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Envision - (Poem)

Updated on September 17, 2013

Jesus in the Mirror

Your eyes remind me of sinless purity,

Shimmering rays of righteousness

I envision Your glorious face,

Liken unto the sun shining

In all its splendor,

My spirit can see Your sweet countenance

It lifts my heart to heights of complete rest.

Climatic Changes in the Soul

I can endure

The pouring rain of sorrow, which

Clouds announce by a gray hue

Of unannounced pain

Because You are so

Wonderful, and so kind,

Continue to send the light, which

Expels all darkness of decaying souls,

Lift the fatigued spirit!

Let is soar once again,

Renew and restore King of Kings!

Grant peace and joy.

"Mirror, Mirror Word of God"

Allow me to live in

The brilliance of Your Word,

As You renew my mind,

Strengthen and transform me,

I see You in the mirror of Your Word

Your reflection lights my soul,

When I think of You my spirit smiles

Longing to see Your loving face again,

As it gleams with delight and majesty

Your eyes sing and dance,

They make me jubilant!

Happiness fills my spirit with unspoken fulfillment

Knowing that You love me is life to me,

My mirror is Your Word!

As I sit to study and envision You.


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    • profile image

      Bardo 3 years ago

      That's a quttk-wiiced answer to a difficult question

    • profile image

      Miryam 3 years ago

      Hi, I have been given permission on wrtiing a book on a Native American who was murdered in 1887. His great-grand children have OK this. It is to be somewhat of an autobiography of his life, however, I cannot find enough information about this man to complete an entire book. However, the family knowing this has granted me the right to use where necessary fictional situation for that time period and embellishments, etc. In other words situation that fit into the realm of that time-period and would be realistic in nature. My problem is how do I explain these changes or exchanges in time and place in a legal and proper manner in the Introduction?