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Earthman Jack Space Saga by Matthew Kadish

Updated on October 12, 2015


I was sent book 1 and book 2 of the Earthman Jack Space Saga by Matthew Kadish for free in exchange only for my honest and unbiased review of the books.

It's Like Harry Potter Meets Star Wars!

— Matthew Kadish


As I wrote in the disclaimer "I was sent book 1 and book 2 of the Earthman Jack Space Saga by Matthew Kadish for free in exchange only for my honest and unbiased review of the books."

Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet: An Epic Science Fiction Adventure (Earthman Jack Space Saga Book 1) begins with a prologue that introduces the reader to the idea of the book. It begins as a young alien student looking back on the history of Earthman Jack who was not the bravest, the strongest, nor was he a soldier, but he was the luckiest.

From here Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet: An Epic Science Fiction Adventure (Earthman Jack Space Saga Book 1) moves to chapter one and onward with the true story of the Earthman Jack. The book has a very slow beginning from chapter one through nine the book is all very no magic or aliens just normal earth teens going to school, getting bullied, and living their lives. Then suddenly when Jack sneaks out with Anna he learns aliens are real, they want to capture Anna because she is a princess, his mean homeroom teacher is Anna's protector, and his science teacher is an alien on Earth to help Anna unlock and Ancient temple to stop the galaxies from being destroyed.

WOW is that a lot that happens to Jack and yet he takes in all in stride and even ends up with his own space ship. This book is a Sci-Fi fans dream book it combines elements of Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate, alien elements, alien tech, an Earth hero, destroyed planets, and an unstoppable enemy. Everything a Sci-Fi fan loves all in one book.

My favorite part about this book is that the reader learns about the universe the book takes place in through the eyes of Jack who never knew there were planets with life on them out there in the galaxy. Jack is a truly great character for this book he is young, loving, brave, and competitive. The destruction of Earth truly shapes him into the hero the galaxy needs him to be. I really loved the interaction between Jack and Anna. I also liked Shepard as a character.

I was so glad that I got both book one and book two for review so that I was able to start reading book two right away. I truly loved reading this book and as I write this review I am rushing a bit so that I can begin reading book two (see below for that review).


Matthew Kadish

Matthew Kadish is a male author who has written both:

  1. Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet (The Earthman Jack Space Saga) (Volume 1)
  2. Earthman Jack vs. The Secret Army (The Earthman Jack Space Saga) (Volume 2)

Besides this not much is truly known about Matthew Kadish. He tells all sorts of stories about himself in his author profiles like the fact that he is a black woman, that he wrote his first 500 page novel on a napkin, and let not forget the fact that he/she can not read at all!



As I wrote in the disclaimer "I was sent book 1 and book 2 of the Earthman Jack Space Saga by Matthew Kadish for free in exchange only for my honest and unbiased review of the books."

After enjoying book 1 I was so excited to begin reading book 2! Book 2 begins previously chapter which sums up the event s of book 1. This section is a nice addition to the book as it reminds the reader what happened last time. Book 2's story begins in chapter one with Jack dreaming and waking up with an other one of his massive headaches that even the robot can not cure.

When Jack and his crew finally arrive in orbit of Princess Anna's planet things suddenly change Jack learns that he and the princess can never be together as a couple that they are destined to be only friends. Now I do understand Jack's pain from this when he thought they were girl friend boyfriend, but I did not like how Jack thought he was entitled to be allowed to snog the princess and how he should at least be allowed to cop a feel since he saved her life. No one is ever allowed to have some sort of right to another person because they helped them or saved them. I honestly as a woman felt disgusted by Jack's feelings and thoughts on him being dumped.

I did continue to read the book after this part and it does continue to get better as the plot moves along. I liked how the author described the culture and appearance of the planet these descriptions really made the book come alive for me. I really felt like I could picture what was going on.

I will not describe any more of what occurs in this book for fear of ruining it for you, but I will tell you that it was one wild ride that was just as good if not better than book 1. I really hope that Matthew Kadish writes a book three soon as I would love to read it. This book series is a must read for any Sci-Fi or fantasy fan. I love how it combines the royal almost magical elements of fantasy with the realistic space ships and space battles.

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