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Dynamic Dynamo Modi

Updated on November 21, 2016

He is a Karma yogi
Can run our Nation even with a few shayogi
To our country he is a blessing
The world he is addressing
For us he is God sent
For the corrupt he is reason to sit and repent
As their time is now over and spent
Along side the economy the streets also cleaning
Posters of his work done all over screening
Congress and it's allies of bringing him down dreaming
Indian politics is a dirty game
Realities of it can put anyone to shame
Modi the fighter in it's arena knows how to remain
He working to bring reforms
Correcting what was deformed
He is his own person on his own principles he works
He not the type's ever seen around in a merc
His humble origin gives him the upper hand
As it makes him the masses understand
And makes the poor masses his right hand
He and they together other parties onslaught can withstand
His confidence is overwhelming
A Maharaja it resembling
FDI to the country he bringing
Pulling up an economy that was sinking
Tradition reflects in the outfits he wears
Addressing the world of his humble roots to speak he dares
He a man beyond all worldly snares !



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