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Earth on Fire

Updated on January 14, 2015

It was past 10:00 p.m., and my eyes began to close as I strained to read one more page in my book before I turned in for the night. It was a busy day at work today, and I was glad that it was finally Friday. I planned to sleep in tomorrow and do very little around the house. Then, I thought about the lawn; it needed cutting and weeds pulled. “Grrr, I hate yard work!” I thought as I slammed the book shut and placed it on my nightstand. Turning off the lamp, I snuggled my pillow and began to doze off to sleep.

Startled by a loud explosion, I bolted up in bed. I felt my heart pounding loudly in my chest as I tried to shake the sleep from my eyes. Still shaking, dazed and confused, I turned to look around the room and then at my alarm clock. It was 3:00 a.m., and my eyes were still trying to focus and adjust to the shapes in the room when I noticed a red glowing light begin to seep in through the partially open blinds. I jumped out of bed and ran to the window. I saw fire not far from my house. Tall flames and smoke covered the landscape, and then I heard the sound of a siren off in the distance growing louder. It was an eerie sound. “What in the world is happening?” I asked myself, barely able to hear myself talk over the loud heartbeat resonating in my ears.

I ran to the dining room to get a better look, nearly tripping over one of my plants. Still shaking, I reached the sliding glass door and swung the shades open, and what I saw paralyzed me with fear. Fire covered the entire strip of land to one side behind my house. Houses were on fire. Then, I heard screams and shouting. I rushed to my front door. “What the hell is going on?” I thought, as I ran outside trying to get a better look. The lights in the street were dim, but I was able to make out what was happening.

People were running in the streets, coming out from their homes and screaming frantically. “C’MON… HURRY!” I heard one man scream at his wife. “What’s happening?” I yelled, and then I saw them. Creatures, very tall creatures! From a distance they looked like androids because their entire bodies were covered with a silvery armor, but they were not. The street lights bounced off their shiny armor, and I could see they wore what looked like helmets from the same silvery metal that covered their bodies. These helmets covered their entire heads except for a small opening around their face, that is how I was able to make out they were humanoids and not androids.

I was able to make out their form from the lights and the fire around them. They looked somewhat human, but they were taller than the tallest man ever recorded. They were as tall as or taller than an average size house, and horrible laser-like beams shot out from their dark eyes as they went through walls, smashing and knocking them down. Once they exposed what was inside the homes, they burned people and everything in their path with these fiery beams. Everything they touched went up in flames and ashes in an instant.

Men, women and children ran as destruction followed them. There were dozens of these humanoids in armor leaving a quake of destruction, scattering families until they lost sight of each other. I stood there frozen with fear until someone ran into me, knocking me to the ground. Shaken out of my stupor, I got up and ran, following everyone else. I passed a woman on the floor in middle of the road screaming for her children as these creatures destroyed her house with their sweltering lasers right before her eyes.

Every time they came upon a house, they would walk through it crushing the walls as if they were made of papier mache. From where I was, I could see into a house that had been completely demolished. Horrified, I saw children run and hide under the debris as these android-looking beings continued to kill people around them by the hoards.

People ran in clusters. I followed a group of them and ran what seemed like miles until we found ourselves before one of the lakes near a park. Alligators have been seen in these waters, and the lake was a good stretch across to the other side where we could take refuge in the woods, but there was not time to think, and panic drove us as we all jumped into the water.

I began to swim, and I saw more people joining us. Some had backpacks with them, and they were mostly men. Then, I saw the oddest thing: animals of every species in the area were swimming across the lake, including crocodiles. Yet they were not attacking any of the animals or people in the water because they were all swimming in fear trying to get away from danger just like everyone else.

I looked over to my left and found myself swimming alongside a woman who looked like she was not going to make it to the other side of the lake. However, she did, and as soon as we reached the other side, we all ran into the woods until some collapsed from exhaustion. Panting, I forced myself to slow down and look back, afraid of what I might find, but I didn’t see the creatures. Somehow we managed to escape them. I ran a little more until I found a very large hollowed log in the woods and crawled under it. The woman followed me and did the same. “What were these things?” she asks, her voice shaking. “What is going on?” “I don’t know; I don’t know!” I replied, breathing heavily. I couldn’t think from the shock.

The sound of flying aircraft woke me. Somehow I had managed to doze off. People began to come out of hiding and run again. I looked at the other woman who had also fallen asleep, and woke her up. “Get up! We need to keep going!” “WHERE?!” she shouted. “Ssshhh!” I said, “Do you want to be found?” I grabbed her by the arm and pulled on her. Soon we found ourselves in the middle of a dirt road, and we heard sounds coming from far away. The city was about ten miles from where we were, and the sounds seemed to come from there. As we continued to run, the sound of aircraft got closer and louder. By this time, morning light filtered through the trees and branches, and we were able to see better ahead of us.

I looked up to the sky but could not see because of the trees and the glare. Suddenly, we stopped dead in our tracks as we heard bombs go off and firing. The sounds of explosions became louder. A wave of heat and smoke engulfed us as we approached the city. Hoping to find the military there, we moved closer. The smoke and heat burned our eyes and nostrils, and everyone that made it this far began to cough and choke. The fumes were sucking in all the oxygen, and our skin felt as if it were on fire.

Squinting, I covered my mouth and nose as I tried to get a closer look at what was happening. The words left my mouth before I knew what I was saying, “It’s starting… it’s starting already.” “WHAT’S STARTING?!” the woman next to me screamed in fright, but I didn’t answer her. I looked up again, trying to make out what was making the strange sound we were hearing over us, and then I saw it. A huge spacecraft hovered above the city. It was nearly three blocks long, and it was somewhat circular in shape with a compartment on the bottom of it, something like the Enterprise in Star Trek but not quite. It was gray made of some kind of metal, and it was shooting fire at all these aircraft in front of it, airplanes, helicopters, and anything that stood in its way. The missiles and bullets had no effect on it as they seemed to bounce off of its hard shell.

Whoever and whatever they were, they were shooting fire down at the earth, trying to kill all of humanity, bent on destroying the world as we know it. Screams could be heard coming out of buildings as they were being burned to ashes. People were running trying to seek shelter underneath bridges and in underground parking lots. There was no place to hide. There was fire all around for miles and then I realized, in horror, that our beautiful earth was on fire. There was no hope of escaping, and that’s when I woke up drenched in sweat, choking and gasping for air. I looked at my alarm clock, and it was a little past 3:00 a.m. “It’s a dream! It was all a dream!” I said, laughing and trying to calm myself down. My dogs were now up and by my side, curious as to why I was awake.

Parched and still shaking, I got out of bed to get a glass of water. Then, I heard the explosion and the loud boom, and then another and another. The house shook from the blasts. I ran to my window, and as I pulled aside the blinds, I froze, petrified in fear. The room was now glowing red as I watched fire falling from the sky. Huge balls of fire were showering the earth!

It was the beginning of the end.



Recent events had me looking through my journal as I remembered a couple of dreams from my past that left me a bit distressed the following day. These dreams, which many call prophetic dreams of end times, had a disturbing impact on me; so much that I had to write about it in my journal. Some would even call the dreams, Armageddon.

This story is based on these two very similar dreams. I had one dream on June 5, 2009, and the other on November 9, 2009. I linked them with a little twist here and there to come up with this fiction. I found it a bit funny after seeing the movie trailer Battle: Los Angeles because I found parts of the movie resembling these two dreams.

However, here’s what I found a little more bizarre; this movie came out in Florida the same day the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on 3/11/11. You will see the connection when you look at the video I included here. You’ll find that the recent catastrophic earthquakes were foretold not only by people but by scientists as well. What’s causing all the recent earthquakes, including the one in Japan?

Something else to think about is the mysterious deaths of animals all around the globe. We are also seeing the strange behavior of sea animals, as you have probably seen on the news lately, such as the sting ray and the dolphin that jumped out of the water on to people’s boats. Whales and other sea animals have been found disoriented and lost and had to be re-introduced back into the ocean.

©Faithful Daughter

All rights reserved. Any redistribution, reproduction, republishing, rebroadcasting or rewriting of part or all of the contents in any form or manner is prohibited without the express written consent of the author and owner, Faithful Daughter.
All rights reserved. Any redistribution, reproduction, republishing, rebroadcasting or rewriting of part or all of the contents in any form or manner is prohibited without the express written consent of the author and owner, Faithful Daughter. | Source


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    • Faithful Daughter profile image

      Evi Lopez 3 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Rvs, you are welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    • profile image

      Rvs 3 years ago

      I simply want to say I am just all new to blingogg and truly enjoyed this web page. Most likely I’m going to bookmark your blog post . You certainly come with awesome stories. Cheers for revealing your website page.

    • Faithful Daughter profile image

      Evi Lopez 5 years ago from Sunny Florida


      I know what you mean about spiritual dreams revealing things to us. I feel this is one way God communicates with His people. I myself have had many dreams that have brought solutions to problems or have alerted me of people needing help or prayer. I've even had dreams of people passing away days before they do.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    • heart4theword profile image

      heart4theword 5 years ago from hub

      I have had a couple of re-occuring dreams, similar to each other. My sub-conscious working over time on my concerns and fears. Spiritual dreams have been revealing to me, helping me at times in decisions I was faced, or to get up and pray for a loved one. Finding out later that the urgency was real, the things they were going through around that moment in another place or state...was helped by the prayers. Tuning into the Spirit of God, is truly miraculous:) Thanks for sharing about your dreams.

    • Faithful Daughter profile image

      Evi Lopez 6 years ago from Sunny Florida


      Thanks for commenting. As I re-read my journal, I also shuddered at the memory of waking from these nightmares; in my dreams, I was actually running from these creatures and all the destruction around me.

      You are so right when you say we are living in the last days. All we have to do is look around and see catastrophe after catastrophe intensifying and bringing more and more destruction around the world; this is nothing to scoff at. Yet God is faithful to His children and will be spared His wrath, sadly not everyone wants to accept His precious gift of salvation and eternal life, therefore, many will perish because of their own choosing.

      Thanks again for stopping by.

    • profile image

      exjwlaurie 6 years ago

      Hi Faithful Daughter! Excellent story, built around your dreams. Those dreams would have scared me half to death! Even reading your story elevated my heart rate!

      The videos also--further bring home to us the evidence that we are living in the last days! How frightening must this all seem to those who have not yet "come to Christ". We know so much about the coming days, thanks to God revealing His plan to us through His Holy Word!

      I gained a lot from reading your work here Sister! Thank you for writing it!

    • Faithful Daughter profile image

      Evi Lopez 6 years ago from Sunny Florida


      Thanks for stopping by and reading.

    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 6 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA


      Interesting story coming from real dreams. Thanks for sharing.

    • Faithful Daughter profile image

      Evi Lopez 6 years ago from Sunny Florida


      Thank you for reading and commenting. Yes God is talking to His people of the things that are to come; it's too sad that not everyone will listen. We can only pray.

    • profile image

      Friendoftruth 6 years ago

      It is such a blessing when the LORD gives us information through dreams, through people, etc. to help us to prepare. It's also like He's trying to get the unsaved's attention before they don't have any more time...

    • Faithful Daughter profile image

      Evi Lopez 6 years ago from Sunny Florida


      Thanks for reading. Imagine the chaos and devastation in countries that have experienced localized earthquakes and tsunamies just recently, now imagine this in a global scale where everyone will be running and hidding, and seeking higher ground with no hope in sight? It is unimaginable! Thankfully we know where we are going, don't we?

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 6 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      I also thought of Armageddon. It is going to be chaos, cofusion and terror. As much as I want to keep writing, I will simply say, Wow" and that I am ever so thankful that I know the Lord!

    • Faithful Daughter profile image

      Evi Lopez 6 years ago from Sunny Florida


      Thank you for taking the time to read; I know you've been busy. These dreams were very disturbing and so very similar that I knew it somewhat foretold of what's to come. I guess I didn't want to see it as prophecy and tried to forget them but I haven't. It's just a matter of time before we see what's coming.

    • Unchained Grace profile image

      Unchained Grace 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      FD, this ain't a dream. It's prophecy. Armegeddon ring a bell? When you told me of this in Facebook, I saw these scenes before I got to your Hub. Consider the signs we are to witness before He comes and then reread and pay very close attention to the video.

    • Faithful Daughter profile image

      Evi Lopez 6 years ago from Sunny Florida


      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Did you see where she predicted, only a few days before, the date of the earthquake? We know that the moon has it's effect on earth but this meteor she talks about, which I heard is enormous, is causing a dominoes effect on all these earthquake zone areas. How about all the animals that are strangely dying. Something to think about.

    • FriendofTruth profile image

      FriendofTruth 6 years ago from Michigan

      Just like the lady said in this video, people should have supplies ready. And most important, we need to be leaning on the LORD and seeking Him for preparation. One of my prayers, is always, LORD please prepare us for the days that are ahead. And He's been preparing us (my family) spiritually and leading us to do things materially.

      Thanks for sharing your dreams and information you found.