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E.G.G Episode 25: Heroes of Tomorrow

Updated on February 7, 2015


Previously, on E.G.G...

When the time rolls around for E.G.G's yearly inspection, Josh personally requests the Wolfpack to do the job. Sharpshooter Justin Milan, tactician Tristan Trevino, and black ops, super spy, specialist Kyle Rice. After a very awkward tour of the base, they end up in the Hall of E.G.G, where Rice and his team pull a double cross. E.G.G pursued and took down the Wolfpack, but when no one was looking, Agent Rice escaped.

Mysterious Audio Log #4

Episode 25

-Heroes of Tomorrow-

Celeste walked into the Inner Shell to see every E.G.G agent lined up at the elevator.

“Auntie Acacia,” she called. Acacia came over, holding a clipboard.

“What’s up Celeste?” She asked, writing on the paper.

“What’s going on?”

“Oh, we’re all just doing our yearly examination.” Acacia answered.

“Yeah, worst time of the year,” Josh added, walking into the room. “Especially the physicals.” He shuddered. “I hate physicals!”

“Are you kidding?” Acacia said. “That’s the best part! Last year me and Eileen got this Russian guy named Hans…”

“Wait, you remember the name of the guy did your physical a year ago?”

“He was totally hot…”

“That’s scary. Anyway, everybody has to go, but don’t worry little one, you won’t be alone!” A young boy, about 12, walked into the room. “This here’s my little buddy Jerome! Known the kid since he was three! He’s like a brother to me!”

“Hi,” Jerome said.

“Hey,” Celeste shyly replied.

“Well it’s about time Celeste got somebody to play with!” Acacia said. “I was thinking about getting her a gerbil!”

“Nobody likes those things.” Josh replied.

“Hey guys.” Eileen said, walking into the room with a 13 year old boy next to her. “Celeste, this is my little brother, Seth.” She said. “He’ll be here with you and Jerome.”

“Oh, cool.” Celeste replied.

“Nice to meet you!” Seth said, shaking her hand.

“So wait, it’s just gonna be us three?” Jerome asked. Josh, Acacia, and Eileen all broke down laughing.

“Leave three kids alone in E.G.G Base with untold amounts of weapons of mass destruction?” Josh laughed. “Of course not! Jocasta!” Jocasta walked into the room. Jerome and Seth backed up as she got closer.

“What is that?” Seth asked.

“I think it’s one of those terminators!” Jerome replied. Jocasta laughed.

“Greetings children,” she said. “My name is Jocasta. I will be overseeing your activities today!”

“In other words she’s your babysitter.” Josh said.

“What! Joshua, I’m too old for a babysitter!” Jerome complained.

“Yeah!” Seth agreed. “We don’t need anybody to take care of us!”

“Too bad.” Josh said. “Now let’s go get this over with. The less I have some old man poking me with a stick the better.”

“Ooh, I hope we get Hans again!” Eileen said. Josh looked at her.

“Really? You too!”

“… He was totally hot…”

“Agh!” The three got into the elevator, and soon, not an agent remained in E.G.G Base. Jocasta turned to the kids.

“I am very excited to spend the day with you!” She exclaimed. “I have downloaded a list of activates that children find entertaining! Shall we begin with hide and seek, or ring around the rosie?”

“Hide and seek!” Celeste exclaimed.

“Hide and seek is lame!” Jerome said. “I wanna play clones!”

“Clones?” Seth asked.

“Yeah! Me and Joshua play it all the time! We pretend we’re clones from Star Wars and go on missions!”

“Cool!” Seth said. “Let’s do it!”

“Downloading…” Jocasta said. “Diagnosis: Clone Troopers use guns, tanks, and other weapons considered dangerous and/or lethal. Assessment: Playing ‘Clones’ is too violent a game for your age category. Please choose something else.”

“What! That’s not fair!” Jerome exclaimed.

“We can play dragons!” Seth said. “We can pretend we’re knights!”

“Downloading…” Jocasta said. “Diagnosis: Knights use swords to slay dragons, normally resulting in bloody and violent battles. Assessment: Playing ‘Dragons’ is too violent a game for your age category. Please choose something else.”

“Seriously!” Seth shouted. “Can we at least play Nerf war?”

“I love Nerf guns!” Jerome exclaimed.

“Downloading…” Jocasta said.

“Never mind.” Jerome and Seth replied simultaneously.

“So… hide and seek?” Celeste said. The boys sighed.

“Fine.” Jerome said.

“Wonderful!” Jocasta exclaimed. “I will count to one hundred! One, two, three, four…” The kids scattered down the tunnels. Seth ran into the Humpty Dumpty Hall and slid under the table. Jerome and Celeste rushed into the Feeding Pen.

“I was here first!” Jerome shouted. “Find somewhere else to hide!” He jumped behind the counter. Celeste quickly rushed back through the tunnel. She ran until she reached the Hall of E.G.G, and saw it was a dead end.

“Uh-oh.” She said.

“84, 85, 86…” Jocasta’s voice echoed through the halls. She quickly rushed to the control panel of the door and pulled it off. She grabbed two wires and touched them together. The wires sparked, and the door to the Hall of E.G.G slowly opened.

“Yes!” She exclaimed. Suddenly there was a loud, blaring alarm. She covered her ears. “What is that!” She shouted. She rushed down the tunnel and ran into Jerome and Seth.

“What’s going on?” Seth asked over the noise.

“How should I know!” Celeste replied.

“I thought you lived here!” Jerome shouted back.

“Let’s find Jocasta.” Seth said.

“She’s probably in the Inner Shell.” Celeste replied.

* * *

They all rushed into the Inner Shell to see Jocasta speaking into the intercom.

“Remain calm, Jake the loser librarian, I am on my way.” She hung it up and turned to see the kids standing there. “Children, please remain here, there is a small matter I must attend to in the library.” Jocasta went into the elevator and was gone in a ding.

“What kind of small matter sounds an alarm that loud?” Seth asked.

“I don’t know,” Celeste replied, walking over to the computer terminal. “Let’s find out.” She began typing, and suddenly video feed of the library popped onto the screen.

“You can hack computers!” Jerome exclaimed.

“Yeah, no big.” Celeste replied. “Now let’s… oh no.”

“What’s wrong?” Seth asked.

“Syndicate.” Celeste replied, pointing to the screen. The library was crawling with Syndicate soldiers, hostages on the ground with their hands behind their heads.

“This is the Taskmaster’s last known location.” The commander of the group said. “I want to know what’s in here and who took him down.”

“Please leave the premises.” The commander turned to see Jocasta.

“Ooh, she’s about to go slayer pro on those guys!” Jerome said.

“You have ten seconds to comply, or I will use deadly force.” She threatened, her arms transforming into guns.

“Ten seconds this.” The commander said, as he quickly threw a small device that attached itself to Jocasta’s body.

“What did you-” Suddenly Jocasta began to electrocute. “GGGRRRAAAHHHH!!!!”

“No!” Celeste shouted, as she watched Jocasta fall to the ground.

“I hate robots.” The commander said. “Secure the area, and take out those cameras.” The commander aimed his gun right at the camera, and the next second the screen went fuzzy.”

“Oh this is bad,” Seth said. “This is really bad.”

“We gotta get out there and do something!” Jerome exclaimed.

“Uh, no, bad idea!” Seth replied. “We sit here and wait for help!”

“Joshua wouldn’t just sit and wait!”

“Well news flash, you’re not Joshua!”

“Okay, stop!” Celeste said. “I’m with Jerome on this one. We gotta do something.” Jerome stuck his tongue out as Seth threw his arms into the air.

“Are you two crazy!” He shouted. “Those guys have guns!”

“So do we.” Celeste said. “Come on!” She led Seth and Jerome to the Hall of E.G.G. Their jaws dropped.

“No way…” Seth said.

“Look at all this!” Jerome exclaimed, grabbing a Thwip Blaster. Celeste picked up a fighting stick.

“Get what you need and let’s go.” She said. Seth picked up a pair of widow stings.

“Nice,” he said.

“Those are girl weapons!” Jerome laughed. Seth quickly threw them down.

“I knew that.” He lied, grabbing a Repulsor Blaster.

* * *

The elevator opened and the kids shuffled out behind a bookshelf.

“Okay,” Jerome said. “Follow my lead.”

“Hey, who put you in charge!” Seth demanded.

“Well, since Joshua is the boss of your sister, I think that makes me the boss of you.”

“He’s not Eileen’s boss! She tells me Josh is practically useless without her!”

“He is not! You take that back!”

“Make me!”

“Shut up!” Celeste firmly interrupted. “I’m in charge. Now come on.” She moved along the bookshelf. Seth and Jerome looked at each other and shrugged. They followed Celeste quietly. She stopped and held up her fist, but Jerome and Seth kept going and crashed into her. She looked back angrily. “That means stop!” She said.

“I don’t speak military!” Jerome defended.

“He’s blocking my view.” Seth replied.

“No excuses, just do it right!” She demanded.

“Hello.” They all looked up to see a Syndicate soldier standing over them. “And what do we have here?”

All three of them screamed and scattered. The Syndicate soldier began to shoot at them as the fled to different parts of the library. Celeste rushed around the corner, got against the wall and took out her fighting stick. She held her breath as the soldier began to creep around the corner.

“Unit 567!” The commander shouted, stopping him in his tracks. Celeste took the opportunity to sneak up the stairs. “What are you shooting at?”

“I saw some kids…” He said. The commander stared at him. “Sir they were… Never mind, I’m sorry sir.”

“Get back to your post,” he commanded, shoving him. “Moron.” The commander began to walk when he saw something speed by out of the corner of his eye. He looked over, squinted, and kept walking, leaving a very nervous Jerome behind a bookshelf.

“Jerome, come in.” Jerome heard. He looked around.

“Celeste? Where are you?” He asked.

“It’s your earpiece.”


“Meet me on the second floor, I have plan.”

“And just how do you suppose I get up there?” He asked.

“I don’t know… Pretend you’re a clone trooper, and I’m Queen Amidala!”

“Haha, you’re so funny.”

* * *

Seth was hiding in a private study room. There were no windows, so he began to crack the door.

“Seth!” He heard.

“Gah!” He shouted, slamming the door and jumping back. Celeste sighed.

“It’s your earpiece.”


“We need to get to the second floor!”



“…Okay fine. But how do I get there?”

“Pretend you’re a knight, and I’m a princess in a tower.”

“Right… a knight.” He opened the door to see two Syndicate soldiers standing there.

“What the?” One of them asked. Seth screamed and slammed the door. He took out the Repulsor Blaster.

“Come on… Come on…” He said, tinkering with it. Suddenly the soldiers kicked the door down. “Just work!” He shouted, slamming it against the table. The knob flipped to suicide and blasted both Syndicate soldiers clean through the wall. Seth looked up. “Awesome!” The commander looked towards the noise.

“What the devil was that?” He asked. Everyone rushed to the area, not noticing Jerome climbing up the bookshelf.

“Just get to the second floor, she says.” Jerome grumbled to himself. “Pretend you’re a clone, she says.” He reached the top and stood up, maintaining balance. He looked at the balcony. “I can make that…” Suddenly a Syndicate soldier came up the stairs.

“Hey!” He shouted, aiming his gun.

“No, no, no!” Jerome exclaimed, grabbing his Thwip Blaster and shooting like crazy. The soldier was blinded by multiple webs on his visor.

“Agh, what the-” he growled, grabbing at it. “Get this stuff off me!” He stumbled back and fell down the stairs, hitting his head against the wall and falling unconscious. Jerome laughed.

“Loser!” He shouted. He readied himself, then jumped, but barely missed the balcony. “NO!”

“Gotcha!” Celeste said, catching him in the nick of time. Jerome sighed with relief as she pulled him up. “But where’s Seth?”

Seth had made his way out of the study room. While the commander was investigating, he slipped along the wall. He rounded the corner to see a Syndicate soldier turn around.

“Freeze!” He shouted.

“Ah!” Seth quickly ran into the café and jumped over the counter. The soldier followed him in, gun drawn.

“Where are you…”

“Excuse me.” He turned to see Seth standing with his hands behind his back. “Did you order two blueberry muffins?”

“What, no, I didn’t…” Seth suddenly jumped up and splattered two blueberry muffins on his visor. “Gah! Stupid kid!” Seth rushed across the room towards the elevator, then tripped. He looked down to see Jocasta.

“Seth…” She said, her voice full of static and her eyes fading in and out. “What are... czch bzzt… you doing…”

“Just rest up,” he replied. “We have a plan, I hope…”

“I… szrch zzzt… told you to… hrrt bzzt… remain in E.G.G Base…”

“Hey, you know us kids.” He said. “We never listen to authority.” He got into the elevator and hit the second floor. He bobbed his head to the music. “Nice beat.” The doors opened to a Syndicate soldier, aiming his gun. Seth froze.

“Haha, wrong floor…” Seth said, quickly tapping to close door button.

“Leave him alone!” The soldier began to turn but was tackled by Celeste and Jerome. Seth rushed out and jumped on top as well. All of them began pounding on him.

“Ah, get off of me!” He shouted, punching Celeste. She shrieked in pain and grabbed her face, falling off.

“Hey!” Seth shouted.

“Not cool!” Jerome seconded. They grabbed the soldier by the legs and began dragging him.

“Get off!” She shouted, struggling but in vain. They dragged him to the balcony and held him over. “No. No, no, no, wait!”

“Do you wanna wait Jerome?” Seth asked.

“No, I don’t think I do.” Jerome replied. With that, they flipped him over the edge. The soldier screamed as he broke into a table and fell unconscious. They both rushed over and helped Celeste up.

“Are you okay?” Seth asked.

“Yes, I’m fine.” She said. “Thank you, my prince.” She kissed Seth on the cheek.

“Hey! What about your clone?” Jerome asked. She laughed and kissed him on the cheek too.

“Yes, thank you, brave clone trooper. Now come on!” All three of them followed Celeste to the balcony. “Alright Jerome, I need your Thwip Blaster.”

“Here,” he said, handing it to her. She set it to strand.

“Good, now both of you get ready to give me a boost.” Seth and Jerome looked at each other, shrugged, and put their hands together.

“What are you gonna do?” Seth asked. Celeste smiled.

“Hey! We’re over here!” She shouted, backing up.

“What the what!” Seth shouted.

“Are you crazy!” Jerome exclaimed. Soon the commander and all of the remaining Syndicate rushed up to the bottom of the balcony.

“Kids…” The commander said. “This whole time, my men were dropping like rain, and they were just a group of kids!” Celeste ran forward.

“Now!” She shouted. She stepped onto Jerome and Seth’s hands and they launched her into the air, off of the balcony. She soared for a bit, then twisted around and launched a web line at the bookshelf in front of the Syndicate. Then she fell across the bookshelf behind them, and the one in front of them began to fall. The commander looked up.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me.” He said. Then he, and all of his men, were piled under the bookshelf. Jerome and Seth rushed downstairs, cheering. Jocasta rebooted and stood up.

“Children, are you alright?” She asked.

“Sure are!” Jerome replied.

“Celeste, that was so cool!” Seth exclaimed.

“No big.” She smiled.

“You performed heroically.” Jocasta said. “Now quickly, let us repair the damage to the library before Jake the loser librarian becomes angry with us.”

“That’s not my name!” Jake complained from behind the counter, as they all got to work.

It was late into the night. E.G.G agents were flowing in groups at a time. Celeste, Jerome, and Seth sat around, excitedly replaying that day’s events for the fifth time. Soon Josh, Eileen and Acacia walked in.

“I wish I would do another physical!” Josh shouted. “I swear, that old guy was down in my business 30 seconds longer than he needed to be!”

“Stop complaining.” Eileen said.

“Not everybody gets Hans, or whatever his name was!” Josh replied.

“Actually, this time it was this hot Italian guy named Vince,” Acacia said. “Oh, I wish it was next year already!”

“You’re disgusting.” Josh replied.

“Auntie Acacia!” Celeste shouted as the kids rushed up.

“Hey kiddo,” Acacia said. “You guys have fun today?”

“Did we!” Seth exclaimed. “All these guys in black invaded the library!”

“Yeah,” Jerome said. “And we got cool weapons, and we beat all of them!”

“It was so awesome!” Celeste said. Josh smiled.

“Aw, they were playing secret agent!” He said. “That’s so cute!”

“What, no!” Jerome exclaimed. “It actually happened!”

“Yeah,” Seth said. “Tell them Jocasta!” Jocasta approached them.

“Yes, we played a very fun game.” She said.

“What!” All of the kids replied simultaneously.

“The children behaved as true heroes would.”

“Aw man…” Jerome said.

“Way to rain on the parade.” Seth complained. Celeste smiled.

“It’s okay guys, maybe next time.” She comforted.

“Well, I’m glad you all had a good time.” Eileen said. “But it’s long past all of our bedtimes. Get ready Seth, I’m taking you home.”

“You too Jerome.” Josh said.

“Okay.” They both replied. Josh, Acacia and Eileen began to walk off, then Josh stopped.

“Huh, that’s wired…” He said.

“What?” Acacia asked.

“I don’t know, it’s just…" Josh smiled. "Standing there like that, they look just like us.”

See you on Thursday!

Tune in on Thursday, February 12 for the Q&A for this episode, and then prepare for Episode 26: Love and War, on Friday, February 13! Season 2 only picks up from here! See you next week!

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