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Early wakeup but late to bed in night means alot problems in morning

Updated on December 17, 2013

Near late means alot of problems

The jolt of my phone’s most obnoxious alarm ringtone at its loudest limit awakens my attention, as it vibrates next to my face. I tell myself “two more minutes” and slid my finger across the bright LED to turn off the disturbance. As my feet hang of the end of the bed I tuck myself tightly into a fetal position, in order to use all to area of my Lion King blanket that gives me outgrown 6 foot 2 frame.

The smallest of noticeable moment later as the tiniest of my eyelid unchained, I gain conscience and threw off the blanket, my room being much brighter than before when the alarm rang, because of the sunlight shining through the window. My feet hit the cold hard surface as I sat across upright on my bed, fully opening my eyes to see the chiming clock, only half an hour remaining to get to my English class, I make haste upstairs to the restroom.

Starring in the mirror, I notice that my weekend beard was over the boundary, which I couldn’t get by the teachers without getting Saturday detention. Sliding open the medicine cabinet I grab the only razor left, the cheap blue disposable blade was left from last week and was almost all out of the gel on top of the blades that help the razor slid over the skin. Pouring some shaving cream in my hand I rub my face like Santa Claus’s white beard. Scurrying across the face like a chalk on old blackboards, resulted with bleeding cuts on my face which when I rubbed my palms of aftershave incised the burn of alcohol.

My feet grab hold of shower mat as I set in the shower, I roll the nozzle quickly to the other side of hot water, as a rush of freezing cold water hits my chest and send a adrenalin rush through my body, I stand there for ten seconds as the water hit me hard like a soldier taking bullets from an enemy. Once the water turns hot I get out of the shower onto the silky white animal fur like bathroom mat that felt like standing on clouds. I wrap myself with a Egyptian cotton towel to go inside my room, opening the cabinet lay a pile of clothes from which I grabbed the tidiest shirt which had a strong scent of bargain detergent and a pair of skinny trendy jeans which had holes on the knee cap area not because of styling but from actually falling, which actually gave them a rough look.

Next to the door lay a half a dozen pair of running shoes which from running all my track and field years, gave the room a musty smell when first walking in, from which I grabbed the one with leather black finish and a always recognizable white swoosh on the outer corner of the pair. The clock stood at 10 till bell rings and my stomach growled as is I hadn’t ate in days. The grumbling sound lead me into the kitchen where I find myself staring into the open refrigerator scanning for anything to eat, I poured a glass to milk and quickly took a gulp, as soon as the milk hit my tongue I realized that the milk was sour but at the speed I took in the beverage there was no stopping, as half the milk flew out my mouth with chunks like cottage cheese in disgust and reaction. On the countertop where I skewered the milk I quickly grabbed a banana which was more dark brown than yellow, I peeled the sloppy mess and quickly slid it down my mouth, which had the most awful aftertaste as if I had ate a bunch of candy the night before taste.

Seven minutes left and I knew I was on the verge of making it on time; I grabbed my keys and my wallet from the usual under the sofa seats from the night before of watching late night Jackie Chan movie. Next to the pile of clothes I rocked my backpack on my shoulder and ran out into to my car. After having a seat in the car, I revved up the engine as if was about to race someone , putting the car in gear and swaying through the roads as if there was someone in the car about to give birth. Upon reaching the school parking lot’s only space left at the far corner where the busses usually park, as soon as I lock the car I heard the one-minute warning bell in the distance. Unforeseen I took off striding as if I was in the running of the bull, using the speed I had picked up in Track, I jumped over the numerous puddle of water left from the sprinklers, up to the school gate, accelerating through the hallways as a teacher tried to stop me by saying something but before she had said anything I ran passed her, into the classroom door just as the bell rings.

Although I made it to class on time and didn’t get Saturday detention, I realize that I have a problem of procrastinating and not doing what I’m supposed to do before expected time, including this paper. But I realize that now in college I need to change and work harder, in order to succeed in life.


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      A very meaningful and message containing hub. Appreciating it with the mark - awesome. Thanks for sharing it.