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E.G.G Q&A: Episode 1

Updated on August 7, 2014


Hello and welcome to the first E.G.G Q&A! If you haven't read E.G.G Episode 1, well you can do so by clicking right here. Now, without further ado, let's begin! Well, unfortunately no one commented or asked any questions on E.G.G Episode 1, so here's what we're gonna do instead. First, I'm going to talk about the episode, what happened, what was awesome, things like that. I will do that in all of the Q&A sessions, so that's no big change. Next is where I'd address questions, and after that would be comments, but since we had none of either, I'll simply give some behind the scenes. What inspired me to write E.G.G, how I came up with episode 1, things like that. Then I'll give a sneak peek into tomorrow's episode and a look at what's to come. Also, you can leave questions and comments here and I'll answer them in next week's Q&A for Episode 2!


Oh man, what an episode! Not really, but hey, it's only number one! We were introduced to the three main players (Josh, Eileen, and Acacia for those of you with short term memory) and what exactly it is they do at E.G.G. We toured Mother Egg, the flying fortress of the Eggheads which is not-so-coincidentally shaped like a giant egg. Then the new recruits arrived, the hatchlings. But nothing is ever simple in the world of E.G.G! Suddenly alarms were blaring, people were panicking, and Josh can't be certain, but he could have sworn he heard Acacia say that some hatchlings had gone missing! Uh-oh, bad times on Mother Egg I guess. And let's not forget that Eileen went to secure the Hall of Egg (You know, where all of the valuable inventions are kept?), but when she reported in, mentioned a name we never want to hear: Powell. If you've read the Introduction to E.G.G, you know that's not a good thing! In the end, the screens all display face of E.G.G's worst enemy: Julian! Yep, this is looking worse by the second!


Now, as I said earlier, this is where I'd address questions. But since there are none, let's make some up. Ahem:

Zaxlon asks: "Hey Zaxlon, what inspired you to write E.G.G?"

Well, that's an excellent question self! The concept of E.G.G was not difficult to come up with. Three friends in the Marvel Universe? No brainier. I've been a Marvel fan for 13 years, and I've always loved to write stories. So I decided to create an ongoing narrative that takes place in the world of all of my favorite heroes. What they would do was a a bit more difficult to come up with. At first I was going to have Josh, Eileen and Acacia be S.H.I.E.L.D Agents, but that was too bland and unoriginal. Plus now there's the actual show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, so that wouldn't work. So I wondered, what if they build stuff for S.H.I.E.L.D, but they're their own division! It was perfect! Now I needed a title...

Luckily my friend had an art group called E.G.G. I actually don't know what it stood for, but oh well. Anyways, that art group she was in ended, and she was was pretty bummed about it. So I wanted to cheer her up, and used E.G.G as the title of my story! I don't know why, but I have this weird thing where I come up with the acronym first, then I decide what it stands for. After some pondering, I finally settled on Experimental Government Gadgets! I liked it, and so did everyone else! Thus, E.G.G was born!


So, here is where I'd address comments that people leave, but again, there were none, so... how about we pretend that there was!

HubpagesBeast221 writes: "Aw dude, that was a totally rad ep of E.G.G! My favorite is Acacia, she's so zen!"

Well, thanks HubpagesBeast, you really know how to make my day! The episode was indeed 'rad', I mean, things are just going so well then BOOM! You never know when disaster will strike! I'm also glad you like Acacia, she's a pretty dynamic character. You'll see in some future episodes that maybe there's more to her than meets the eye...

ClicheGirl678 writes: "OMG that was like, toats cra!"

Well ClicheGirl, I can assure you that the craziness has only begun! E.G.G is going to get crazier and crazier! Especially after Julian makes his move!

Next Episode

Well, I hope you know that the fun has only just begun! Next episode we begin 72 hours before the incident, so that we can retrace the steps and figure out exactly what happened to get the Eggheads to that point! The beginning may shock you, but you'll be relieved as the episode continues to reveal a regular day in the life of Josh, Eileen, and Acacia! So don't forget to check back on my page tomorrow, August 8, for the next installment, E.G.G Episode 2: Agents of E.G.G!

So how did you like E.G.G Episode 1: The Incident?

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Well, that's it for me. See you tomorrow, and remember to leave questions and comments so that the next Q&A can be more fun! You have an entire week to do it, so no excuses! :)


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