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E.G.G Episode 41: Brand New Day

Updated on July 24, 2015


Previously, on E.G.G...

Darkstream, Eileen's evil alter ego, destroyed everything, killed everyone, and ended E.G.G. Nothing was left for poor Acacia. So she created a new future, E.G.G 2099, where Spider-Man of that year came up with a plan to prevent Eileen's reign of terror known as the Dark Day. Through difficulty, loss, and turmoil, Spider-Man 2099 finally made it back into the past to stop this horrible tragedy. But not without company...

Episode 41

-Brand New Day-

Tumbleweed Park was peaceful at this time of day. There, people walked along the path, minding their own ways. Kids rolled around in the grass. Couples kissed on the benches. All was well in Tumbleweed Park. That is, until suddenly, a giant blue portal opened up smack in the middle of everything. Everyone panicked and ran this way and that, soon leaving the park deserted. Then, Spider-Man 2099 and James Collins both came tumbling into Tumbleweed, sliding in the grass. James sat up and looked around, awestruck.

“I don’t believe it…” He said. “He actually did it! We travelled back in…”

“AH!” James turned to see Spider-Man 2099 lunging for him. James went quickly for his gun but was too late, as Spider-Man 2099 punched him in the face so hard it knocked him out cold. “And stay down!” He shouted. He put his hands on his knees and took deep breaths. “Calm down Migy. It’s over.” He stood up and surveyed the area.

“Aw shock, this isn’t Mother Egg!” He said. He looked at the nearest sign. “Tumbleweed Park… Chandler Arizona! I’m nowhere near Idaho!” He sighed. “Okay, I can get there quick, as long as I have the…” He patted himself down. “Where’s the Xtractor!” He looked around the area. Then he looked at James. “No…” He lifted James up to see the vial crushed to pieces, the serum soaking into the grass.

“NO!” He screamed. He threw James against a tree. “Thanks a shocking lot pal!” He sighed. “I guess I’m gonna have to use the version from this time and hope it works. But that’s all the way in New York! And the Dark Day is due in hours! Ah, let’s hope the butterfly effect is in full gear, because any small event that prevents that disaster is just the miracle I need!” He looked down. “Hm, not getting anywhere in this. Gotta blend, find some civilian clothes from this time.” He looked back at James. “You just lay there. I’ll come back for you.” Spider-Man 2099 spun a web and was gone.

“Calm down Miggy. It’s over.”
“Calm down Miggy. It’s over.”

* * *

“Allyson, you’re being ridiculous!” Josh shouted. “Lightstream is just a girl I’ll never know. Nothing serious can even begin to happen between us! But we’ve already been through thick and thin together. We fought the Avengers together, I rescued you from Dr. Doom, I pretty much gave you E.G.G if something happens to me, Eileen and Acacia! What about last night even? I loved us, just being together like that.”

“And you left me alone, again!” Allyson shouted, tears in her eyes. “Right when I was gonna tell you something important. It’s clear you don’t care about me. I should have listened to every feeling in my body telling me not to kiss you that day we got together, but I took a chance, and this is how it ended up.”

“It’s not over Allyson! I’ll be better, I’ll spend more time with you, I’ll…” She held up her hand.

“Just stop.” She said. “We have nothing more to offer one another. We’re done Josh. I think it’s better this way anyways. Now you’re not burdened with a secret relationship. You can go do all the things you want without breaking my heart in the process.”

“Allyson… please…” She ran off, wiping away tears, leaving Josh standing, rejected. Eileen came from around the corner.

“Not the best of conversations between you two,” she said. Josh turned.

“You saw that?” He asked.

“Saw it, heard it, a few steps closer I’d have felt it.” Josh sighed and fell against the wall. Eileen folded her arms. “The Skrull Acacia said you were dating an agent. Guessing it was Allyson.”

“Yeah.” Josh said, burying his face in his hands. “I’m such a screw up! If I’d just paid more attention to her…”

“Hey, you can’t beat yourself up, that won’t accomplish anything.”

“Well, she’s gone now.” Josh sighed. “The most amazing girl ever just left me because I took her for granted. Some leader I am.”


“Warning!” Jocasta called, approaching from the Inner Shell. “Syndicate transmission intercepted. Key phrase: Gravity Master detected.”

“Playback.” Josh said, as Jocasta opened her mouth and began to play the transmission.

“We’re busting Gravity Master out tonight.” A Syndicate commander said. “But first we need a distraction. I’m headed downtown with the bomb now. They won’t know what hit them.”

“Bomb!” Josh shouted jumping up. “Oh man, we have to stop them!”

“You go.” Eileen said. “I’ll talk to Allyson for you.”

“Really?” He asked. She winked at him.

“What are friends for?”

“Thank you Eileen!” He said, hugging her.

“Warning!” Jocasta said.

“What now?” Josh asked.

“A time space anomaly has been detected in Tumbleweed Park. There is panic among the locals and the police have closed down the area.” Josh sighed in disappointment.

“Sorry Eileen,” He said. “But Allyson will have to wait. You go check out that anomaly in Tumbleweed.”

“Um, okay…” Eileen said hesitantly. “Are you sure that you and Acacia can handle the bomb?”

“Positive.” Josh said. “Alright, Jocasta, get Acacia! We’ve got a bomb to stop!” He rushed off. Eileen bit her lip.

“I hope he knows what he’s doing.” She said. Eileen rushed down the corridors and into a door labeled garage. She walked into a room full of prototype vehicles and car parts. She searched the bunch and spotted a purple jeep with the E.G.G logo on it. She shrugged. “E.G.G Jeep. It’ll do.” She hopped in, revved it up, and drove off.

* * *

Meanwhile, Agent Rice sat on top of a nearby building. He looked to see a black armored truck pull into Downtown Chandler. He squinted.

“Weird.” He said. Then he saw Josh and Acacia rush out of the library. “What’s their rush?” He asked. Suddenly a wall in the parking garage flipped around and Eileen drove out into the streets in the E.G.G Jeep. “And where is she going?” He looked back at Josh and Acacia, making their way onto a nearby roof. “Whatever they’re doing is probably stupid. I should stay on target.” Rice jumped off of the roof and landed in a black convertible Ferrari. He turned it on and drove after Eileen. Eileen turned down the roads until she reached Tumbleweed Park and parked the E.G.G Jeep. Rice pulled up a few spaces away. She walked up to the police barricade.

“Sorry miss, no public entry.” The officer said.

“Well yeah, but I…” Eileen began.

“No public entry. Scrat!” Eileen raised her eyebrow.

“Excuse me? Fine, shell you!” She turned angrily. “The arrogance of some people.” She backed up, looked around, and when she was certain no one was looking, flew over the barrier and into the park. Rice approached the officer.

“Hey pal, no public-” Rice gripped the officer’s neck with three fingers and in seconds he was lying on the ground, unconscious.

“Thank you,” Rice said, stepping over him.

* * *

The Syndicate Commander drove into Downtown Chandler with a large black armored truck. He parked it in the shopping plaza. A security guard approached and banged the door.

“Hey! You can’t park that here!” He shouted. The door opened and the Syndicate Commander stepped out. The guard backed up.

“Who’s going to make me move it, you?” He said. The guard went for his gun but the commander smacked him unconscious. “Guess not.” He opened the back of the truck to reveal a giant bomb. He pressed some buttons and set the timer for two minutes.

“Hey!” He turned to see Josh and Acacia standing on a roof. “How many times do we have to deal with you punks?” Josh asked.

“We will never stop.” He said.

“Then I guess we’ll have to stop you!” Acacia replied. They both jumped off of the roof.

“Distract him!” Josh ordered. “I’ll get the bomb!” The commander rushed forward and Acacia got between him and Josh as Josh rushed past him.

“Don’t think so.” He said, soothing a Taser at Josh. Josh stopped short.

“Aaaazzzztttt!” He screamed and fell to the ground.

“Uncool!” Acacia said. She activated a pair of Power Punch gloves she was wearing and charged at the commander. They locked in combat, as Josh slowly got to his feet.

“Uh, anyone get the number of that… Bomb!” He turned and looked at the bomb. “Crap! Crap! Crap!” He rushed over. Josh examined the bomb. “Oh boy, okay…” He said. Acacia slammed against the truck.

“Hey, any day you wanna shut down that bomb and help me with this guy, that’d be nice!” She said.

“A little longer Acacia.” Josh said, as she sighed and got back in the fight. “Okay…” He slowly took off a panel and grabbed some wires. He exhaled deeply.

“We’re trained for this…” Josh said to himself, examining the wires. “Sort of…” There was a minute left on the timer. Josh studied the wires. Acacia punched the commander. There were 35 seconds. “Almost…” Josh said. He stuck his tongue out and grabbed a blue and green wire.

“Acacia!” He called. She trapped the commander in a force field, and he began banging against it.

“What is it?” She shouted back.

“In case this kills us, I just want you to know, I raided your underwear drawer!”

“You did what!?”

“It was only once! Well… maybe twice…”

“Oh, just shut up and defuse the bomb!”

“Wow, those are really harsh last words.”


“I mean, you think you’d say something like ‘I forgive you because we’re friends’ or ‘if it were to end any way, I’m glad it’s ending like this’ or…”

“Josh! You have ten seconds left on the bomb!”

“I gotta wait till at least three for dramatic effect!”


“Okay fine!” Josh sparked the wires together and the bomb deactivated. Acacia sighed with relief. “Geez, way to kill the suspense!”

“I’m gonna kill you!” She said, punching his arm. “And I’m putting a lock on underwear drawer.”

“Fair enough.” Josh said. “I’m telling you, it’s like this weird addiction men have to…”

“Did you forget about me?” The commander asked, readying his fighting stance. “You may have stopped the bomb, but you still have to-” Josh took out a Thwip Blaster and webbed him in the moth.

“Shut up bro!” He said. “Seriously, all you Syndicate goons ever do it talk, talk, talk! It’s annoying!” He pulled at the web, only to get his hands stuck to his mouth. He began to run in circles. Acacia rolled her eyes.

“For crying out loud.” She said. She blasted him with a fireball and he hit wall, defeated. “Call the cops, let’s get back to base.”

“Couldn’t agree more.” Josh said, as he and Acacia made their way back to E.G.G Base.

* * *

Eileen stepped cautiously through Tumbleweed Park.

“Unnh…” She heard. She jumped back and aimed her Widow Stings.

“Hands where I can see them!” She ordered. James held his head.

“Where… am I?”

“Hey!” Eileen called. He looked up at her. Eileen paused. “Oh.” She blushed and stroked her hair behind her ear. “Hey.” James looked around.

“What year is it?” He asked. Eileen looked at him puzzled.

“It’s 2015.” She replied.

“2015…” James said to himself, observing the area. Eileen knelt down next to him.

“You hit your head or something?” She asked, feeling his forehead.

“What? Oh, uh, no. I just…” He began to stand but fell. “Ah!” He said, holding his chest. Eileen caught him.

“Hey take it easy.” She said smiling. She observed him. “What’s with the Jango Fett getup?”


“Star Wars? Never mind.”

“Sure. Listen, I… agh!” James clutched his chest.

“Are you hurt?” Eileen asked, concerned.

“No, I just…” James looked at his hand to see blood.

“Oh gosh!” Eileen gasped. “You’ve been shot!”

“I wasn’t…” James began. Then he remembered. “Venture. Double-crossing… ah!” He fell into Eileen’s arms.

“Oaky, you need immediate medical attention, come on.” She said, walking with him.

“Gotta get back… to… time… portal…”

“Okay, now you’re talking crazy! Come on handsome, don’t fade on me now.” Eileen helped him over the barrier and headed back to the E.G.G Jeep.

Agent Rice lowered his binoculars, perched in a nearby tree.

“Target headed back to base.” He said to himself. “Pursuit to continue after quick survey of…” Suddenly he heard a small squeak. He looked to see a squirrel sitting on a branch next to him. “Get away, shoo.” He said, pushing it away. The squirrel squeaked angrily and jumped onto Rice.

“Ah! I said go away!” He smacked the squirrel out of the tree. “Stupid animal. Now where was I? Oh yeah. Pursuit to continue…” Suddenly Rice was hit from behind and knocked out of the tree. He fell to the ground, tumbled, and jumped up to his feet. “Who’s there?” He asked, taking out his sword. Suddenly a girl jumped out of the tree and landed in front of him.

“What the?” Rice asked. The girl had on a green jumpsuit with a furry brown vest, fur cuffs around her wrists and ankles, and a giant bushy tail on her back.

“Why are you being mean to the squirrels!” She demanded.

“I… what? Who are you?” The girl put her hands on her hips.

“The name’s Squirrel Girl!” She announced. She pointed at Rice. “And I don’t accept meanies in my park! Now get out!” Rice laughed and put his sword away.

“Yeah, sure kid.” He said. “Now move so I can finish my…” Squirrel Girl lunged forward and jump kicked Rice into a tree. Rice looked up angrily. “Okay then.” He said. He rushed forward and punched, but Squirrel Girl blocked it and smacked him in the face. He punched low but she spun out of the way and kicked him in the back. He spun around with an elbow but she caught it, twisted his arm, and karate chopped him in the chest. Rice stumbled back.

“Impossible…” He said. Squirrel Girl did a triple front handspring and flipped into the air. Rice blocked but she slammed both feet into his chest. Rice hit the ground and rolled back up. He came at her with a spin kick but she caught his leg with her tail.

“What the- ah!” She swung Rice around with her tail and threw him into a bush. Rice sat up, holding his head, as Squirrel Girl bounced up and down, ready to go. “Where did you… learn to fight like that?”

“The squirrels taught me!” She replied. “Now get out of my park!”

“The squirrels…” He said to himself. “Right. Okay, listen, Squirrel Girl, I need to be here because I’m on a mission right now. You see, I’m an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Her tail excitedly perked up.

“S.H.I.E.L.D!” She said. “The super spy organization?”


“Oh boy! I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to be a super spy!” She gasped. “Maybe I can be your partner!”

“What? Uh, no.” He turned to leave. Squirrel Girl got on all fours and scurried in front of him.

“Pleeeeeeeeeease!” She begged on her knees.

“No! Now leave me alone, I’ll get out of your stupid park.” Squirrel Girl looked to see Eileen help James into the back of the E.G.G Jeep and drive off. She smiled.

“Fine,” She said. “I guess I’ll just go tell that girl that you were watching her.”

“What? No! Don’t do that!” Rice shouted.

“Too late!” Squirrel Girl began to scurry after the jeep when Rice grabbed her tail.

“Ah! Let me go!” She shouted, biting Rice’s arm with two large buck teeth in the front of her mouth.

“Ow!” Rice shouted, letting go. She began to scurry off again. “Wait!” He shouted. She stopped and looked up at him. Rice sighed. “Fine, you can be my partner. Let’s go.”

“Yay!” She shouted, hopping after Rice. “I’m gonna be a spy! I’m gonna be a spy!” Rice started packing up his stuff as Squirrel Girl danced around him. “Am I gonna get cool gadgets? Am I gonna sneak into secret labs? Am I gonna…” Rice put his finger on her lips.

“Spies are quiet.” He said. She giggled.

“Right, sorry!” She whispered. Rice walked to the edge of the park and stepped over the barrier. He began to walk, then looked behind him see Squirrel Girl standing nervously at the edge.

“What’s the problem?” He asked.

“I… I’ve never really left the park before…” She said. Rice shrugged.

“Oh well. No need to step out of your comfort zone. I’ll see ya later.”

“No wait!” She said. She bit her bottom lip. She lifted one leg and slowly put it on the pavement. She took a deep breath. “Come on… I can do it…” She began to lift her other leg, then jumped back. “I can’t!” She fell to the ground and began to cry.

“Well, sorry to hear that.” Rice said. He continued to walk.

“I really wanted to be a spy…” Squirrel Girl sadly sobbed. Rice stopped. He looked back, then sighed.

“Okay, come here.” He said, holding out his hand. She looked up at him. “I’ll help you.” Squirrel Girl sniffled.

“Okay…” She said. She stood and took Rice’s hand.

“Alright, now step.” He said, as she placed one foot on the sidewalk. “Good. Keep going.” She lifted her other leg nervously. “I’m right here.” He said. Squirrel Girl inhaled, closed her eyes, and placed her foot on the sidewalk. “See, no problem.” She opened her eyes and excitedly jumped up and down.

“Hooray!” She squealed. “I did it! I did it! I did it!” A squad of squirrels rushed up to the edge and began to squeak wildly. “Oh don’t worry guys, we’ll see each other again!” She said, petting them. “But right now, I’m off to be a super spy!” Rice smiled.

“Alright, we gotta finish tailing Eileen. Let’s go.” Squirrel Girl saluted.

“Sir yes sir!” She happily skipped off with Agent Rice.

“The name’s Squirrel Girl!And I don’t accept meanies in my park! Now get out!”
“The name’s Squirrel Girl!And I don’t accept meanies in my park! Now get out!”

* * *

James slowly opened his eyes to see Eileen and Kristen standing over him.

“He’s coming to!” Eileen said.

“Wha…” James started, sitting up. Kristen put her hand on his shoulder.

“You should take it easy.” She said. “You were pretty banged up. You’re lucky Eileen got you here when she did.

“Where… where am I?” He asked.

“Mercy Gilbert Medical Center.” Eileen replied. “Is he gonna be okay Kristen?”

“His vitals are holding steady, he’ll be fine.” Kristen said. “Just, make sure he gets home and gets lots of bed rest.”

“Right. Thank you.”

“Anytime.” Kristen left the room and Eileen sat on the bed next to James.

“So, couldn’t find any ID on you.” She said. “What’s your name?”

“Huh? Oh, uh, Collins. James Collins.” He looked to see he was in a medical gown. “Where’s my suit?”

“It’s over in the corner.” She replied. “Though you should probably put on some normal clothes. That outfit is kinda scary.”


“Is there someplace I can take you? Where do you live?” James laughed.

“Nowhere near here. Let’s just say I’ve been… misplaced.”

“So you have nowhere to go?”

“No,” He grabbed the gauntlet to his suit and tapped it. Nothing happened. “Gah, can’t connect to the Info-Net. And the powers dead…” Eileen cleared her throat.

“So, what are you gonna do?”

“I don’t know. Just keep moving I guess. I’m actually looking for someone. He’ll get me back to where I need to go, considering it’s his fault I’m in this mess in the first place.”

“Well you heard nurse Schroder, you need bed rest!”

“That’d be nice, but there’s nothing I can do about that.” James began to gather up his suit. Eileen thought for a bit.

“Right,” She said. “Nothing you can do…”

* * *

Josh and Acacia walked into E.G.G Base with chocolate muffins.

“I’m telling you, theses muffins are the best muffins in all of muffin history!” Josh exclaimed.

“They came from a library café.” Acacia replied. Josh rolled his eyes.

“When will you learn to appreciate the finer things in life Acacia.” He said, biting the muffin. Acacia blinked.

“A café. In a library.”

“Everybody’s a critic.” They turned into the Inner Shell to see Eileen talking and laughing with James. Josh dropped his muffin.

“What… the… shell…” He said. Eileen and James turned.

“Oh,” Eileen said with a nervous smile. “Hey guys.”


Director Maria Hill walked onto the bridge of the Helicarrier, which was blaring alarms.

“What’s going on up here?” She asked, covering her ears.

“Sorry ma’am, just a software malfunction,” an agent replied. “We’re trying to fix it.”

“Try harder!”

“Director Hill.” Another agent called.

“What is it?”

“We’ve got a toxic leak in the sub-levels.”

“Then seal it up!”

“But the maintenance crew is in the engine room.”

“Oh for crying out loud, what’s wrong with the engines?”

“Nothing ma’am.” The first agent replied. “That’s the software malfunction we’re trying to fix.”

“Well did you tell them that?”

“Um… no.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding…”

“Director Hill.” Quartermain said. “Your meeting with Stark is in 10 minutes.”

“Do I look like I have time for this Quartermain?”

“Sorry ma’am.”

“The leak is spreading!” The other agent replied.

“Where’s the maintenance crew?”

“Still in the engine room.”

“There’s nothing wrong with the engines!” She looked to the first agent.

“Wait, did you want me to go tell them now?” He asked.

“YES!” She screamed, as he quickly got up and rushed out of the room. “For God’s sake, I just ask that you guys use the things in your heads called brains!”

“Take the back seat Hill.” Someone said from behind her.

“Who-” She asked, turning around. She paused. “Oh.” Standing in front of her was none other than Nick Fury himself.

“It’s my turn to drive.” He said.

“Take the back seat Hill. It's my turn to drive."
“Take the back seat Hill. It's my turn to drive."

See you Thursday!

Alright, there it is folks, the first episode of Season 3! Now I'll bet you've got a ton of questions that need answering, so make sure you tune in next week Thursday, July 30, and catch the Q&A! Then come back the next day, July 31, for the second episode of Season 3, E.G.G Episode 42: Cleaning House!

E.G.G is back! The Dark Day has been prevented (so far)! How you feeling?

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