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eBook Publishing Easy Step by Step Guide Just Plain And Simple

Updated on February 14, 2016


How Hard Can It Be?

You would think that publishing your eBook would be really difficult considering the amount of articles all over the Internet that make it sound virtually impossible unless you are a genius at using your pc.

I have been put off publishing my eBook over the last few weeks because of the high brow attitude of some of the info in these sites. Place your html here, put your URL there, and so on.

So does actually getting your eBook out there have to be so darn difficult?

Well, no. The reason why it was so hard to understand was because there are so many sites that try to pad out their articles by adding complicated ideas just to fill a page.

I must have taken in so much info about eBooks, publishing, royalty's, and how to get the eBook into the Kindle store on Amazon, that my brain has turned to mush.

The funny thing is, when I tried looking at it in a simple way, it was just that. Simple.

So here is my guide for How To Publish an eBook the easy way. And trust me when I say easy, I don't like things too complicated. Drives me insane.

Stating The Obvious

Let's not get all technical here. All we want to do is write an eBook. So that's what we will do. I am not going to insult your brains by telling you to 'Get the idea for your book and plan it out chapter by chapter'. I know you are not stupid, if you are going to write an eBook then you know how to write and have probably been doing it for years. So, here's the list on how to write your eBook, get it onto Amazon and not have a nervous breakdown doing it. This is it in really simple terms.

  • Write your eBook in Microsoft Office Word. No, you do not have to write it in complicated hmtl's or landscape this and that, just use Word. The reason being that Amazon Kindle loves it. All you do is write out your book. Get the chapters in order, and try to keep your layout in Roman 10. That way it fits onto the kindle screen nicely.
  • No, you do NOT need to PDF it. If you are writing for any other site, then maybe you do. But NOT if you are writing for Amazon Kindle. They do all the formatting, just write in Word docs and and download your file to Kindle from there.
  • In other words, write your eBook in Word, click Save As... Docs, pics, etc. Then when you get to the kindle download just click browse and wait for it to work. And it does. Every time.
  • Make sure that you read and re read all your work. Get somebody else to read it, or do it yourself. May sound simple but sometimes we miss things like Full Stops, Comma's and so on.

Just click on Start button on your pc, and write in the word 'Notepad' then copy and paste. public domain
Just click on Start button on your pc, and write in the word 'Notepad' then copy and paste. public domain

A Great Tip On Getting Rid of Annoying Bits And Pieces

The one thing that I noticed when I first published my eBook was that somehow, I had managed to take a link with me from Hubpages! Now I know that in my case I had copied and pasted it from Hubs, then deleted them on here. But I never realised that I would be carrying around a link with me! Call me stupid, I did!

I tried replacing the word. didn't work. I tried changing the link on my hubpage, then copy and pasting it again. Didn't work. What drove me insane was that I can't remember linking to the hub! It wasn't mine, I couldn't remember it and it wasn't even similar in context.

Then I remember a bit of info from another site that was actually helpful. Copy the whole article to your Notepad that you have on your PC. Then copy it back to a new blank page. And it worked! Got rid of the link perfectly. Mind you, by the time I downloaded it to Kindle eBooks I had forgotten to put it back to Roman 10 size writing.

So eventually my eBook looks slightly big text. And I think some of the chapters didn't fit into the 'Insert Page Break'! But I think it was fine, if not I am sure someone will let me know!

Upload your Ebook to Amazon

My eBook Cover

My eBook at

Book Covers

This was another area where I noticed all the 'experts' came out in full force. For example, you must choose a professional photographer. You must get someone else to edit your photo and add the writing to make it look professional. What a load of bunkum!

All these tips make it sound as though we are all stupid and can't take a photo, or add text or even choose a Public Domain photo to use. And yes you are allowed that. I checked. In fact I drove the Amazon staff to distraction with my continuing bombardment of questions. And yes they were lovely and helpful. Probably need a stiff drink and a holiday after, but still very nice.

Want to add Text?

  1. Choose the photo or picture that you want for you eBook.
  2. Public Domain is fine as well as your own personal photos.
  3. Save picture to your pc gallery.
  4. Click on picture in your gallery, and open it. Then Fix it by making the photo size look like a book cover. Then save.
  5. Open web browser and go to roflbot-add text and captions to your pictures. It is the simplest Write Text On eBook Cover that you can use. It is self explanatory and after a bit of fiddling around you will be able to write text all over your picture. When your finished, just save to pc gallery. Simple.

Kindle Publishing.

Public Domain
Public Domain

Quick and Simple List of How To Publish an eBook

  • Write the darn thing. In Microsoft Word. Its the easiest and the best way.
  • Edit. Over and over if need be. Don't be like me and submit your eBook ten times just because you have thought of something! Try and get it right the first time.
  • Save your Word doc in your Gallery. Either pictures or docs.
  • Choose your photo or Public Domain Photo and Add Text. (see above)
  • Go to Amazon, sign in, or join. Then go to the bottom of the page and see the words 'write an ebook with Amazon'. Or 'Self publish with us'. Click on link and just follow the easy instructions. Simple as that.

If you have done all you need to do such as writing text on your cover, editing your eBook document and getting rid of anomalous links like I had, then that's it. Simple as A B C.


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