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E.G.G Episode 29: Acacia's Great Escape

Updated on March 6, 2015


Previously, on E.G.G...

After things got tense in E.G.G Base, Josh fled to New York with Allyson, where he found Agent Rice from the Wolfpack! Turns out, the Wolfpack had actually been infiltrated by Skrulls and Rice was the only one left, acting undercover to get the goods on the aliens. After discovering that they were not only invading, but working with the Syndicate, he and Josh decided to team up to get this info to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Meanwhile, Eileen was tasked by Fury (who knew she was Lightstream all along!) to finish the Skrull Detector that is actually turns out Ailemara, the Skrull replacing Acacia, had been sabotaging the entire time! When Eileen outed Ailemara, she took her down in a furious rage and raced off to New York.

On the Helicarrier, Fury was trying to sort out who was who when he found himself in the midst of a hostile takeover by none other than the Skrull queen herself, Queen Veranke, disguised as the Avenger Spider-Woman. Before he was killed, Fury sent the Helicarrier crashing into the streets of New York, where the battle has yet to begin.

Lastly, while on the Skrull warship, Acacia found that she had survived the 'Super Skrull' procedure, and was attempting to find a way when she discovered that the Skrulls had replaced none other than the leader of the Avengers himself, Captain America.

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Episode 29

-Acacia's Great Escape-

Acacia rushed through the halls of the Skrull Warship, desperately searching for any way out.

“That was Captain America.” She said to herself. “They have Captain America. Oh I wish I had a clue as to what exactly is going on!” She ran around a corner but quickly turned back. She peeked and was relieved to find that she hadn’t been noticed. There were about 15 Skrulls in the room. One stood in a yellow circle carved out of strange symbols into the ground on the ground. Two Skrulls dragged an elderly man into the room.

“Take your hands off me!” He shouted. “Do you know who I am?” The Skrulls threw the old man into the circle. “Just who do you think you are? Why I oughta teach you punks a lesson!” Soon the circle lit up, and the Skrull began to absorb all of the old man’s memories. After about 30 seconds, the process was complete, and the Skrull then shape shifted into the man.

“What the-” He said, bewildered. “You can’t copy me! I’m Stan Lee!”

“You can’t copy me, I’m Stan Lee!” The Skrull replied. Stan stepped back.

“Well… I’ll bet you don’t know my catch phrase!”

“Excelsior.” The Skrull replied. Stan was awestricken.

“Well I say it better!” The two Skrulls grabbed him by the arms and began dragging him away. “Let me go! Ooh, if I were free I’d give you the ‘ol one-two! You’d better hope I don’t escape, because there’ll be heck to pay!” The Skrulls dragged him through the doors.

“Ah, okay.” Acacia whispered. “I see what’s going on here.” Acacia turned around and took a different direction. “There has to be a way out of this place…”

“Lemme go you fraggin’ lizards!” Acacia heard from a room. She recognized the voice almost instantly.

“Quartermain!” She exclaimed. She peeked into the room to see two Skrulls strapping him to a table.

“Remain still!” One demanded.

“You wish!” Quartermain shouted, struggling to get free. Acacia snuck into the room, grabbed a metal rod, and tapped one of the Skrulls on the shoulder.

“What?” He asked, turning around just for Acacia to wham him with the rod.

“Intruder!” The other shouted, but Acacia whacked him against the wall. Both Skrulls were out cold.

“Easy.” She said, unstrapping Quartermain. “I’ll bet you’re happy to see me!” As soon as she unstrapped him he lunged up and began choking her. “Gah, Clay! What… are you… doing…”

“Why you…” Quartermain said, choking harder. Acacia pushed him off.

“Clay!” She shouted.

“Double-crossin’…” he replied, punching only for Acacia to block.

“Stop it!”

“No good…” He swung again, and again Acacia blocked.

“Clay Quartermain, have you gone insane?”

“Two-faced…” Acacia punched Quartermain and he fell onto the floor.

“Clay, stop! Why are you attacking me?”

“Cause you blindsided me back in that alley and took me who knows where!”

“Clay, it wasn’t me! These guys are shape shifting aliens.”

“Well if that ain’t the biggest load a bull…”

“Clay, look at me. I’m telling the truth. Would I ever betray you?” Quartermain thought for a minute.

“Fine, but you gotta prove you’re the real deal. Tell me somethin’ only the real Acacia would know.”

“Your birthmark’s on your left butt cheek.”

“Yep, okay, it’s you. So where are we?”

“I’m pretty sure we’re in outer space, I saw Saturn out the window.”

“Saturn, well I’ll be…”

“Also, I think these guys are replacing us and then abducting us to cover their tracks. Wait… I’ve officially been abducted by aliens! That is so cool!”


“Sorry. Oh, and one more thing. I saw Captain America.”


“Yeah, I think they replaced him too.”

“Well if an alien replaced the leader of the Avengers, that can’t be goin’ well back on Earth.”

“We gotta get outta here. But first, we gotta get Cap.”

“Alright.” Quartermain picked up one of the Skrull’s guns and tossed Acacia one. “Take point.”

“Got it.” Acacia said, sneaking out of the room, Quartermain steps behind her.

“You can’t copy me! I’m Stan Lee!”
“You can’t copy me! I’m Stan Lee!”
"Acacia led the way back to the room Captain America was being held."
"Acacia led the way back to the room Captain America was being held."

* * *

Acacia led the way back to the room Captain America was being held and pointed. “There he is.”

“’Bout 10 of ‘em.” Quartermain said. “We got this.” Acacia held up one finger, then two, and on three, they rushed in screaming and firing blasts all over the room. The Skrulls scattered for cover and began firing back. Acacia and Quartermain hid behind a table. “We’re pinned! Now what?” Acacia looked at Captain America’s stasis tube.

“We even the odds!” She aimed the blaster and fired it at the control panel. The tube opened and the liquid spilled out, along with Captain America.

“He is loose!” a Skrull shouted. “Restrain him before he…” He was interrupted by Captain America’s hand around his throat.

“I think someone should tell you,” Captain America said. “I don’t do well with forced naps.” He threw the Skrull across the room screaming. “Next?”

“Fire!” Another Skrull shouted. They began to shoot at Captain America. He dove and slid on the ground, picking up his shield on the way.

“Alright, come and get me!” He shouted. He charged one Skrull, blocked some blasts, kicked another Skrull, then threw his shield into one Skrull, causing it to bounce around the room and hit the rest. Captain America caught his shield and placed it safely on his back. He made his way through the room of unconscious Skrulls towards Acacia and Quartermain.

“Are you two alright?” He asked.

“Yeah, thanks,” Acacia said. “You were amazing back there.”

“Thank you miss. Acacia, wasn’t it?”


“Good. Now, we have to free the others.”

“Wait… others?”

“Follow me.” Acacia looked at Quartermain puzzled. He shrugged and they followed Cap to a cellblock. He turned on a light to reveal a hallway full of prison cells.

“Oh,” Acacia said. “Those others…”

“Get to work.” Captain America said, opening a cell to find the Invisible Woman.

“Cap!” She exclaimed, hugging him.

“Good to see you Susan.” He replied. Acacia and Quartermain began to open cells. Quartermain opened Stan’s cell.

“Wowee! Real live superheroes!” He exclaimed. “The guys at the office will never believe this!”

“Sure,” Captain America. “Just stay close, alright?”

“Whatever you say Captain America!” Stan replied, saluting him. Acacia opened one, and to her surprise, found Viper sitting there, head buried in her legs.

“You!” She growled, vengefully. Viper looked up and smiled.

“Well, well, well, an agent of shell, or whatever it was called. Did you like my remodeling of your base? It looked good in flames, no?” Acacia walked into the cell and cracked her knuckles.

“I’m gonna enjoy this…” She reared back her fist only to have Captain America catch it.

“Now’s not the time for that.” He said. “Viper, come on. We need you to help us escape.”

“Not even in your wildest of fantasies Captain.” Viper hissed.

“Dang it Viper, we can’t afford to fight each other here. It’s not Hydra or S.H.I.E.L.D or the Avengers anymore, right now it’s human beings versus aliens. Whose side are you on?” Viper thought for a moment.

“Very well. But I’m freeing Cobra.”

“Whatever suits you.” Viper stood up and walked past Acacia, who noticed half of her face was burned. She laughed.

“What happened to your face?” She asked. Viper paused and quickly covered the burn with her hair.

“None of your concern.” She quietly replied and went to free Cobra.

“Psh, serves you right…”

“Acacia,” Captain America called. “Do a sweep, make sure we got everyone.” Acacia walked down the row and found one cell still closed. She opened it to see Gyro Man look up at her desperately.

“Acacia?” He said. “Acacia, is that you? Oh thank goodness, I never thought I’d be so happy to see…” Acacia slammed the door in his face.

“Yep, that’s everybody.” She called to Cap.

“Good,” He replied. “Let’s move.”

“Dang it Viper, we can’t afford to fight each other here. It’s not Hydra or S.H.I.E.L.D or the Avengers anymore, right now it’s human beings versus aliens. Whose side are you on?”
“Dang it Viper, we can’t afford to fight each other here. It’s not Hydra or S.H.I.E.L.D or the Avengers anymore, right now it’s human beings versus aliens. Whose side are you on?”
“Sorry Cap, they sedated me, I’m too weak to use my powers.”
“Sorry Cap, they sedated me, I’m too weak to use my powers.”

* * *

The group shuffled down the hall, Captain America taking point. He peeked around the corner and held up his fist. There were a group of Skrulls occupying the hallway. “We can get past them if we stay quiet…”

“Screw that.” Viper said, pushing past Cap.

“No, wait!”

“Hey, creatures!” She called. All of the Skrulls looked towards her. “Come and get us.”

“Destroy them!” A Skrull shouted, as they all began to fire.

“Agh!” Captain America growled in anger. “Susan, I need a force field.” Susan held out her hand, but her arm shook and she fell to the ground.

“Sorry Cap, they sedated me,” she said. “I’m too weak to use my powers.”

“Then we’re doing this the hard way.” Captain America took his shield off his back and charged forward, Acacia and Quartermain close behind. Acacia looked to see Cobra cowering behind the wall.

“You gonna help or what?” She asked.

“It’s safer back here.” He replied. Acacia rolled her eyes.

“Super villains.” She began firing back at the Skrulls. Captain America blocked most of their blasts, and disabled the Skrulls one by one.

“Watch out!” Susan called. Quartermain turned to see a squadron coming down the other end of the hall.

“They called for backup!” He shouted, blasting at them.

“I got your back.” Acacia said, moving in front of him. Suddenly her shoulder was blasted. “Ow!” She shouted, falling to the ground and dropping her gun.

“Acacia!” Quartermain called. He tried to reach her but the Skrulls were moving in. Acacia looked up to see them just above her, aiming their guns.

“No, no, no!” She screamed, holding her hands out. “Stay away!” Just as she said that, a stream of fire launched from both of her hands and caught onto the Skrulls. They panicked and scattered in each and every direction, trying to get the fire out. Acacia looked at her hands in amazement. “No shelling way!”

“Oh my!” Stan said. “The profanity!”

“Sorry,” Acacia apologized, still looking at her hands. “I just shot fire out of my hands! Haha!” She stood up and began to spew fire like a flame thrower. The Skrulls backed up as Acacia got closer. “Yeah, run, run!” She laughed, as the Skrulls turned and retreated. Acacia stopped and put her hands on her hips. “Now this, I can work with.”

“Freeze!” One stray Skrull shouted, aiming his gun.

“You’re outnumbered,” Captain America said. “Stand down soldier.”

“You are prisoners of the Skrulls, and I will ta-” Viper wrapped her arms around the Skrull’s head.

“Who’s the prisoner now?” She hissed in his ear.

“Viper, no!” Cap called, but in vain. Viper violently cracked the Skrull’s neck and dropped it to the ground. “Do you have no restraint!” Captain America yelled.

“An eye for an eye Captain.” She replied. “These monsters deserve nothing less than death. You said so yourself, human versus alien.” She picked up a gun and powered it up. “Whose side are you on?” She walked off, Cobra close behind her.

“Yeah, what she said!” He called, rushing after her.

“Someone oughta put her in a nuthouse!” Stan exclaimed.

“Agreed.” Captain America concurred.

“I have fire powers.” Acacia said. Everyone looked at her. She shrugged. “Just sayin’.”

“We need to move towards a hangar and see if we can find an escape ship.” Captain America said, putting his shield on his back.

“They’d probably blast us outta the sky!” Quartermain said.

“Then we should take the whole ship!” Acacia exclaimed. “We’ll be like space pirates!”

“Acacia…” Cap started.

“Wait,” Susan said. “That actually might be our best bet. Think about it Steve, if these guys have been going to Earth, they’ve probably sent all of their fighters. We’re basically fighting mall cops up here.” Captain America nodded.

“Fine,” he said. “We’ll make our way to the bridge.”

“I’m not going to fight you Elektra, we need to get off this ship. We’re actually going to hijack it and see if we can pilot it back to Earth.”
“I’m not going to fight you Elektra, we need to get off this ship. We’re actually going to hijack it and see if we can pilot it back to Earth.”

* * *

They began to move down the hall when they heard slicing and Skrulls screaming. Cap rushed around the corner to see Elektra pull her sai out of a Skrull. She looked over towards the door and squinted. “Elektra.” Cap said, moving towards her. She suddenly assumed a defensive stance. Captain America stepped back.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“Captain America.” He replied. She pointed her sai at him.

“How do I know?”

“I’m not going to fight you Elektra, we need to get off this ship. We’re actually going to hijack it and see if we can pilot it back to Earth.” Elektra looked skeptically at Captain America.

“Very well.” She said. “Your friend in green and some snake thing passed by not that long ago. They went this way.” Cap and the gang followed Elektra down a corridor trailed with dead Skrulls.

“Someone’s been busy.” Quartermain observed.

“I know, right.” Acacia’s voice said from nowhere. Quartermain jumped. He looked but didn’t see her.

“Acacia?” He asked. “Where are you?”

“I’m right next to you Clay.” Her voice said. Quartermain stopped. He reached his hand out and it suddenly stopped. “Whoa! That area is off limits Quartermain!” Acacia’s voice said. Quartermain jumped back.

“Jeez, I can’t see you!”

“You what?” Acacia looked at her hands. “Ah! I can’t see me either!”

“You’re invisible?”

“I guess so! Man, what’d those Skrulls pump me with?”

“Our powers.” Susan replied, having been listening the whole time.

“Our?” Acacia asked.

“The Fantastic 4. They put you through the Super Skrull procedure. Since you aren’t covered in rocks or stretching to incredible lengths, I’d say you only got my and Johnny’s powers. You can probably make force fields too.”

“Sweeeeeeet!” Acacia squealed. “By the way, what is a super Skrull?”

“You don’t want to know.” Susan replied. “What you do want to know is how to become visible again.”

“That’d be nice.”

“It’s all mental. Just think about seeing yourself again, and you will.”

“I don’t think it’s that…” Acacia suddenly became visible again. “Easy. Never mind.” Susan laughed.

“I’ve had these powers for years. I know what I’m talking about.”

“What’s going on back there?” Captain America asked.

“Nothing.” Acacia and Susan replied simultaneously. Cap looked back, then shrugged.

“Jessica Drew is no longer an agent of Hydra and therefore has lost my respect. And my pity.”
“Jessica Drew is no longer an agent of Hydra and therefore has lost my respect. And my pity.”

They walked into a room where Viper and Cobra stood over a table.

“Found someone.” Viper said, as Cap moved around her to see Spider-Woman lying on the table.

“Jessica!” He exclaimed. Her rushed up and felt her pulse.

“NO!” She blurted, jerking. “Skrull… Fury… get me… doorway… Stark… purple… warp…”

“She’s lost it!” Acacia said.

“We’ve gotta get her out of here.” Captain America said, lifting her over his shoulder.

“She’s dead weight!” Viper exclaimed.

“She’s a friend. What happened to that famous comradery I hear you guys are known for?”

“Jessica Drew is no longer an agent of Hydra and therefore has lost my respect.” Viper snapped. “And my pity.” She stormed off.

“Speaking of dead weight.” Cobra said. They all turned to see Stan finally make his way to the end of hall, panting.

“Phew,” he said, leaning against the wall. “Just… give me a minute here…”

“We’ve got to keep moving sir.” Captain America said.

“I know, I just… what was that?” Suddenly an entire squad of Skrulls armed to the teeth came screaming and charging down the hall. “Second wind!” Stan shouted, rushing ahead of everyone.

“Acacia, get to the bridge.” Captain America said, passing Spider-Woman off to Quartermain and grabbing his shield. “I’ll hold them off.”

“Like shell Cap!” She exclaimed. “I’m not gonna leave you…”

“That was an order soldier!” He shouted as he charged at the Skrulls.

“Best to do what he says.” Susan said. Acacia sighed and took off with everyone else.

“This is Kl’rt. I have the humans cornered.”
“This is Kl’rt. I have the humans cornered.”

* * *

They ran down the halls and came upon a giant door.

“Open sesame!” Stan shouted. Then he shrugged. “Well that was my best shot.” Acacia rubbed her hands together.

“Stand back!” She said. Everyone backed up, and Acacia shot an immense blast of flame at the door. It began to heat up, then started to melt. Skrulls sat at control terminals, operating the warship. Surprised, they turned to see the heroes and villains standing there, facing them. “Room service.” Acacia said. At that moment a very decorated Syndicate officer stepped forward. Acacia looked at him with confusion. “Syndicate soldier?”

“Syndicate Grand Master.” He replied. “We’ve forged an alliance with the Skrulls. For instance, everyone operating the bridge is under my command. Observe: Destroy them.” The Skrulls all got up and began attacking. The Grand Master headed right for Acacia, but she turned invisible. “What the…”

“Over here!” She said, reappearing and punching him. Angered, he took out two black laser blades and began to move towards her.

“Move!” Elektra shouted, throwing one of her sai. Acacia dodged it and the Grand Master blocked it. Elektra and Viper both rushed him and began to take him on hand to hand.

“Acacia!” Susan called. Acacia turned to see Captain America slide down the hall and hit the wall. He stood up and backed up as a Skrull approached him. But this one was different. He was a good two feet taller than all the others. His arms were stretched out and his fists were covered in rocks. His entire body was on fire, and he was generating a force field around him. “You wanted to know what a Super Skrull was…”

“I’m sorry I asked.” She replied.

“This is Kl’rt.” The Super Skrull said into a communication device. “I have the humans cornered.” Captain America backed into the bridge.

“Keep him out!” He commanded. Susan put up a force field, but it began to fluctuate. Super Skrull laughed and began pounding against it. Captain America looked to see Stan and Quartermain, still holding Spider-Woman, backed into a corner. “Hold that wall Susan!” He ordered as he went to help Quartermain.

“I’ll… try…” Susan said, as Super Skrull continued to pound. The force field began to fade, and Susan started sweating. “Acacia… I need help…”

“What do want me to do!” She asked.

“Make a force field!”

“I can’t!”

“Yes you can! You have my powers, just concentrate!” Acacia held out her hands only for fire to spurt out.

“Gah! I can’t do it!”

“Acacia, I can’t hold this for much longer…”


“Just do it!”

“I can’t!”

“Make a force field, NOW!”

“Whoa, did anybody just have an Incredibles flashback, because I sure did.”

“ACACIA!” Super Skrull then shattered Susan’s force field. She fell to the ground. He stretched his fist high in the air.

“Time to die!” He said.

“No!” Acacia shouted. She pushed her arms forward and a force field ejected with such power, it knocked Super Skrull back and blew him out of the side of the ship.

Josh's threat assessment on Super Skrull

“NNNNOOOOO!!!!” He shouted as he floated off into space, and a gravity wall sealed the hole. Susan smiled at Acacia.

“I knew you could- AAAHHHH!” She was suddenly cut short by the Grand Master’s blade piercing her from behind.

“Susan!” Acacia screamed. He pulled his blade out and put it away.

“This ship is filled with would-be heroes.” He said. Acacia looked to see Viper and Elektra out cold. She glared at him.

“I’m going to make you wish you were dead.” She growled.

“Go ahead and try.” Acacia turned invisible. Grand Master looked around. Suddenly he was hit with a fireball. “Ah!” he shouted, turning quickly. Then he was hit with another, and another. “Show yourself!” Acacia then became visible.

“RRRRRRAAAAAHHHHH!” She screamed as her entire body caught fire. Grand Master shielded his eyes and backed up. Then Acacia fired a blast so large everyone was temporarily blinded. When the flash cleared, the Grand Master was laying on the ground, armor melted and badly burned.

“Ooohhh…” He weakly cried. Captain America walked up and knocked him down with his shield.

“Good work soldier.” He said.

“Yeah, and it only took half my outfit.” She replied.

“Here you go!” Stan said, offering his jacket.

“Thanks.” Acacia put it on and walked over to Susan, who Quartermain was already tending to.

“I’m… okay.” She said sitting up. “I’ve been hit with worse.”

“That’s well and good.” Cobra said. “Can we get out of here now?”

“Where were you the whole time?” Acacia asked.

“Hiding right under that terminal.” He happily replied. Captain America whammed him with his shield and knocked him unconscious.

“Excelsior!” Stan shouted. “Now I’ve seen some heroes in my day, but that was amazing! You guys are okay in my book! I’ve gotta tell everyone about this!”

“Who are you even?” Acacia asked. He held out his hand.

“Senator Stan Lee, at your service.” He replied. Acacia shook his hand, then she squinted.

“Have we met before?” She asked.

“No, I don’t believe we have.”

“You seem kind of familiar.”

“Well, I guess I just have one of those faces!”

“It’s nice to meet you Senator Lee.” Captain America said. “Now then, we need to figure out how to fly this thing.”

“Doorway!” Spider-Woman blurted. “Purple… warp…” They all looked on the main terminal to see a big purple button.

“Worth a try.” Quartermain said.

“I guess…” Captain America held up his hand.

“Wait!” Acacia shouted. “Can I?” Captain America smiled.

“Sure thing.” He said. Acacia happily skipped up to the button, and cleared her throat.

“Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for light speed!” And with that, she slammed the button, and the warship warped into hyperspace.

To Be Continued…

See you on Thursday!

Tune in on Thursday, March 12 for the Q&A for this episode, and then prepare for Episode 30: As it is Written, on Friday, March 13! It all comes down to this! Will the Skrulls take Earth, or will the humans prevail! See you next week!

How will this invasion end?

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