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Quick and Easy Way to Write and Sell E-Books

Updated on February 26, 2018
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Rev. Margaret Minnicks writes for HubPages and Blasting News. She loves sharing interesting information with people all over the world.

E-books, short for electronic books, are very popular these days. They are quick and easy for the writer and convenient for the reader. Thousands of these books are available, and this article will help you decide to add yours to the number.

What Exactly Are E-Books?

You might see an electronic book written as e-book, eBook, e-Book, ebook, e-edition, E-book, or digital book. Whichever term you use is acceptable. Just remember that the "e" stands for "electronic."

Digital books can be read on computers, tablets, and smartphones. They are usually priced much lower than a hard copy of a book. Based on the popularity of e-books, don't be surprised if e-books don't overtake hard copy of books in the future.


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Popularity of E-Books

In the United States, e-book reading is rising. In 2013, only 23% of adults had read an e-book, and only 30% of adults owned an e-reader or tablet to read the e-books.

In 2014, 28% of adults had read an e-book. The device for reading them had increased to 50%.

Today, the number of adults reading e-books has increased a great deal because more and more e-books are available.

Today, more and more people are reading digital books than physical books for several reasons.

E-Book Vs. Physical Book

Physical Book
Electronic Book
More expensive
Less expensive
Messy to eat and drink with
Can eat and drink while reading
Takes up more space
Doesn't take up much space
Not easy to carry lots of books
Easy to carry lots at a time
Heavy to carry
Light weight
Have to order or go to bookstore
More assessable to get instantly
Easier to browse through books
Can browse but not as easy
Can write notes in margins
Extra features: dictionary, notes, etc.
Appearance with look and smell of book
Black and white, usually no cover
Book shelves can be part of decor
No display of books
Can carry only few books when traveling
Can carry lots of books when traveling

Advantages of Writing Electronic Books

Electronic books are easy to write. You probably have enough information already on hand to fill several e-books. The length of an e-book varies. There is no minimum or maximum number of pages. The idea is to get your point across without just writing words to reach a certain number of words or pages.

E-books are not only easy for the author to write, but e-books are easy to obtain for readers. Authors may choose to sell their e-books through sites like Amazon or on their own. Authors are now selling more books on their own via social media, their own websites, etc. than through Amazon.

The beauty of electronics books is that writers receive passive income from them once they are advertised online. Authors receive income years after they advertise their e-books.

Writers don't have to keep an inventory of books on hand. They can sell the same download over and over again.

Reading an e-book is easy and convenient.
Reading an e-book is easy and convenient. | Source

Process of Writing an E-Book

Many people want to write, but they hesitate because they think it is a difficult and challenging task. Any writer will tell you that there are few steps in the process of writing an e-book.

  • Write what you know and are passionate about.
  • Use Word or OpenOffice to write your manuscript.
  • Export your Word or OpenOffice document into a PDF within the program.
  • It is optional but advisable to design an e-book cover. You don't need to spend a lot of money for an e-book cover. You can do it yourself by using free e-book cover downloads online.
  • If you plan to sell your e-book, write a sales page and post on your website, blog and social media outlets. You get 100% of the sales right away because there is no middleman, and you don't have to wait until you reach a threshold. Money is accumulated in your PayPal account throughout the day whenever someone orders.
  • If you choose, you might use Amazon Kindle to sell your e-book. You will get 70% of the sale of the book, but you will get a lot more exposure. You also have to wait until your account reaches a threshold before you will get paid.
  • If you need ready cash, do it on your own first, and then choose Amazon Kindle or similar sites later.

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