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E.G.G Episode 11: New Recruit

Updated on October 11, 2014


Previously on E.G.G...

Weeks ago E.G.G was attacked by Julian Woodfin, an old friend of Josh and Eileen gone rogue. During the attack, Tanner Powell, who at the time had become Venom, killed Eileen. Luckily, Acacia was able to revive her using Extremis, but also gave her strange powers as well. During the final battle with Julian, Josh figured out that he was working for Dr. Doom. After helping pull Josh out of a pile of rubble, Julian warned him Doom was up to something big, then he disappeared.

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Episode 11

-New Recruit-

Eileen and Acacia met Josh in the Inner Shell. Acacia was holding an apple pie. Josh gasped.

“You never make me apple pie!” He complained.

“Cause I don’t like you like enough.” Acacia replied. “Plus, with all the things that have been happening here, such as us falling out of the sky and being invaded by demons, I want to make the new recruit feel as welcome and comfortable as possible.”

“Who is he, or she, anyways?” Eileen asked. “Come on! You’ve been teasing us all week! Just tell us!”

“He, should be here any second.” Josh said, looking at his watch.

“Sir,” an agent called. “We’re getting a boarding request?”

“Send him on up!” Josh exclaimed. The agent pressed the button and a blue flash brought up the new recruit.

“Hello!” Acacia shouted. “And welcome to…” She stopped, and dropped the apple pie. The smile quickly faded from her face. Eileen’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

“No…” She said. There, in the middle of the Inner Shell, stood Julian Woodfin, holding a duffle bag, and smiling.

“So,” he said. “Where’s the confetti?”

“Permission to kill.” Acacia growled.

“To shell with permission!” Eileen shouted and rushed across the room, choking Julian against the wall.

“Let him go Eileen!” Josh shouted. Eileen tightened her grip. Julian was choking, grasping at Eileen’s arm. “Let. Him. Go.” Eileen growled under her breath, then dropped Julian. He fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

“Missed you too rainbow eyes…” He coughed.

“Why is he here!” Eileen shouted.

“He’s the new recruit.” Josh replied.

“Josh, have you completely lost your mind!”

“He’s got important information on Dr. Doom. If you don’t remember, he hired Julian to kill me in the first place, and I’d like to know why.”

“Then ask him! Don’t add him to the team!”

“His skill set is invaluable, and plus… plus he pulled me out of the rubble that day, I know there’s good in him.”

“Yeah, he pulled you out. Right after he killed me!” Eileen turned and stormed out of the room.

“Eileen, come back!” Josh shouted after her, but she was gone. Acacia looked at Josh in disgust and ran after Eileen. Josh sighed. He walked over and helped Julian up.

“I told you this was a stupid idea.” He said.

“Just give them some time.” Josh replied. “They’ll get used to you.”

“You really think that.” Julian said, folding his arms.

“Yes,” Josh replied. “I do.”

"Where's the confetti?"
"Where's the confetti?"

* * *

In her room, Eileen was in a full on rage. She swept all of the items off of her dresser and pulled it to the ground. Acacia sat on Eileen’s bed and watched her destroy her room, ripping clothes, tearing down doors, punching holes in the walls.

“Why would he do this to me!” She shouted, throwing a lamp against the wall. “Doesn’t he care about me! About how I feel!”

“You sound like he cheated on you.” Acacia said, standing up.

“Now is not the time Acacia!” Eileen growled.

“I’m being serious.” She said, picking up a picture of her and Eileen that had shattered. “But I think you’re overreacting a bit.”

“I’m sorry, what!?”

“Think about it Eileen,” she said, putting the picture down. “Julian is a bad guy. No matter what. All we need to do is wait for him to slip up. Once. One tiny little thing, then call him out on it! He’ll be off of Mother Egg before dinner.”

“You’re right…” Eileen said, laughing a little. “What was I so worried about. But Josh was able to look past him killing me. What if he overlooks Julian’s slip up?”

“Josh is an idiot,” Acacia said. “But I think if he feels Julian is a threat to E.G.G, he’ll kick him out.” Eileen sighed.

“Oaky, if you’re sure.”

“Trust me.” Acacia said. “I’m always right about these things.”

* * *

Meanwhile, Julian was in his room unpacking. He put his suitcase on his bed and unzipped it. He opened his drawers and began placing clothes in when he stopped. He looked up to see Acacia standing in his doorway.

“Somethin’ I can help you with?” He asked.

“No.” Acacia replied. She walked into his room and knocked his suitcase to the floor, spilling his clothes everywhere. Julian blinked.

“Thanks for that.” He said. “I think I’ll go get some food now.” He walked to the door and Acacia stood in front him. Julian stepped to the left and so did she. Julian stepped to the right and so did she. Julian sighed. “Excuse me.”

“What, you pass gas?” Acacia said, folding her arms. Julian clinched his fist.

“Listen, I’m tryin’ to play nice here…”

“Why do you have to play?” Acacia asked. “Aren’t you good now? Or are you still evil at heart.” Julian sighed again.

“Can I please go by?” He asked. Acacia stepped out of the way.

“Go on.” She said.

“Thank you.”

* * *

Julian made his way to the Feeding Pen. He grabbed a tray and piled it up with a burger, fries, cheese sticks, a chocolate milkshake, and two hot fudge sundaes. He was walking to a table when Eileen walked by and bumped his shoulder, causing him to drop all of his food.

“What was that!” He shouted after her.

“Watch where you’re going.” Eileen said, making her way to a table. Julian grumbled under his breath and got a new tray with all the same stuff. He was headed to another table when Eileen stuck her foot out and tripped him, causing him to drop his food again. Julian stood up angrily.

“I’m gonna…”

“Gonna what? Kill me?” Eileen interrupted. “You tried that. It didn’t work.” Julian took a deep breath.

“What I was going to say, is I’m gonna place a formal complaint about your behavior.” Eileen laughed.

“Yeah, okay, place a ‘formal complaint’. You might wanna learn how to spell first though.” Julian clinched his fist, then suddenly Josh’s voice came over the PA.

“Will Eileen, Acacia, and Julian meet me in the Humpty Dumpty Hall immediately. Thank you.” Eileen got up and brushed past Julian. Julian angrily followed.

* * *

They all converged in the Humpty Dumpty hall, where Josh had a blue piece of fabric stretched out.

“Hey guys,” He said. “Eileen.” Eileen rolled her eyes and walked past him. Josh frowned. “Anyways, this was manufactured from the material given to us by Migue-“

“Don’t say his real name.” Acacia said, putting on a lab coat. “Someone might try to kill him before he’s even born.” Julian sighed.

“Not very subtle, are you?” He asked.

“Fine,” Josh said. “It was given to us by Spider-Man 2099. Fury wants us to incorporate it into S.H.I.E.L.D standard issue uniforms for all of its practical applications and more.”

“Oh this is neat,” Julian said, looking at some schematics. Eileen quickly scooped them up.

“Not for prying eyes.” She said. Julian glared at her. Josh cleared his throat.

“Okay, if we could get started.” He said. “We’re testing elemental resistance, we’ll start with fire, move to electricity, then ice.”

“Oh, I can give you the fire and lighting,” Eileen said. “You know, since I got super powers from the procedure that brought me back to life. After I was killed.” She looked directly at Julian.

“Thank you Eileen, but I think we’ll be using the machines for this one.” Josh replied. “Acacia, can you fire up the flame thrower?”

“No.” Acacia replied.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, sorry, I thought this was ‘do the exact opposite of what your friends wanted you to do’ day.” She said, pulling a lever. A flamethrower came from the ceiling and launched a stream of fire at the fabric. It lit up red, and when the fire stopped, it cooled off back to its blue color.

“Fire resistant, excellent!” Josh said. “Julian, write that down.”

“You got it,” Julian said, getting out a pen and paper only for Eileen to swipe it from him.

“I’ll write the notes, thank you.” She said.

“But Josh told me to write them.” Julian argued.

“Well I’d rather they didn’t end up in Dr. Doom’s hands, if you know what I mean.” Julian banged the wall.

“Look, I’m through with that bad guy stuff!”

“Okay,” Josh said, “Electricity next…”

“Oh, you’re through huh?” Eileen shouted. “Cause a few weeks ago you killed me!”

“Uh, guys…” Josh attempted.

“Get it straight rainbow eyes!” Julian shouted. “Powell deep sixed you!”

“Under whose orders!” Eileen shouted.

“I didn’t know he was gonna go and do that!”

“But you didn’t mind that he did, right?”

“Fury wants this, like, now…” Josh said.

“I can’t deal with this.” Julian said, heading towards the door. “I’m out.”

“Yeah, go plot how you’re gonna stab us in the back this time Julian!” Eileen shouted. Julian stormed off.

“Eileen Wuthrich, you will go apologize right now!” Josh said.

“How dare you!” Acacia shouted. “He killed Eileen! Where’s her apology!”

“Acacia, listen…”

“No, you listen! Listen to your friends who are saying we don’t want him here!”

“Guys, come on! Look, I wouldn’t do this if wasn’t 100% sure that…”

“That he was reformed? I don’t buy it for one…”

“Acacia,” Eileen interrupted. “It’s okay.” She took a deep breath. “I’ll be the bigger woman here. I’ll apologize.”

“Eileen…” Acacia objected. “You owe him nothing.”

“Sometimes,” Josh said. “In order to give kindness, one must receive it first.” Eileen walked out of the room. Acacia sighed and left as well. Josh stood there and sighed. “I knew this wasn’t gonna be easy, but… man.” He turned off the lights and left the Humpty Dumpty Hall.

Josh's Assessment of Julian... Before all this...

* * *

Eileen approached Julian’s room to see him flipping through the channels on the TV.

“How ya’ll gonna have a giant floatin’ egg with all kinds of good stuff, and not have cable!” He turned, but his smile quickly faded. “Oh, I thought you were Josh.” He muted the TV. “Can I help you?” Eileen took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you.” She said. “And I’m sorry for my behavior. It was out of line.”

“Well apology accepted.” Julian said. “Thanks for that rainbow eyes. I appreciate it.”

“I’m sure you do. Now let me get one thing straight.” She got down real close, eye to eye with Julian. “Josh is a great guy, but he has one problem. He sees the good in people, even when it’s not there. I want you know that if you do anything, I mean anything, to threaten me, Josh, Acacia, or E.G.G, you’ll wish I killed you in that power plant. Understand.” Julian nodded.

“Yeah, I got it.” He said.

“Good.” Eileen growled. She stood up walked out the door.

“Eileen,” Julian said. She stopped in the doorway. “Sorry. Ya know, about what went down, with Tanner and stuff. That was pretty messed up.” Eileen stood for a second. Then she left. Julian unmuted the TV and finished flipping through channels.


Acacia took out her cell phone and dialed a number. The phone rang a few times and there was an answer on the other line.

“Quartermain.” A man’s voice answered.

“Hey there,” Acacia said. “We’re holding a contest for the thickest country accent, and your name came up a few times…” The man laughed.

“Well if isn’t the girl who left S.H.I.E.L.D and took all the beauty with her.” Acacia blushed.

“You know I’ve got a boyfriend.”

“Can’t blame a guy for tryin’!” Acacia laughed.

“How ya been Clay?”

“When Maria Hill’s not ridin’ me like a donkey up a trail? I’ve been alright. How ‘bout you?”

“Eh, here and there. Stories for coffee one day. But right now, I need to ask you a favor.”

“What’s that?”

“I was recently given a warning of danger nearing, along with a riddle: Seek the heart in the everlasting dominion. I think it has something to do with S.H.I.E.L.D.”

“Well whaddya think it means?”

“That’s what I want you to find out. Try and find the ‘heart’ of the Helicarrier, see if there’s anything, I don’t know, out of the ordinary.”

“Okay, but what’s the heart? The engine room? The bridge?”

“I wish I knew Clay.” Acacia sighed. “You’re all I’ve got right now.”

“Okay, I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thank you! Thank you so much.”

“Anything for you Acacia.” She smiled.

“Thanks. Take care of yourself Clay Quatermain.”

“Same to you.” With that, she hung up her phone, erased her call history, and left the room.

To Be Continued...

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Remember to leave questions and comments so that I can address them in the Q&A this Thursday, October 16! Check and see if your question gets answered! And look for Episode 12: Hustled, the next day October 17!


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