate, no hesitation - then we definitely need a dog back in our life.

Some things in life may seem like traumas at the time yet trusting and later seeing the trauma was for the best later on is what makes us wiser.

We ended up with two Golden Retrievers - brothers from the same liter but completely different in personality and appearance. Both were brilliant but Dusty was also wise, Gordie was impetuous and could be counted upon to be the troublemaker. Together they were the dynamic duo. When I had tried the electric fence, it worked and the dogs were trained very quickly until Dusty discovered IF you ran through really quickly it didn't hurt as much and of course he shared that knowledge with his brother Gordie!

Dusty and Gordie when they were puppies were my husband's constant companion during his pancreatic cancer. I was working and my husband's brother would drive him to his treatments. Daily they would walk the dogs together - one dog for each of them. Imagine two men in their late fifties walking two Golden puppies daily.

Sadly my husband lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. I was left with my two furry companions who were a tremendous help to me. Days when I didn't wish to get up were not an option. They were always there and always playful.

I married my first husband when I was 28 and he was 56. It was not the the typical relationship. The ages didn't mean anything to us but that is a story for another time. 20 years later, when I was 48 I married my soul mate, my husband today. My first husband was stellar and was greatly loved far and wide. My second husband is his equal and much better for me, I truly believe there are soul mates and to have that miracle during a lifetime is very special.

I believe angels come and go in our lives and yet there is always an angel with us. My new then boyfriend (my husband today) met my dogs (aka "the boys") and wrote this poem in celebration of them.

Dusty and Gordie went to heaven on a day with a rainbow. Rainbows are said to be God's way of saying never again will I subject you to so much trauma. I needed visual reminder, a sign from above that all was well and the world would have sunshine again.The boys came into my life on a cold February day and left on a cold February day. The day they departed the heavens were joyous and displayed the most remarkable rainbow. The beauty of that rainbow is forever cast in my memory.

The rainbow was right, the next chapter of my life was without Dusty and Gordie but with the love of my life. Dogs are life's inspirations. They carry you over the bridges of trauma, they inspire you and devote their love to you. Our human challenge is truly to live up to the devotion.

My soul mate, my husband took the "boys" literally as his sons. Life blessed us with having a chance for my husband to know the boys completely and he grew to understand how important this chapter was in my life. I share this very special poem with you to uplift your spirit as the boys did mine each and every day. I was privileged to be with them for their short time here on earth. The boys' love and devotion remains with my husband and I each and every day - often not spoken but always present with us. The many fond memories live on - they remain our daily inspiration.

Dog Devotional Poem

Customized Memorial Poem for Golden Retrievers
Customized Memorial Poem for Golden Retrievers | Source

Dusty and Gordie - A Poem Celebrating Love and Devotion

I remember so well the day they entered my life

Brothers they were, one for the husband and one for the wife

From puppies to manhood Dusty and Gordie taught me so much

Always there with tail waggin and a soft, tender touch

With each passing day I became a proud parent and they grew to be sons

Always playful and a happy and ready for fun

When I returned from distant journeys they danced at the door

With a twinkle in their eyes that I will forever adore

As I faced life's challenges often swimming against the tide

Each step of the way gave me the support to weather the ride

So, if someone were to ask me what made them so grand

Humbly, I would reply that they gave me more love than I ever planned

Without Dusty and Gordie life just won't be the same

That's why I yearn for my memories to whisk me away from this pain

When I kneel down tonight and thank God for my gifts

You can be assured that Dusty and Gordie are still right there at the top of my list

Dog - God Spelled Backwards

Kindly the Father said to him,

"I've left you to the end.

I've turned my own name back to front

And called you dog, my friend.

DOG (Spelled Backward)

When God had made the earth and sky,
The flowers and the trees.
He then made all the animals,
The fish, the birds and bees.
And when at last He'd finished,
Not one was quite the same.
He said, "I'll walk this world of mine,
And give each one a name."
And so He traveled far and wide
And everywhere He went,
A little creature followed Him
Until its strength was spent.
When all were named upon the earth
And in the sky and sea,
The little creature said, "Dear Lord,
There's not one left for me."
Kindly the Father said to him,
"I've left you to the end.
I've turned my own name back to front
And called you dog, my friend."

Author Unknown


Don't grieve too long for now I'm free
I've followed the path God set for me
I ran to Him when I heard His call
I swished my tail and left it all.

I could not stay another day
To bark, to love, to romp or play
Games left unplayed must stay that way
I found such peace, it made my day.

My parting has left you with a void
Please fill it with remembered joy
A friendship shared, your laugh, a kiss
Oh yes, these things I too shall miss.

Be not burdened with times of sorrow
I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow
My life's been full, you've given so much
Your time, your love and gentle touch.

Perhaps my time seemed all too brief
Don't lengthen it now with undue grief
Lift up your head and share with me
God wanted me, He set me free!

Author Unknown

Be The Person Your Dog Thinks Your Are
Be The Person Your Dog Thinks Your Are | Source


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    • GmaGoldie profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      4 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Movie Master,

      Oh, I miss these two beautiful guys - they were my constant companions. A lady at work is picking up her new Golden this Saturday I am so envious! Love, love dogs - all dogs but Goldens have a special place in my heart.

      My husband wants a chocolate lab, I want two goldens again - he wants a girl, I want two boys so the compromise IF I agree to only one is a British Tan golden male. But first we must have fence so I must continue to work on the garden in preparation for the fence that is sitting in the garage. I don't like taking down old trees but the refreshing of the landscape must be done in order to prepare properly for the fence for the ultimate in house guest - a male Golden Retriever - a British Tan! Will keep you posted.

      Thank you so much for stopping by.

    • Movie Master profile image

      Movie Master 

      4 years ago from United Kingdom

      What a beautiful read this morning, I can relate to much of what you have written...

      Thank you for sharing your story.

      A lovely picture of Dusty & Gordie....

      Best wishes Lesley

    • GmaGoldie profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      6 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin


      Thank you so much for sharing in this wonderful celebration of my furry companions. Dogs are a delight and make life happier during happy times and sustainable during traumas.

    • profile image 

      6 years ago

      I real enjoy this your poem celebration,

    • GmaGoldie profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      6 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Just Ask Susan,

      Newfs are wonderful! You are very lucky. Enjoy! I miss them terribly but the memories are so sweet - wouldn't change a thing.

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 

      6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      It makes me so sad to read about people losing their dogs. I don't want this day to ever come for me with my 2 Newfs, but it will happen. I enjoyed the lovely poem that your husband wrote about Dusty and Gordie. They were beautiful dogs and I can only imagine how much you must miss them.

    • GmaGoldie profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Chasing Riley,

      OMGoodness - 3 dogs - you are my hero. Wow! 17 years - you are a special family. Large dogs are known not to live long. One breed I fell in love with - the flat coated retriever only lives 6 years! I couldn't handle that and moved over to the Golden Retrievers. What companionship. I am so glad you enjoyed the photo - the leaves I felt matched their golden coat that day so well. I knew as I was taking the photo that it was probably one of our last fall days together. Such precious moments - very cherished.

      Thank you so much for stopping by.

    • Chasing Riley profile image

      Chasing Riley 

      7 years ago from Los Angeles

      I love your poem and story and the way it captures the relationship we have with our dogs. They are the trusted companions that know us beyond words. It's so great that your soul mate husband got to know them as he did. Our 2 dogs of 17 years died about 3 years ago and it was an unbelievable sadness. We are so fortunate to have 3 new cuddly, loyal, and amazingly special dogs to love. My favorite part of your hub is the photo. It just makes me smile.

    • GmaGoldie profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin


      Oh, I love hunting dogs and the black lab has a special spot in my heart. My best friend in high school had a black lab who we would take to the lake and he would fetch and fetch and fetch and fetch.

      You dog's illness breaks my heart. I wish I could wave a wand for healing for the both of you. Remember the good times. I have to close my eyes and envision my dogs romping in the heavens. So sad to loose a dog, an old and wise friend.

      My sympathy goes out to you. The pain will ease, the memories remain and eventually the memories will be bright reminders of great times given by loyal friends.

    • WillStarr profile image


      7 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      What is it about dogs and humans? What is the magic of that chemistry?

      I am about to do a hard thing. My black lab is struggling with life because he vomits four or five times a day. He is maintaining weight, but his hips hurt him, and he gets nauseous whenever he lies down. He knows to go outside to vomit, if possible, but he doesn't always make it.

      His vomit is mostly mucus, and very slippery. I've already taken a tumble, and we are afraid that someone will be injured if they happen to step in an unseen puddle, so I am steeling myself to have him put down this week. The vet has told us that it's either cancer or a digestive tract disorder, both of which are incurable.

      It's time.

      Thank you for the excellent poetry. It helps.

    • GmaGoldie profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin


      I am so glad. Dusty and Gordie kept me going for over a decade and I wanted to share a tiny piece of what they meant to me. Thank you for stopping by.

      WD Curry 111,

      Oh, you made me smile - yes, you are right, the poem is proof I met my match. He is wonderful.

      Dogs offer such great life lessons to us. Their happiness and love is constant. I can not help but smile when I see a dog - my heart melts and will always.

    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 

      7 years ago from Space Coast

      The nuances of dogdom. I really appreciate your intimate story. The poem is proof enough that you met your match. I pray that you will be blessed as you have blessed me. I am a fan.

    • tammyswallow profile image


      7 years ago from North Carolina

      I am a dog lover and the poem and story really touched me. Beautiful!


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