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Updated on December 22, 2011

In a monochrome world, phantom like

blurry days and nights undecided,

dancing between twilight and darkness,

omen appears in a fiery sky

shedding blood drop by drop,

the clouds decorate the sky

with unholy signs, haunting

like a cursed enigma,

powered by disappointments

of a horrendous past, beckoning

a dismal future, as sorry substitutes

of man and beast drag themselves

across the wasteland, law and order

are long since gone,

animal instincts rule in its place,

the shrine of the holy gods now houses

wraiths, and apparitions, monasteries

are defiled for nihilistic pleasures.

The sun is caged and hidden

behind a veil of dark clouds, and bad smells

which emanates from the fresh carcasses

of man and animals

of the past night’s bloody feast,

greet the morning air.

yet in a pavement polished by

man, beast, and monster

as an epitome of determination

forcing upward still

in a lonely poisonous sky

braving the caustic winds

and acid rain, in an atmosphere

without seasons,

as an unrelenting ray of hope,

a hue that puts gold to shame,

amidst all this ungodly gloom,

fall beyond all expectations,

spreading its intoxicating aroma,

a single flower blooms


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