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Emergence of the Soul

Updated on May 19, 2015

Emergence of the Soul

Emergence of the soul

and with wonderment and awe

to the cosmic realm

its eyes behold the words coursed through my veins

quickened my pulses

plunged into the deepest concave

of the innermost core

waiting, waiting,

slowly, gradually

resting, slumbering

suddenly awakened

by a very soft caress

of a warm and tender kiss

the sprinkle of comforting adage…

tickled and titillated

fragrant as an angel’s breath

emboldened by the clashing and the lashing

of the surreal dreams

of the ardent lovers

of the words

retracted its steps

passed through

the intricacies of the maze

it wrapped itself in…

flowing, drifting

rushing, sliding…

it splurged

at last it has emanated

and basked at the glow

the emergence of the soul…


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