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Easy Topics to Write About

Updated on February 15, 2012

These days the internet thrives. People across the globe are surfing the internet on a daily basis to read, find information or just have fun. Well that has been true a couple years ago, the trends are shifting. With the emerging of blogging services, forums, social platforms people want to share their thoughts and opinions. Most of them start some kind of blog or web journal to write and express themselves.

Problems often arise after some time that people become bored or are out of ideas about what to write and feel that they are leaving their readers hanging so they rather quit than not deliver.

But here are some easy topics so you can overcome such periods and keep your passion up for you and for your readers:

  1. Write about something seasonal. Write about your favorite part of the year and why that's so or complain about the weather state some arguments about what you like or don't. Write about Holidays there's a lot to cover on those topics from fancy dressing to nice meals or just the good time. Share something personal to give it a personal touch.
  2. Follow trends. Follow the industry, there's always something going on that's generating a lot of hype on the internet. Ride the wave. State your opinion on the subject. An easy way is to go over the news, check out social platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Google+.
  3. Write about how you can't find anything. There are days where you just can't seem to find anything relevant to write about. Doesn't matter, write about that, try to make your readers join and comment they just might give you something to write about the next time.
  4. Education. Writing about education is always a good start point. There's a new publication or interesting fact about some university around the globe that's worth mentioning and spreading over the internet for the world to see it. Maybe feature your own education and give your opinion about it.
  5. Do a case study. It's always good to see the difference between theory and practice. Find some nice case that you have nice insight of and blog about it. Show your expertise and let others learn from it. Nothing wrong about presenting facts to people in an ordered fashion so that it's easier to understand.
  6. A "How To" might cut it. Write a tutorial, doesn't have to be the best one on the internet but offer a solution to something because solving real world problems is what most people are trying on the internet.
  7. Show your writing career. Dig up some old posts and make a follow up on them. Point out what has changed, what have you learned in the mean time or just bring the topic back up if you think it's worth elaborating it further.
  8. Make poll or survey. Find out what your readers think, you might find out some interesting fact from those results that you can analyse and write about later.
  9. Blog about how or what to blog. Help others out because they might be stuck in the same position as you. Could as well make them company and figure it out together.


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    • Arquason profile image

      Arquason 5 years ago from Bosnia and Herzegovina

      I agree with you on the point that you should write about "right here, right now". When I first started on Hubpages I didn't know what to write about, what would the audience like. So I've written some good and some not so good articles since I was pressuring myself about the topic and such details. About a week ago, after a long pause from writing I've decided to pick up Hubpages again and write an article or two, or more if I felt like it (and I have a great one coming). But this time it was different, I knew I wanted to write about my experience on the Android market and how the process felt to me. Easiest article in my life. I just had to write down my thoughts. It came naturally and spontaneously. A couple checks and rechecks later it was a solid Hub that I've decided to publish. The results were evident in just a couple days I've racked up 20% of all the visits in the past six or seven months. Even got a few upvotes on reddit which was nice to see that people appreciate the article.

      So my best bet for writing articles is when you feel like it and have something to share, or you want to learn something new and share the ups and downs so the others can learn too.

    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 5 years ago from Indiana

      I write fiction. My problem is trying to back in time to the era when I first started writing (1992-1998); but I can't recapture the time because i was living in it at the time. So just trying to write in the "right now" and not be so caught up with the month, year or date that the story is taking place in.

    • Arquason profile image

      Arquason 6 years ago from Bosnia and Herzegovina

      Thanks, I hope it will help you and other people out.

    • theclevercat profile image

      Rachel Vega 6 years ago from Massachusetts

      Great list! Voted up and useful. Welcome to HubPages!