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E.G.G Episode 8: 2099

Updated on September 19, 2014


Previously on E.G.G...

Julian and Tanner, agents of Dr. Doom, attacked E.G.G, killing Eileen and bringing Mother Egg to the ground. Josh and Acacia sought revenge, but before they did so, Acacia injected Eileen with an experimental drug known as Extremis, which brought her back to life, but also gave her confusing new powers. Tanner was beaten, and Julian fled, but leaving a cryptic message that Dr. Doom was up to something. With Mother Egg back in the air, E.G.G was free to resume their daily activities.

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Episode 8


Josh walked into the Inner Shell. He breathed in the atmosphere of agents hard at work. It made him happy that Mother Egg was back up and fully functional. He looked around and nodded in approval.

“Josh!” He turned to see Eileen and Acacia approaching.

“Hey, what’s up?” He asked.

“Well,” Eileen replied. “We just wanted to note this very special occasion.”

“This occasion being?” Josh asked.

“It’s our anniversary!” Acacia happily answered.

“I didn’t know we were married.” Josh said, smiling. Acacia punched him in the arm. “Ow! Kidding! But if you guys are talking about when we started E.G.G, that’s still a few months away…”

“No silly.” Eileen said. “The day we all got together for the first time.” Eileen took out a strip of photos with her, Josh and Acacia on them. Josh laughed.

“I remember that!” He said. “We all had to squeeze into that tight photo booth.”

“Yeah,” Acacia said. “And we couldn’t close the curtain, so I look like a ghost!” They all laughed. An agent then approached them.

“Captain Blanco, your request.” He said, handing her a covered tray.

“Thank you.” Acacia replied, taking the cover off. There on the tray sat a bread bowl filled with broccoli cheddar soup and three spoons.

“Excellent!” Eileen said, as they all took their spoons.

“Here’s to a great past!” Acacia said, holding up her spoon.

“An interesting present.” Eileen said, touching her spoon to Acacia’s.

“And a glorious future!” Josh said, clanging his spoon with theirs. And at that instant, a blue flash lit up the Inner Shell. When it cleared, a man stood in the center. He wore a blue costume with a red skull on the front. He had two talons coming out of the back of each arm and a mask that completely covered his face. He looked directly at Josh, then began to walk towards him. Josh drew his gun.

“Blast him!” He shouted. Everyone took out their weapons and began to fire. Alerted, the man began to move. Quickly. He swiftly and effortlessly dodged each bullet. He flipped around the room, kicking, tripping, and taking out agents.

“His moves…” Josh said. He watched as the man made his way around the Inner Shell, taking down agents one by one.

“That’s it!” Eileen said as she stepped forward, held out her hand, and shot lighting at him. It hit him, and stopped him in his tracks, but it seemed like his suit absorbed the blast. Eileen stopped. “What the…” Then he did something really unexpected. He spun a web, and stuck Eileen to the wall. Acacia continued to fire, but he grabbed her arm, threw her into the air, and stuck her to the ceiling with a web. Josh backed into a corner as the man approached.

“Who are you?!” He shouted. The man stopped. He reached up and took off his mask.

“My name is Miguel O’Hara.” He said. “And I’m Spider-Man from the year 2099.” Josh slowly lowered his gun.

“Oh.” He said. “Well, uh, by all means…”

“Can somebody get me down from here!” Acacia shouted from the ceiling.

“Sorry about the mess.” Miguel said, looking around at agents recovering from his beat down.

“It’s fine.” Josh said. “Let’s just get Acacia down and go talk somewhere private.”

“My name is Miguel O’Hara, and I’m Spider-Man from the year 2099.”
“My name is Miguel O’Hara, and I’m Spider-Man from the year 2099.”
“Your son makes a dangerous merger with Alchemax.”
“Your son makes a dangerous merger with Alchemax.”

* * *

Josh, Acacia, Eileen, and Spider-Man 2099 all sat around a table in the conference room.

“So what brings you 85 years into the past?” Josh asked. “Does E.G.G do something life threatening?”

“No,” Miguel replied. “It’s not really E.G.G…”

“Is it me?” Josh asked, a little worried.

“No, not you either. It’s your son.”

“My son?” Josh replied. “What does my son… wait a minute! If I have a son that means I have a wife! So I do get a girlfriend!” Eileen face palmed and Acacia rolled her eyes. “Who is she? I have to know!”

“I can’t tell you.” Miguel stated.

“What! Why?”

“Because it could jeopardize the future.”

“How is me knowing who I’m going to marry jeopardizing the future?”

“Because if you know who she is, you’ll advance on her, you’ll make it awkward, and she might not be interested in you at all let alone marry you.”

“I’m sure that won’t happen…”

“Also with that kind of advanced knowledge, you might have your son too early, you might put her in harm’s way, a whole number of things could go wrong.”

“But it if you told me how to prevent them…”

“Forget it! You don’t have a shocking clue of the forces you’d unleash!”

“I’m sure you’ve unleashed a few by, oh, I don’t know, traveling back in time!”

“You’re missing the big picture Westbrook, I’m trying to save the future!”

“Can we please get back to the task at hand!” Eileen said.

“But I wanna know who my wife is!” Josh complained. Eileen pinched his arm. “Ow! Ow! OW! Okay! It can wait, just let me go!” She stopped and Josh rubbed his arm. “So what does my son do?”

“Your son makes a dangerous merger with Alchemax.” Miguel answered.

“Who?” Acacia asked.

“Alchemax is an evil corporation that pretty much has the run of things in 2099.”

“Well I know Nick Fury wouldn’t sit still for that!” Josh said.

“Nick who?” Miguel asked.

“Nick Fury…” Josh said. Miguel just stared. “Director of S.H.I.E.L.D…”

“Oh! S.H.I.E.L.D!” Miguel exclaimed. Then he stopped. “Oh… S.H.I.E.L.D. They’re… not around anymore.”

“Wait, are you trying to tell me E.G.G outlives S.H.I.E.L.D?” Eileen asked.

“Well… It’s complicated, and I can’t tell you too much at risk of destroying the future.”

“Fine,” Josh said. “Can you tell us why my son joins Alchemax?”

“Yes, but pay attention, this is where it gets complicated.”

“All ears.” Acacia said, taking out a pen and pad.

“Good.” Miguel continued. “So you guys recently invented something. Something very powerful and dangerous. I don’t know what it is, but I do know it gets stolen from the Hall of E.G.G, today. I also know it gets fenced tonight in a secret transaction.”

“So how does this affect the future?” Eileen asked.

“Because the thing that was stolen eventually ends up at Alchemax, and they use it to bribe your son into joining them.”

“It’s that important?” Josh said. “My son wanted it so desperately he’d join with an evil corporation?”

“Yes,” Miguel said, tapping his wrist and projecting a holographic image. “Because it has the power to do this.” Josh’s eyes widened, Acacia gasped, and Eileen clasped her hands over her mouth. It was a satellite image of Earth, split into four pieces.

“And you say we’ve already invented this thing!” Josh shouted.

“Yes.” Miguel replied. “I got back in time just before my quarter of the planet hit the sun.”

“My son…” Josh said. “Does he have anything to do with… this?” Miguel was silent. “Answer me O’Hara!”

“He’s the one that used the device. He’s the one that caused this.” Josh fell back into his seat.

“What kind of father was I… to raise such a monster.”

“It’s not your fault.” Miguel reassured. “Alchemax was pulling his strings. He was their puppet.”

“Why don’t we just, you know,” Acacia said. “Stop Alchemax from being created?”

“I’ve already tried that,” Miguel said. “About a million times. But the CEO, Walker Sloan, is always one step ahead of me. We can’t stop Alchemax from being created, but we can stop this from happening.” Josh sighed.

“Fine. Let’s get to the Hall of Egg.”

“Best shocking news I’ve heard all day.” Miguel said, pulling his mask on. The four rushed down the corridor and up the door. Josh paused.

“Um, I revamped security after the Incident.” Josh said. “This may take a few minutes.”

“Ugh, we don’t have time!” Spider-Man 2099 said. He walked up to the door. “Hall of Egg override protocol 117, password: apple pie!” There was a loud noise and the light above turned green.

“Access Granted.” The computer voice responded. Josh stared dumbfounded.

“Wha… but… how did you…” he stuttered.

“Come on!” Spider-Man 2099 shouted as he rushed in, followed by the three friends. He stopped and looked all around at all of the gizmos and gadgets. “Aw shock, it could be anything in here!”

“Not necessarily.” Josh said.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, if it’s so dangerous it has the potential to destroy the planet, and we’ve already invented it, chances are Acacia’s played with it. So Acacia.” He said, turning to her. “What’s the most awesome, destructive, and explosive device we have in here?” Acacia laughed.

“That’s easy!” She said, rushing through the shelves, the rest of them following. “The one I got the biggest bang out of is obviously the Cosmic…” They all rushed up to an empty spot on the shelf. “Gauntlet.” Spider-Man 2099 banged the shelf.

“Shock it all! They already took it!”

“Well there has to be a way to stop whoever it is.” Eileen said. “Do you know where the transaction is going to take place?”

“Yeah,” He replied. “Midnight, in Porter Park. But that’s all the way in Idaho!” Josh laughed.

“You skip history class O’Hara?” He asked. “E.G.G is stationed right above Rexburg, Idaho!” He looked up.

“It is?” He thought for a bit. “Of course! I’m so used to it being in Nueva York, I forgot it wasn’t always there! Come on, we’ve got to get to that park!” He rushed out of the Hall. Josh stood there.

“Nueva York?” He said to himself, shrugged, then followed the others.

* * *

It was 11:55. The four sat on a nearby roof. Eileen and Acacia were playing a game of hardcore patty cake and Josh was picking at the gravel, while Miguel paced back in forth.

“Sooo….” Josh said. “Are you related to the original Spider-Man?”

“Huh? Oh, no.” Miguel replied. “I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“Right.” Josh said. “So do have web shooters too?”

“No, it’s… organic.”

“That’s gross.”

“Yeah, well, life isn’t full of shocking rainbows.”

“Is shock like, your universal swear word? Because it’s kind of lame.” Miguel laughed.

“This coming from the guy who says ‘shell’ all the time?”

“Point taken.” Josh admitted. “So… What if I said shock you, you shocking shocker!” Miguel looked at him with disgust.

“You kiss you mother with that mouth?” He asked. “How would you like it if I said shell off, you shelling shellhead?” Josh’s lip quivered and tears came to his eyes.

“Why would say something like that to me?”

“Well you called me shocker!”

“You didn’t have to call me a shellhead!”

“Hey, potty mouths,” Eileen called. “They’re here.” Josh and Miguel rushed up to the edge. Josh looked through a pair of binoculars and zoomed in.

“Hey, that’s that Abraham Coria guy!” He said.

“What?” Eileen said, taking the binoculars.

“Who is he?” Miguel asked.

“He was a fake hatchling,” Acacia informed. “But security escorted him out after Eileen cracked his ‘eggs’. I wonder how he, number one, got into the Hall of Egg and number two, stole the Cosmic Gauntlet.”

“We’re about to find out.” Miguel said, pulling on his mask. “Here comes the buyer.” He watched as a somewhat elderly man in a lab coat approached, then he looked closer. “Give me those binoculars!” He said. Eileen gave them to him, and he looked through. “No.” He whispered.

“What’s wrong?” Josh asked.

“I wasn’t the only one who came back in time.” Spider-Man 2099 replied. He stood on the edge of the roof. “Sloan!” He shouted. Both of the men looked up, then bolted in different directions. “You three stop that Abraham guy, Sloan’s mine.”

“Not by yourself!” Josh said, taking off after him as Eileen and Acacia pursued Abraham. Spider-Man 2099 flipped off of the building and spun a web, which snagged Walker Sloan’s back. Sloan quickly took out an energy blade and cut web. Josh leapt of the building and fired three repulsor blasts at Sloan. He dodged each of them, and then began tampering with his wrist.

“He’s trying to go back to my time!” Spider-Man 2099 shouted.

“Let him, he can’t buy the glove anymore!” Josh shouted back.

“Normally I’d agree, but he’s not getting away from me. Not again.” A portal opened in front of Sloan. He laughed, and nearly made it through when he suddenly froze. As did Josh, and everything else, except for Spider-Man 2099. He walked up to Sloan, grabbed him, and slammed him to the ground. Soon everything returned to normal speed, and Spider-Man 2099 stomped on Sloan’s wrist device, shutting down the portal.

“No!” Sloan shouted. “But… how?”

“Accelerated Vision.” He replied, and punched Sloan unconscious.

“Accelerated vision?” Josh asked.

“Makes everything around me go slower. I’d say it’s a suitable replacement for Pete- uh, Spider-Man’s Spider Sense.”

“Oh, oaky.” Josh said.

Around the corner, Abraham was running as fast as he could, holding a bundle encasing the Cosmic Gauntlet. He finally slowed to a stop and looked behind him.

“Thank goodness I lost them!” He said.

“Lost who?” He turned to see Eileen and Acacia standing in front of him. Eileen reared her foot back.

“No! No! Okay! Here!” He threw the bundle and ran off screaming.

“Should we go after him?” Acacia asked.

“No,” Eileen said, holding up the gauntlet. “We got what we came for.”

“I wasn’t the only one who came back in time.”
“I wasn’t the only one who came back in time.”

* * *

The next day, all of them stood in the Inner Shell. Walker Sloan was tied up in webbing, and Spider-Man 2099 was typing on the computer.

“This is ancient technology,” he said. “But I think I’ve got it…” Suddenly a blue light appeared. “Shock yeah I’m good!” He shouted.

“I’m impressed,” Eileen said. “You turned our teleporter into a time machine.”

“It’ll turn back, right?” Acacia asked.

“Yep, should revert back as soon as I’m gone.” He replied. “Now then, ladies first.” He picked up Sloan and threw him through the portal.

“Wait!” Josh shouted, pushing his way through the crowd. “There are still so many things I want to ask you! What’s the future like? Do I become an Avenger? Is there a PlayStation 5? Did they get my good side in the history book?”

“You guys still use books!” Spider-Man 2099 exclaimed. “And I thought I was old.”

“Okay wise guy. But please! You have to stay longer! I want to know more about future me!”

“You may want to know all of this stuff now, but for me, well, it’s good to know there is a future where men like you carry on the good fight. You’ll figure out everything, in good time.” Josh smiled.

“Okay then. But E.G.G could really use some of your future tech…” Spider-Man 2099 took off his mask and tossed it to Josh.

“Go crazy pal.” Miguel said.

“Awesome!” Josh said, rubbing it against his cheek as Miguel stepped into the portal.

“Oh, and Westbrook. Your wife, she’s closer than you think.”

“Wait, what?”

“See you later old timer.” Miguel saluted as he began to fade away.

“No, O’Hara! Come back! You can’t leave without telling me…” Then there was a flash, and he was gone. “Who she is.” Josh sighed. Then he turned to the crowd that had formed. “If anyone here has a crush on me, I’ll treat you to a free candlelit dinner tonight!” The crowd departed, ignoring Josh. Eileen laughed and walked up to him.

“You’ll find her.” She said. “One day.”

“In the meantime…” They both turned to see Acacia with a bread bowl filled with broccoli cheddar soup and three spoons. “Great past.” She said.

“Interesting present.” Eileen added.

“And a glorious future.” Josh finished. And they all enjoyed their soup.

 "It’s good to know there is a future where men like you carry on the good fight."
"It’s good to know there is a future where men like you carry on the good fight."

Want more Spider-Man 2099?

Spider-man: The Edge of Time - Playstation 3
Spider-man: The Edge of Time - Playstation 3

Check out Spider-Man: Edge of Time! Play as both the Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 as you race to save Peter Parker from certain death! Fight today, save tomorrow!


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Remember to leave questions and comments so that I can address them in the Q&A this Thursday, September 25! Check and see if your question gets answered! And look for Episode 9: Enchanted, the next day September 26!


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      That's a wetht-loughl-out answer to a challenging question

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      3 years ago

      Your story was really invromatife, thanks!


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