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E.G.G Episode 45: Masters of Doom

Updated on August 21, 2015


Previously, on E.G.G...

In the past, Julian Woodfin, Joshua Westbrook, and Eileen Wuthrich were the best of friends. Josh joined S.H.I.E.L.D, but felt alone, so Eileen and Julian tested to join him in the organization. Eileen passed, Julian didn't. Years later, Julian had turned to crime, and in a confrontation with his old friends, Eileen was shot. Before he could be tried, he was set free by Dr. Doom at a price: His eternal allegiance.

In the present, Julian had had enough of this allegiance, and attempted to fight his way out of Castle Doom, only barely escaping with his life. With his new sonic tech, he terrorized E.G.G as the new super villain known as Scramble, only to escape when James came to save the day.

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Episode 45

-Masters of Doom-

A S.H.I.E.L.D transport docked on the Helicarrier. Agents began to get off and head to their respective posts. One of these agents, actually, was not an agent at all. It was Julian in disguise.
A S.H.I.E.L.D transport docked on the Helicarrier. Agents began to get off and head to their respective posts. One of these agents, actually, was not an agent at all. It was Julian in disguise.

A S.H.I.E.L.D transport docked on the Helicarrier. Agents began to get off and head to their respective posts. One of these agents, actually, was not an agent at all. It was Julian in disguise. He worked his way through the other agents, duffle bag over shoulder. He snuck across the bridge and over to an elevator labeled ‘Cellblock’. Two agents were inside and the door was closing.

“Yo, hold the door!” Julian called, as one agent instinctually did so. “Thanks.” Julian said as he got in.

“No problem.” The agent replied. The second agent looked at him suspiciously.

“Hey, what’s your clearance level?” He asked, as the doors closed. Moments later the doors opened in the cellblock, and Scramble stepped out, leaving two unconscious agents behind. He walked down the line of cells. Villains watched as he passed, some called out to him, but he had no interest. He knew who he wanted. He walked down to a specific cell and looked inside.

“Excellent.” He said, as he touched his finger to the control panel and scrambled the circuits. Seconds later, Gravity Master stepped out.

“About time.” He said. He looked at Scramble. “You don’t look like Syndicate.”

“I’m not.” Scramble said. “But I know who did that to your face, and I know you want revenge.” Gravity Master clenched his fist.

“Badly.” He replied.

“Good.” Scramble walked down the cells, followed by Gravity Master. He walked up to another one and was about to open it when Gravity Master stopped him.

“Are you kidding me?” He asked. “This guy’s a joke.”

“Every team needs a fall guy.” Scramble said. Gravity Master smiled as Scramble opened the cell, and Gyro Man stepped out.

“Oh thank you!” He said, hugging Scramble.

“Get off me.” He demanded.

“Right, sure.” He said, backing up. Scramble walked over to the weapon storage and short circuited the door. Gravity Master grabbed his mask and gloves, powering them up.

“Oh yeah!” He said. Gyro Man tapped Scramble.

“Excuse me,” he said. “If we’re in a breaking out mood, there’s this girl I’ve become rather fond of…”

“I ain’t here for that.” Scramble replied.

“Yeah, no, I know, but, you may like what she can do…” Scramble thought for a bit.

“Show me.” He said.

“Right away!” Gyro Man led Scramble and Gravity Master to a door the read ‘Solitary Confinement’. Scramble blew the controls and the door opened, leading to more fortified cells. Gyro Man skipped up to one. “There! She’s in there!” Gravity Master looked.

“You know that’s an alien, right?” He asked.

“Love has no boundaries.” Gyro Man replied. “I first spotted her during the invasion. I was held captive on their ship you know!”

“Funny, I was captain of their ship.” Gravity Master replied. Gyro Man frowned.

“I hate you.” He said.

“Quit it!” Scramble shouted. He blasted the cell with a large sonic wave, and Ailemara stepped out.

“Thank you.” She said. “But what do you want in return?”

“Yeah, you didn’t spring us for nothin’.” Gyro Man said.

“In return for me freeing you,” Scramble replied. “You must swear your allegiance to me.”

“Should’ve asked for that before you let us out.” Gravity Master said, powering up his gloves. “I swear allegiance to no one.”

“I had hoped to gain your trust by letting you out.” Scramble replied.

“How are we supposed to trust you when we don’t even know who you are?” Gyro Man asked. Scramble nodded and took off his helmet.

“My name is Julian Woodfin.” He said. “And I need your help.”

“I know you.” Ailemara said. “From Acacia’s memories. You work for Dr. Doom, right?”

“I ain’t an agent of Doom no more.” Julian replied. “I’d like to think of myself as a master. All of us, as masters.”

“Masters of Doom.” Gravity Master said. “I like that.”

“We all got what it takes to bring down E.G.G. We all have means, motive, skill…”

“And of course, you’ll require funding.” A voice said from behind them. They all turned to a cell with the nameplate ‘Osborn, Norman’. He was behind a giant metal blast door, only his eyes visible through a small slot. The four villains approached the cell.

“What are you talkin’ about Osborn?” Julian asked.

“Let’s face it, you all have your abilities, but you could be much, much better.” Norman said. “Mr. Woodfin, was it? I’ve already spotted 17 different ways to improve upon your sonic gauntlets. Gravity Master, I could increase the range and power of you gravity manipulation tenfold. Gyro Man, I’ve seen your ball. It’s haphazardly put together and made of cheap plastic. I can make you a new one that’s faster, stronger, and invincible.”

“What about me?” Ailemara asked. “What could you possibly have to offer that I could make use of?”

“My dear,” Norman said. “You weren’t a soldier, were you? Just an infiltrator, correct?”


“So I’m assuming you don’t have any extra powers.”

“That’s right.”

“Well, during the invasion I had some of my men confiscate a crashed Skrull vessel. If I’m not mistaken, the ship should contain everything you need and more to undergo the Super Skrull procedure.”

“But… you were in prison during the invasion.”

“Surprising, isn’t it? If I can do that from behind bars, imagine what I’m capable of outside.” Julian thought for a bit. Ailemara grabbed his shoulder.

“I have memories of this man.” She said. “He screwed Acacia over really bad a long time ago. He’s cunning, sinister, pure evil. Be sure you know what you’re in for.” Julian looked up.

“I maintain control of the team.” He said to Norman. “You give us cash and hop up our tech, but when it comes to the heavy stuff you stay out of the way. Got it?”

“Of course.” Norman said. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Julian sighed.

“Gravity Master, give me a hand?” He asked. Gravity Master nodded. Julian shot a sonic wave and Gravity Master warped the gravity on the door, and it soon fell off. Suddenly alarms began blaring.

“No! We’re gonna get locked up again!” Gyro Man cried. “Well, I’m heading back to my cell before the S.H.I.E.L.D agents decide to use force.”

“Don’t be a coward.” Norman said, rotating his shoulders. “I have an escape plan.” Outside of the cellblock agents were lined up with guns.

“Steady men!” The commander called. Suddenly the door began to shake, then it was blown off the hinges. “Fire!” He commanded as the agents opened fire. The commander held up his fist and they all ceased. Suddenly a small pumpkin bomb rolled out of the room. “Down!” He shouted but too late as it exploded, creating a smoke screen. The agents coughed and searched, but none of the saw the five convicts make a break for it.

They rushed down the hallways of the Helicarrier. Norman, who had grabbed his Goblin bag of tricks, tossed a pumpkin bomb around each corner, as Scramble blasted a sonic wave backwards onto anyone who was pursuing them. They made it to the bridge and rushed out.

“Freeze!” An agent shouted, as everyone aimed their guns.

“Weapons down agents!” Nick Fury said, coming from behind them. “These guys are with me.”

“But sir…”

“That’s an order!” He shouted. “Now ready up the teleporter!”

“Y-yes sir.” The agents prepared the teleporter, and Scramble, Gyro Man, Gravity Master, and Norman Osborn stepped in with Nick Fury. Suddenly the doors to the bridge opened, and Nick Fury rushed in with a squad of S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

“What in Sam’s hill do you think you’re doing!” He shouted.

“Director?” The agent said. “But I thought…” He looked to the teleporter to see ‘Nick Fury’ transform back into Ailemara.

“Bye, bye!” She said, blowing a kiss and waving as the five villains teleported to safety.

“No!” The agent shouted. Fury sighed.

“Get me a list of the escapees.” He said. “And put out the word: Norman Osborn has escaped.”

“Yes sir!” The agent said as everyone rushed off to do what they were told. Fury buried his head in his hand.

“Parker’s gonna be upset.” He said, as he walked off to continue his duties.

“Get me a list of the escapees. And put out the word: Norman Osborn has escaped.”
“Get me a list of the escapees. And put out the word: Norman Osborn has escaped.”

* * *

Acacia and Harry were sitting in the Inner Shell playing a racing game on one of the monitors.

“Yes!” Harry shouted.

“No!” Acacia shouted, rapidly tapping the buttons on her controller.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Harry shouted, standing up and getting closer to the screen.

“No! No! No! NO!” Acacia screamed, throwing her remote down as Harry jumped up in victory.

“I win! You weren’t even close!” He teased. Acacia sighed loudly.

“I hate you so much!” She replied. “But you’re just so darn lovable!”


“But of course!” They began to kiss as Josh walked into the room.

“Ew,” He said. “Um, okay can you take your video games and your nasty make out sessions elsewhere? People are actually trying to work in here.”

“Well we were here first.” Harry said. “So… yeah. Suck it.”

“Why are you still here Osborn!” Josh yelled. “Your mansion, I repeat, mansion, is two minutes away!”

“Number one, it’s ten minutes, not factoring in traffic. And number two, I can’t go home yet because the Syndicate is still after me.”

“Lies and excuses!” Josh replied. “The Syndicate hasn’t mentioned you since Taskmaster came by the library! Which was the day you moved in! And in case you didn’t notice, they aren’t too organized seeing as how Gravity Master is, oh wait, that’s right, in jail!”

“Well maybe I like it here.”

“Listen, it was bad enough with just you, now that James creep is here…”

“What’s wrong with James?” Eileen asked, entering the Inner Shell.

“I don’t like him.” Josh replied.

“I think you’re just jealous.” Eileen smirked.

“Oh please, of what?”

“You know, the fact that he’s awesome, ripped, totally hot…”

“Come back to down to Earth Eileen!” Acacia said, snapping in her face. “You’re drifting off again.”

“Sorry,” Eileen said, spinning on her toes. “He’s just so dreamy…”

“I’m gonna gag.” Josh said.

“Well what about that girl you were talking to?” Acacia asked.

“Oh yeah,” Eileen said. “What was her name? Maya?”

“Yeah, she texted me.” Josh said. “I haven’t texted back…”

“Why not?” Eileen asked.

“He’s afraid of commitment after ‘you know who’.” Acacia whispered.

“I can hear you.” Josh said.

“But you don’t know who I’m talking about, do you?” Josh just stared.

“Right. Anyways, I’m sure there’s work you all can be doing.”

“Alert.” Jocasta called from a terminal. “A group of super villains is attacking the outside of Grand Central Station.”

“What?” Josh asked. Suddenly the base shook. Everyone jumped with fright. “They’re right on top of us!” Josh exclaimed. “Jocasta, give me visual!”

“Affirmative.” She replied, accessing a security camera and putting it up on the screen.

“Freeze, now!” Josh ordered, as Jocasta did so.

“Oh, that’s not good.” Acacia said. “That’s not good at all.”

“I’m sorry, where was Gravity Master?” Harry sarcastically asked Josh. Josh pushed him to the side and walked up to the screen.

“Scramble, Gravity Master, Gyro Man!” He said. “And… a Skrull?”

“That’s the one that replaced Acacia.” Eileen observed.

“How do you know? They all look the same.” Josh stated.

“Those eyes.” Eileen said. “I can never forget those eyes.”

“Well, we know Scramble and Gravity Master are heavy hitters.” Josh said. “We should get Gyro Man and Skrulless out of the way first.”

“What the shock was that noise?” James asked, approaching everyone. “An earthquake?”

“No, we’re under attack, suit up.” Josh said.

“Ooh, can I can come!” Harry asked. “Celeste and I have been working on some cool new…”

“No.” Josh replied.

“I’ll leave E.G.G Base when the fight is over…” Harry bribed.

“Then what are you waiting around for! Suit up!” Josh more than happily exclaimed.

“Yes!” Harry shouted, rushing off.

“Come on guys.” Josh said. “We’ve got work to do!”

* * *

Outside people ran, panicked, as the Masters of Doom roamed the streets. Gyro Man was pancaking cars in a new and improved giant metal gyro ball. Ailemara, who had underwent the Super Skrull procedure, was shooting fireballs at pedestrians. Gravity Master was hurling busses and semis this way and that. And Scramble was launching sonic waves down the street. Gyro Man rolled up and stopped next to Scramble.

“Hey, I know we’re trying to get the Eggheads,” he said. “But this is a pretty big landmark. What if we get someone we don’t want? You know, like the Avengers.”

“Or Spider-Man.” Gravity Master growled, spitefully.

“Osborn said that Giganto and Fin Fang Foom are wrecking a space station nowhere near us. Trust me, their hands are full.”

“Look!” Ailemara shouted. “Here they come!” Just then Josh, Acacia, Eileen, James, and Harry rushed out. James was in his suit, Josh was in the Joshinator 2.0, and Harry was wearing black mesh armor, with arm blades, a sword on his back, a utility belt, and floating on a hover board looking object, his Sky Stick.

“Alright.” Josh called out. “I’m giving you guys one chance to surrender quietly.” They all looked at each other, then charged at the members of E.G.G. “Yeah, saw that coming. E.G.G…”

“If you say it, I swear!” Acacia threatened.

“Organize!” Josh shouted. Acacia face palmed.

“I’m going to kill myself.” She said. And with that, the battle began.

Gyro Man rolled forward laughing, as two turrets folded out of either side of his ball and began wreaking havoc.

“Guns!?” Josh exclaimed. “When did he get guns?” Everyone ran for cover. James punched his jet pack and took to the sky, strafing the battlefield. He began to fire on Gravity Master, who had an anti-gravity shield around him, protecting him from the bullets.

“Fool!” He shouted, lifting a car and hurling it at James.

“Crap!” James exclaimed, flying out of the way. Ailemara lit both of her arms on fire.

“You will all burn!” She screamed, shooting a stream of fire at Harry and Acacia. Harry took the sky as Acacia set up a force field.

“I see you got a new super power.” Acacia said. “What’s wrong? Hitting people in the back of the head and living a week in their lives not cutting for ya?”

“Joke while can, but I got more than ‘a’ new super power!” Ailemara phased into the ground.

“Aw no.” Acacia said, as Ailemara came up behind her and blasted her with a fireball. “Ah!” Acacia shouted, falling to the ground.

“Heads up pointy ears!” Harry called as he flew by and tossed a pumpkin bomb, blowing Ailemara back.

“Gah!” She shouted as she hit the wall. Harry flew down in front of her.

“Give up yet?” He asked. She smiled.

“Harry, it’s been so long, you never call. Remember that time we totally made out?” Harry threw up in his mouth.

“Oh gosh, I gotta go rinse again, just thinking about it!” He flew off in a disgusted state. Eileen on the other hand was backed into a corner by Scramble. He was holding her at bay with a sonic blast.

“Need to get out of here and change to Lightstream…” She said to herself.

“What’s the matter Wuthrich?” Scramble asked. “Losing the will to fight?” Eileen looked up to see the wall cracking over her.

“Now’s my chance.” She said. She slyly blasted the loose wall and the debris fell on top of her. “Oh no! I’m trapped!” She called, as she crawled out from behind. Scramble walked up to the debris, still thinking Eileen was under it.

“Say goodnight.” He said, charging up a sonic blast.

“Goodnight!” Lightstream called from behind him.

“What-” Was all he got to say before he got punched in the face and slammed into a wall. Josh looked up.

“Lightstream?” He said. “Oh yeah, now it’s a party! Say, where’s Eileen?”

“Oh Westbrook!” Gyro Man called, rolling towards him. “Look what I’ve got!” Josh looked to see him waving around a ten dollar bill.

“You son of a shellhead!” Josh shouted, running towards the ball. He attempted to jump into the rings, but only got trapped inside. “Ooh! Ah! Ow! Gah!” Was all he could manage to say as he was tossed around within the rings, his armor the only thing protecting him. Gyro Man looked to Ailemara.

“Hey, Mara, look at me!” He called moving back and forth. “Impressive, isn’t it?”

“Pay attention you fool!” She shouted as James flew over him.

“What?” Gyro Man said, looking to see Gravity Master levitating on a chunk of the street in pursuit of James, headed right for him.

“Get out of the way!” Gravity Master shouted, but in vain as he slammed into Gyro Man’s ball.

“No!” Gyro Man shouted as the gravitational field Gravity Master was emitting tore the ball apart. Josh rolled into the street, dizzy.

“Anybody get the number of that… Gyro… Ball…” He said, as he fainted of dizziness. At that point Harry flew back into the battle.

“Nice takedown!” He said, as he flew by and high fived James.

“Harr-bear!” Acacia called. “There’s a Skrull with our name on it!”

“Got ya covered honey bun!” He called, tossing her a pumpkin bomb.

“New invention time!” She said, taking out a crossbow with a hard-light laser bow and automated aiming mechanism. “The Crosseye! A crossbow with the aim of Hawkeye!” She pointed it at Ailemara, who was charging towards Acacia. She put the pumpkin bomb in and it automatically targeted Ailemara. The Crosseye launched the bomb at top speed.

“Oh shoot!” She shouted. Thinking fast, she phased, and the bomb flew right through her. “Ha! Nice try Acacia! But you were just short of the…” Suddenly the pumpkin bomb rolled back under her feet. “What the…” Was all she could say before the kaboom blew her clean across the street.

“No way!” Acacia said. “This thing rocks!” What Acacia didn’t see though, was Agent Rice rejoin Squirrel Girl on a nearby roof.

“You had to jump in, didn’t you?” She asked him. Rice smiled.

“It was such a nice shot,” he replied. “I’d hate for it to have to go to waste.”

“Are you sure we shouldn’t just go help them?”

“When they’re all unconscious and we’re not at risk of blowing our cover, then yes. But until then…”

“I know, I know, discreet.” Squirrel Girl slumped. “Being a spy sucks.”

“You’re telling me.” Rice replied, continuing to survey the battle. Lightstream flew overhead, blasting at Scramble, who was dodging her shots.

“Stay… still!” Lightstream growled. Scramble returned fire and blasted Lightstream with a sonic wave. “Ah!” She screamed, covering her ears. Suddenly he was rushed and tackled by James. They fell to the ground. James took out his sword, but Scramble kicked it out of his hands and punched him so hard his helmet flew off.

“Let’s see you stop me this time.” He said, blasting James directly in the face.

“AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” James screamed, holding his head.

“James!” Lightstream called. She flew down and swooped him up out of harm’s way.

“No!” Scramble screamed.

“Hey jerk!” Scramble turned to see Josh, fully recovered, punch him square in the face. Lightstream landed on the ground and put James down.

“Wow, second time you’ve saved my life.” He said.

“No big.” Lightstream replied. Then she paused, and smiled. “But… a little gratitude goes a long way.” She moved in to kiss him, and he moved in as well, but turned away at the last second.

“I can’t.” He said. She stepped back.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…”

“No, no. Listen, you’re gorgeous, and, well, amazing. But… there’s another girl.” Lightstream smiled.

“Oh? What’s she like?”

“You couldn’t even imagine.” He replied. Lightstream flushed red.

“James, I… I want to tell you something…”

“Collins!” Josh called. “Quit hitting on my girl and get over here so we can wrap this up!” James laughed.

“Catch you later Lightstream.” He said. She nodded.

“Until then.” She took to the sky, and moments later Eileen ‘emerged’ from the rubble. “What happened?” She asked, joining Josh, Acacia, James and Harry as they all walked up to the downed villains.

“We won.” Josh said. “Now, let’s try this again. Are you gonna come quietly, or do we need to deliver another beating?” Scramble looked at his teammates, injured and unable to fight. Seeing no alternative, he activated a communicator on his wrist.

“Extraction. Now.” He growled.

“I give you everything you need to succeed and more, yet and still you fail.” Norman Osborn’s voice came from the other end.

“I don’t need this from you Osborn, just get us out of here, now!”

“Last chance!” Josh called. Suddenly they all heard a noise. A helicopter soared over the roof and unleashed a chain of fire at E.G.G. “Move it!” Josh ordered as everyone backed up, and the helicopter touched down between E.G.G and the Masters of Doom. Norman slid the door open.

“Get in!” He called, as the wounded villains began to pile in. Norman looked at the heroes, then paused. “Is that…” He stepped out of the helicopter. Scramble was alerted.

“Osborn, let’s go!” He shouted.

“Silence!” Norman demanded. He took a few steps forward. “Harry?”

“Dad?” Harry asked.

“Osborn!” Acacia growled, lighting her arms on fire. Norman smiled.

“My boy.” He said. “All grown up, and look at you. Fighting for what you care about. I respect that.” Harry was taken aback.

“Did… did you just say you respect me?”

“Harry, don’t listen to anything that lying snake has to say.” Acacia said. Harry looked at her.

“That ‘lying snake’ is my father!” He defended.

“Harry, listen to me,” Norman said. “I’ve done a lot of wrong in my life, and I know I haven’t been much of a father to you, but I’m asking you, no, I’m begging you, be a son to me now.” He held out his hand. “Come with me.”

“Dad…” Harry said, almost in a trance. He began to walk towards his father.

“Now wait a minute!” Josh exclaimed.

“Are you serious!” Eileen added.

“Harry!” Acacia called. He looked back. She rushed up and took his hand. “Harry, sweetie, he’s manipulating you, don’t fall for it.”

“Acacia,” Harry said. “All I’ve ever wanted, my entire life, is my father’s approval. And here he is, handing it to me. I’m not gonna give that up for anything, not even you.” Tears began to stream down Acacia’s face.

“Harry, babe, please, let’s talk about this.” She tightened her grip in his hand. “You’re all I have left. Please, don’t leave me alone. I love you Harry, we love each other. We can work this out, just please don’t leave me.” Harry looked at his father, stretching out his arm. He looked at Acacia, holding on to him for dear life. He closed his eyes, grabbed Acacia’s arm, and slowly pulled her hand away from his.

“You once left me for something that was important to you,” he said. “Now I’m just doing the same. Goodbye Acacia.” He turned and began to make his way towards Norman.

“Harry! No!” Acacia screamed through tears. “Come back! Please! Harry! HARRY!!!!!” Harry took Norman’s hand, and they both boarded the helicopter. The door slid closed and it took off. “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” Acacia screamed, as she collapsed to the ground, sobbing hysterically. “Harry…”

Ailemara watched from the window.

“Wow,” She said. “He did it again.”

“Did what?” Gyro Man asked.

“He ruined Acacia’s life.” The helicopter flew into the horizon. Eileen rushed forward, knelt by Acacia’s side, and hugged her.

“It’s going to be okay.” She said in a soothing voice.

“He… he just… left me…” Acacia sobbed.

“Shh. You’re going to be fine. I’m here. Don’t worry, I’m here.” Josh shook his head.

“This isn’t right.” He said. James looked at him. “I mean, I wanted him to leave, but not like this, never like this…”

“Careful what you wish for.” James said. “It might just come true.” Josh walked over to Acacia and held out his hand. She looked up and weakly grabbed it. Josh pulled her to her feet, Eileen by her side.

“Come on, let’s head back to base.” Josh said. The four heroes walked back to their base, with a bitter sweet victory under their belts. Rice looked to see Squirrel Girl wiping away tears.

“How can he just do that like that?” She asked. Rice shook his head.

“Some people are so blinded by what they crave the most, they miss the beauty glimmering right in front of their eyes.” He replied. He began to pack up his stuff. “That’s it for today. We’re done here.” He and Squirrel Girl both headed off.

“Acacia, all I’ve ever wanted, my entire life, is my father’s approval. And here he is, handing it to me. I’m not gonna give that up for anything, not even you.”
“Acacia, all I’ve ever wanted, my entire life, is my father’s approval. And here he is, handing it to me. I’m not gonna give that up for anything, not even you.”

* * *

The helicopter docked in a secret Oscorp facility, and the Masters of Doom filed out, yelling at each other.

“You slammed into him!” Julian screamed to Gravity Master. “There’s no excuse for that!”

“This idiot wouldn’t move his stupid ball!” He angrily replied.

“No, because he was too busy trying to impress me rather than focusing on the fight!” Ailemara yelled to Gyro Man.

“Excuse me, but I was plenty focused!” Gyro Man replied. “I think that our failure is due solely to the incompetence of our leader.”

“Incompetence!” Julian repeated. “Alright, gimme one reason I shouldn’t…”

“Enough!” Norman shouted, getting off of the chopper, Harry by his side. “I analyzed the entire fight and in my first viewing detected over 146 wrong decisions that factored into your humiliating loss.”

“You think you can do better?” Julian asked. Norman smiled.

“I have a few… suggestions.”

“I have a few… suggestions.”
“I have a few… suggestions.”

See you Thursday!

Alright, make sure you tune in next week Thursday, August 27, and catch the Q&A for this episode! Then come back the next day, August 28, for E.G.G Episode 46: Arrested Development! The fallout from E.G.G's greatest battle yet hits everyone, hard.

What a titanic team-up! So now that the new group of villains is formed, I must ask: Who is your favorite Master of Doom?

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