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E.G.G Episode 20: Doomed Part 2- E.G.G's Last Stand

Updated on December 19, 2014


Previously, on Doomed: E.G.G Season 1 Finale...

Agent Allyson Whitcomb was kidnapped in broad daylight, and while investigating the crime scene, E.G.G deduced that only one person could be behind it: Dr. Doom. In a desperate attempt to save his secret girlfriend, Josh decided to mount an assault on Doom, but first needed a team capable for the task. He assembled Amora the Enchantress and her Executioner Skurge, Spider-Man 2099, Ghost Rider, Jocasta, Acacia's old friend and ex-S.H.I.E.L.D agent Fumiko Aoki, and S.H.I.E.L.D agent Clay Quartermain, who was investigating why Dr. Doom broke Madame Hydra out of the Helicarrier. The newly revealed E.G.G Jet took to the skies, and set course for Latveria, where E.G.G would make their last stand...

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E.G.G Episode 20


E.G.G Season 1 Finale

Part 2

-E.G.G's Last Stand-

The E.G.G Jet soared through the sky. Johnny Blaze sat in his seat, heaving into a paper bag. Amora the Enchantress looked at him in disgust.

“Could you please do that somewhere else?” She asked. “It’s disgusting.”

“I get airsick easy.” Johnny weakly replied. Amora rolled her eyes.

“Mortals.” She said.

“Don’t worry Blaze,” Josh said from the pilot seat. “Shouldn’t be much longer.”

“Why, are we there?” Acacia asked.

“No, but we will be in a little bit.” Josh answered.

“Oh,” Acacia said. “Okay.” She sat for a few seconds. “Are we there yet?”

“No, just wait a bit.”

“Okay…” She waited a few more seconds. “Are we there yet?”


“Oh… Are we there yet?”


“Just asking, geez… So are we there yet?”

“Gag her somebody!” Josh groaned.

“Don’t be a joy kill.” Fumiko said. “She’s just trying to pass the time. But seriously, are we there yet?” Josh slammed his head against the control panel.

“It’ll be a little less than an hour guys.” Eileen said from the copilot seat. “Jocasta, can you run a systems check?”

“In progress.” Jocasta replied. Eileen looked back to see Spider-Man 2099 fidgeting in his seat.

“You okay?” She asked.

“Yeah, fine,” he replied. “I’m just used to moving a lot… faster.” Eileen laughed.

“Well sorry our jets move too slowly for you. Try to take a nap or something.”

“Right, sleep.” He said. “There’s a concept…” Eileen looked over to Clay Quartermain, who was shifting uneasily.

“What about you Quartermain?” She asked.

“Just don’t sit right with me,” he said. “Flyin’ out to Latveria to fight Dr. Doom, we should really queue Fury in on this.”

“Bad idea.” Josh said. “In every context of the word. This is a secret operation. Off the books. Got it S.H.I.E.L.D agent?”

“Yeah, I got it.”

“Systems check complete.” Jocasta said. “All systems running at 100%.”

“Good.” Josh said. “We’ll be there in no time.” The jet sped into the distance.

* * *

Meanwhile at Mother Egg, Agent Becket paced back and forth. Celeste stared at him.

“Are you okay Mr. Becket?” She asked.

“No, not really.” He replied. “All three of our superiors left us, my best friend is missing, our AI is gone, and frankly, I feel open to any kind of…”

“Red alert!” An agent at the main terminal shouted. “Intruders hacking the teleporter! Blast it, I can’t lock them out!” Suddenly in a blue flash, Viper appeared on Mother Egg with the full force of Hydra.

“Attack.” Agent Becket finished, taking out his gun. “Get behind me, now!”

“No survivors!” Viper shouted, taking out her guns and unleashing a furious string of bullets on any agent in sight. The E.G.G agents took out weapons of all varieties, Repulsor Blasters, Fighting Sticks, Snikt Claws, everything. Hydra soldiers returned fire, and in seconds, Mother Egg was a war zone. Celeste screamed as Agent Becket backed her into a room. He slammed the door shut and kneeled down in front of her.

“You stay in here, you hear me?” He said. Celeste was crying uncontrollably. Agent Becket grabbed her by the back of the neck. “Hey, you need to keep it together okay? Okay!”

“Okay,” She sobbed. Agent Becket handed her a Repulsor Blaster.

“Anyone comes through that door, you pull this trigger, you hear me? Do not leave this room! Understand!” Celeste rapidly nodded. “Good.” Agent Becket opened the door. “Do not move!” He rushed out of the room, and left Celeste standing there, holding a Repulsor Blaster in her arms.

* * *

Josh looked out the window.

“Good news ladies and gents,” he announced. “If you look to your left, you’ll see Doomsdat, Latveria, home to the meanest man alive, Doctor Victor von…”

“Incoming projectiles!” Jocasta shouted. Alerted, Josh looked out the window to see two missiles heading right for them.

“Impossible, we’re cloaked!” He shouted.

“Looks like Doom doesn’t care!” Eileen replied. “Evasive maneuvers, now!” Josh pulled to the left and the jet spun, the missiles barely missing them. Everyone held on to their seats. Johnny screamed.

“Please, do not do that again!” He shouted.

“You are so weak!” Amora growled.

“Lady, you’d better not be around me when the sun goes down!” Johnny replied.

“Save it kids!” Acacia shouted.

“Alert!” Jocasta said. “The missiles are currently tracking the E.G.G Jet’s heat signature.”

“What’s that mean?” Fumiko asked.

“It means they’re heat seeking missiles!” Eileen shouted.

“When are they not heat seeking?” Josh grumbled to himself, pulling up. Everyone slammed against the back of their seats as the missiles followed Josh higher into the sky. Josh was sweating. “Come on…” He said. Acacia looked at the radar.

“They’re getting closer…” She said.

“15 meters.” Jocasta said. Josh kept ascending.

“Josh! Do something!” Eileen shouted.

“10 meters.”

“Holy shock, those things are moving!” Spider-Man 2099 remarked.

“3 meters.”

“Leave it on the screen Jocasta, stop telling me!” Josh shouted.

“We’re gonna die!” Quartermain screamed.

“JOSH!” Eileen shouted.

“Impact imminent!”

“Ahhhhh!!!!” Josh screamed. He broke right, and one missile hit a mountain. “Yes!” He shouted, but too soon. The second missile hit the jet.

“Alert!” Jocasta shouted. “Left turbine destroyed. Alert, engine levels dropping. Alert, left wing damage substantial!” The jet was spewing a trail of smoke and falling out of the sky. “Alert, altitude 5,000 feet and falling…”

“Jocasta, shut up!” Josh angrily shouted. He pulled up as much as possible, but it was no use, the jet crashed.

 “If you look to your left, you’ll see Doomsdat, Latveria, home to the meanest man alive."
“If you look to your left, you’ll see Doomsdat, Latveria, home to the meanest man alive."
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Hail Hydra!”
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Hail Hydra!”

* * *

Agent Becket fired at the Hydra soldiers, watching as infantry on both sides fell. He turned to see Viper going through E.G.G agents with ease. Angered, he took out his Fighting Stick, extended it to a bow staff, and rushed over to her. He swung at her legs, but she quickly back flipped out of the way.

“How’d she dodge that?” He asked himself as she laughed and began rapidly firing at him. Agent Becket dove for cover as Viper’s bullets kept coming.

“You are but a coward!” She shouted. “You and the rest of your precious establishment shall be left in ruins, and when your leader returns, he will know that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Hail Hydra!” She continued to fire, and Agent Becket crouched under a desk. All he could hear was the screams of his fellow agents, and Viper’s evil laugh.

* * *

Josh kicked the door to the jet off. He helped Eileen out just as Skurge ripped through the side of it with his ax. He pulled Amora out of the wreckage as Spider-Man 2099 came out with Fumiko and Quartermain on his back. Josh looked around.

“Where’s Acacia?” He asked.

“Here,” She grunted. “Can someone give me a hand?” Josh looked inside to see her pulling Johnny.

“I will aid.” Jocasta said, pulling herself from under some shrapnel and lifting Johnny over her shoulder. Josh and Eileen pulled Acacia out and Jocasta sat Johnny on the ground.

“Guys,” Quartermain said. “We’re here.” Josh turned to see that they all stood on the side of a mountain. Atop it was a large medieval style castle. It was creepy, huge, and had the Latverian flag hanging all over it.

“Castle Doom.” Josh said to himself.

“Castle Doom?” Fumiko repeated, loading a shotgun. “Guy’s a bit of a narcissist, huh?”

“This is his country.” Eileen said. Josh took a deep breath.

“Let’s go.” He said. The ten of them trekked up the last part of the mountain and approached the front doors. They were larger than any Josh had ever seen. He stared in amazement. Josh put his hand on the door and it made a loud noise. They all jumped as the double doors slowly creaked open.

“I don’t like this…” Johnny said.

“We are so past that…” Spider-Man 2099 replied. “There’s no going back now.” They walked in and examined the foyer. There was a large staircase and hanging chandelier. All over the room were oversized portraits of Dr. Doom in various positions. A door opened and everyone spun around, ready to fight, when a woman emerged.

“Good evening.” She said. “I am Lucia von Bardas, welcome to Latveria. Do you have an appointment with Lord Doom?”

“No,” Josh said. “We’re here to kick his tin can back to where it came from. Now where is he?”

“I’m sorry, but that answer is not acceptable.”

“Warning,” Jocasta alerted. “She is not human!”

“What?” Eileen asked. Suddenly Lucia’s arms folded back and revealed blasters. Doors all over the room opened and grey robots with green body armor flooded in. Their arms transformed into blasters and they all stood ready to fire.

“Doombots…” Acacia whispered.

“Please provide an adequate reason for your presence in Castle Doom.” Lucia said. “You have 10 seconds to comply.”

“10 seconds?” Spider-Man 2099 said. “That’s barely enough time to make a robot related joke!”

“I will try not to take offense.” Jocasta said.

“Time expired.” Lucia said. Then every Doombot in the room began to open fire.

“Run!” Josh shouted. They rushed towards the staircase, the Doombots in hot pursuit. They reached the top, and Quartermain laid down a device that projected holographic shield.

“Fumiko, with me.” He said.

“Right,” she replied. Josh turned.

“What are you doing S.H.I.E.L.D agent?” He asked.

“These things’ll follow us to the ends of the earth, and you need to find Doom. We’ll hold ‘em off, now go!” Josh nodded.

“Be careful Fumiko,” Acacia said.

“I always am.” Fumiko said, taking out her shotgun. Acacia smiled and rushed off with the rest of them.

 “I am Lucia von Bardas, welcome to Latveria. Do you have an appointment with Lord Doom?”
“I am Lucia von Bardas, welcome to Latveria. Do you have an appointment with Lord Doom?”

* * *

Celeste sat rocking in the corner of the room, Replusor Blaster clutched tightly to her chest. Suddenly the door opened and a Hydra soldier crept in. She gasped and scooted farther into the corner. He looked over and smiled a sinister smile.

“Hello child.” He said, raising his gun. “Hail Hydra.” Celeste screamed and scurried across the room as he fired at her. She crawled underneath a bed. The Hydra soldier walked over. “What’s wrong?” He asked. “Are you afraid?”

“Leave me alone!” Celeste shouted closing her eyes. She looked to see that she had left the Repulsor Blaster in the corner of the room. She began to breathe heavily, but then realized that she didn’t see or hear the soldier. She slowly peeked her head out, but suddenly she was grabbed by the hair. She screamed and wildly lashed out.

“Too easy!” He exclaimed, but then Celeste scratched him across the face. “Agh! Bengel!” He shouted, holding his face. Celeste hurried to the other side of the room. She picked up the blaster and looked to see him charging at her. She shrieked, closed her eyes, and pulled the trigger. She opened her eyes to see him lying on the bed, steaming and unconscious. She sighed in relief and dropped the blaster.

* * *

Quartermain and Fumiko were back to back, taking on the Doombots. Quartermain rolled out an EMP, and shut down a good group of them. Fumiko blasted them to pieces with her shotgun.

“We gotta cover more ground!” She shouted, shooting three of them. “They’re closing in fast!”

“I know!” Quartermain replied, shooting with his blaster. “Just hold this line!” Then, out of the corner of his eye, Quartermain saw Lucia von Bardas on the wall behind their shield! “Fumiko, watch out!” he shouted. Fumiko turned but too late, as one of Lucia’s bullets pierced her chest.

“Grah!” She screamed, as she fell to the ground.

“FUMIKO!” Quartermain shouted. Lucia jumped off of the wall and her arm turned into a knife. She went for Quartermain, but he grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her, then stabbed Lucia through the back of the neck and dragged her head off of her body. Lucia’s eyes went black, and at that moment every Doombot in the room shut down. Quartermain threw Lucia to the side and rushed over to tend to Fumiko.

* * *

“Press the assault!” Viper shouted as she rushed over to the control terminal. She plugged in a flash drive and sparks blew out of it. The hatch to the self-destruct button flew open. Agent Becket looked over and his eyes widened.

“No!” He shouted, rushing over. Viper laughed as she slammed her hand down, but was suddenly tackled by Agent Becket. They both looked up to see self-destruct button… pressed in. “No…”

“Hahahahaha!!!!” Viper laughed. She then stabbed Agent Becket in the side with a dagger. He screamed in pain and held his side as she stood up. “It’s the slow knife that cuts deepest.” She said. “Hydra, move out!” She shouted. Then, every Hydra soldier broke open the nearest window, door, anything, and jumped out of Mother Egg, descending slowly with parachutes. Agent Becket looked up to see 1:45 on the countdown. He attempted to activate an override, the teleporter, anything, but the controls were fried.

“It’s over,” He said to himself. “We lost.” He turned to the agents looking at him in fear. “Grab a wounded and hit an escape pod! We’re about to blow!” The agents quickly began rounding each other up. Becket rushed into the room to see Celeste. She screamed and aimed the Repulsor Blaster. “Hey, hey! It’s me!” He said. She dropped it and rushed over to him. He picked her up. “Come on, let’s get out of here.” He rushed out and down the hall to see agents taking off in escape pods. He put Celeste in one, then took one final look back. He sighed, and got in, then punched the button and ejected. The escape pods crashed down in a nearby empty field, like they were programmed to. And every agent looked up and watched in sadness, as Mother Egg exploded.

Josh's Threat Assessment on Doctor Doom

Josh, Eileen, and Acacia pushed through a large door into a throne room. Josh looked to see Julian standing in the corner of the room next to a large tube with Allyson inside of it. There were Doombots lined up along a long walkway, and at the end of it, Dr. Doom sitting in his throne. The eight of them walked down the stretch. Josh pointed at Julian.

“You’re next.” He said. He walked up to the foot of Doom’s throne. “You’re first.”

“You dare to challenge Doom?” He asked.

“You challenged us when you took our agent.” Josh said.

“You may take the girl and leave.” Doom said. “Doom has no use for either of you.” Eileen and Acacia looked at Josh. He balled up his fists.

“You think you’re gonna get off that easy Doom!” He shouted. “I’m gonna make sure you never mess with E.G.G again! Now get off of that stupid chair and face me like a man! You coward!” Dr. Doom stood, and everyone took a few steps back, readying their fighting stances.

“Doom will not be belittled in his own home.” With that, his hands were infused with red energy, and he roared to the sky.

“Take him!” Josh shouted. Eileen shot a beam of lighting at him, but Doom held up his hand knocked it away.

“He can’t…” She started.

“Stay focused!” Josh shouted. Johnny’s head ignited and he became the Ghost Rider. He swung his chain around Doom, but Doom grabbed it and swung Ghost Rider into Josh. Acacia rushed up with Snikt Claws, Skurge by her side. She began slashing but Doom blocked each attack with one arm. Skurge raised his ax, but Doom emitted a pulse blast, blowing him clean across the room. Spider-Man 2099 had taken to the wall and jumped down to kick Doom, but was deflected by an invisible shield.

“You are all beneath me.” He said.

“Is that so?” Amora asked, her hands lighting up green. “You will pay for our last encounter Doom!” She blasted him with a ray of magic, but Doom’s armor absorbed it, then he shot it back at her. Amora screamed as she fell to the ground.

“Enchantress is out!” Josh shouted. Doom backhanded Acacia to the wall as Jocasta rushed up. She engaged him in hand to hand combat, Doom blocking her every move with pinpoint accuracy. Then he grabbed her, twisted her around, and tagged her with a device. Jocasta electrocuted and fell to ground, shutting down. Doom was suddenly wrapped Spider-Man 2099’s web, but he grabbed the web line and disintegrated it. Josh screamed and fired a Repulsor Blaster, but Doom caught the blast in his hand and rerouted it to Spider-Man 2099, launching him out of the window. Ghost Rider roared and began to breathe fire. Doom fought through it and grabbed his head. Ghost Rider screamed as Doom held onto his head. Eileen lunged at him from behind but he elbowed her in the chest without even looking. Soon, Ghost Rider turned back into Johnny and fell to the ground. Acacia charged at Doom with a pair of Power Punch gloves. She punched and punched, but it did nothing. He smacked Acacia across the face and she fell into Josh, who was just about to attack. Dr. Doom then walked back to his throne and sat down. Josh stood up weakly. Doom stared at him through his metal mask.

“Leave.” He said. “Now.” The tube Allyson was in opened and she fell to the ground. Spider-Man 2099 climbed back through the window, rubbing his head. Josh looked to see the Executioner limp over and pick up Amora. Acacia grabbed Johnny and Eileen grabbed Jocasta. They all looked at him. Josh looked at Doom. His lips tightened, his fists clenched, then he took a deep breath.

“Come on guys.” He said. He walked over had helped Allyson to her feet. And they all left Dr. Doom’s throne room, defeated.

* * *

The team walked into the foyer, where Quartermain was kneeling by Fumiko’s side.

“Fumiko!” Acacia shouted. She handed Johnny off to Spider-Man 2099 rushed over, taking Fumiko in her arms. “What happened?”

“I tried everything I could…” Quartermain said. “I can’t save her.” Fumiko coughed.

“Acacia…” she said.

“Fumiko, hey, stay with me.” Acacia said. Fumiko shook her head.

“It’s too late for me…” She managed.

“Don’t say that!” Acacia cried. “We can find help…”

“It’s okay… I’m going… to be with Terry…” Acacia began to cry.

“Fumiko… I am so sorry.”

“It’s not your fault… Just promise me…”


“Celeste…” Fumiko coughed. “Take care of Celeste.” Acacia nodded.

“I promise.” She took Fumiko’s hand. Fumiko weakly smiled.

“Thank you Acacia… you’ve always… been… a good… friend…” Fumiko closed her eyes. Acacia hugged her close and silently cried. The doors to Castle Doom opened and Nick Fury walked in. He saw the scene and stopped.

“Ride’s outside when you’re ready.” He said, and walked out. Josh sighed, and everyone made their way out. Acacia picked up Fumiko, and left. Dr. Doom watched from his window as the S.H.I.E.L.D transport departed.

* * *

Josh stood looking out of the Helicarrier window. Eileen approached him.

“Did Fury tell you what happened?” She asked.

“Yeah,” Josh said. “They’re picking up the survivors right now.” Josh banged the glass. “It’s all my fault Eileen!”


“I took us to Castle Doom. I put together that whole team, and for what? We got our butts kicked, a friend killed, and our base destroyed!” He exhaled. “I’m a failure.”

“You didn’t fail Josh.”

“Didn’t I? Do you know how many house calls I just had to make Eileen? How many broken hearts I felt. Do you think for one second any of those agents is going to ever trust me with their lives again? Can you… can you just imagine what that little girl’s face will look like when Acacia tells her that her mother is dead…” Josh put his hand over his mouth. “Believe me, I failed.” Eileen walked forward and hugged Josh.

“You didn’t fail. I’m alive. Acacia’s alive. Agent Becket stepped up as a leader and saved all the agents he could. We took a hit, a hard one, but you did not fail. And you never will.” Acacia then walked into the room, holding Celeste’s hand. Celeste was softly crying. Eileen touched her shoulder. “It’s all going to be fine Celeste.” She said. “We’ll take care of you.”

“I know.” Celeste replied. “Auntie Acacia said Mom isn’t gone. She’s just here, in my heart.” Eileen smiled.

“Yes, she’s always with you.” She said. She looked at Acacia, who managed a smile. They walked next to Josh and looked out the window.

“So where do we go?” Acacia asked.

“We’ve been relocated.” Josh said. “Arizona.”

“Really?” Eileen asked. “That’s odd.”

“Yeah,” Josh said. “Back to where it all began.”

“Well hey,” Eileen said, putting her arm around Josh and Acacia. “What could go wrong with a trip back home?” And they all stared into the sunset, looking towards a better tomorrow.


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We wrap up tomorrow!

Remember guys, tomorrow is the E.G.G Season 1 Review, where we talk about everything that went down this entire season! From episode 1-20, we go over it all! So leave any left over questions, comments, and concerns you have about E.G.G, and tune in tomorrow for the last words from me and E.G.G until next year!


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