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Economic Syntax on Growth, Progress, and Development

Updated on November 11, 2022
Rhylee Suyom profile image

Reginaldo is an educator, a father, and a frustrated pilot. Hope his play on words will elevate you higher and make you feel better.

Adam Smith's Model of Economic Growth
Adam Smith's Model of Economic Growth | Source

Economic Syntax on Growth, Progress, and Development


From our humble homes to the four walls of the academe, students and learners have been taught that there are words that have the same meanings, These words are called synonyms. However, close scrutiny of supposed synonyms will show that there are significant, although at some point minute, differences among words. There are specific cases and situations that will specifically require a word to be used. A thesaurus is misleading and a dictionary may not be totally honest about the meanings when context clues are given as markers for a special adjective or verb to be used. Take the case of the words: big, huge, and enormous. The thesaurus will show that all three words are synonymous, yet syntax will point out that huge is very big and enormous is very very big. Therefore, in reality, the words are not the same. big is smaller than huge, and huge is smaller than enormous. We can even make the list longer by including humongous, gigantic, colossal, and universal...all being claimed to be synonyms of the word "big." Well, I guess we now know better.

Growth, Progress, and there a difference among them?

GROWTH - is the increase in anything which may be quantified or qualified (if given quality/standard). In Economics, this is represented by the increase in per capita income or monthly take-home pay of regular employees.

Note that growth means that there is a comparison done on two points. Let us say last month the salary Mr. A was $2,000 and this month's salary is $2,200. The increase of $200 is a sign of growth for Mr. A excluding other factors which may affect the significance of the $200 increase.

PROGRESS - is the observation of a series of growth over a specified length of time. In Economics, this is represented by the increase in Gross National Income (GNI) or Gross National Product.

Note that progress is a continuous series of growth. Taking the case of Mr. A and this month's $200 increase, if his salary keeps increasing over a period (let us say) six months, then he is experiencing progress.

DEVELOPMENT - is the process of positively enlarging, changing, and installing/activating the desire of the people to uphold, observe, and promote continuous moral, spiritual, emotional, and physical progression. In Economics, this is represented by the increase in the overall well-being of the people and nation.

Note that development is the soul of a country and its people. People may become rich; acquire many properties; visit many places; have large bank accounts...but if they are not developing...then, they are NOTHING!

[RGSuyom: Aug.21, 2012//Angeles City]



We have read the news

We have heard it all

We have believed lies

Fed from the 'wall'

We knew the truth

We listened well

We read in between

We now can tell!

[RGSuyom: May 30, 2018]



I write as my heart beats

the silent rhythm it hums as my hand

slowly scribbles the words

a symphony of synapses and contractions

a jive of the mind and heart

a single melody of thoughts

into one great whole

of what you now read...

[RGSuyom: May 30, 2018]



So many wants

and some demands

Done with errands

all calloused hands

Wanting more

asking for

Longer fervor

better ardor

But when gone

All is none

Among the some

We long for one

Tarry longer

Stay forever?!

When all is gone!

[RGSuyom: October 31, 2018@2:30pm/Angeles City]



A year is fleeing

With scars of naught

Of heartaches and oath

Of love, happiness, and notes

Of renewed vigor, hope, and dreams

Of hopeful wishes and working teams

Of a future filled with success teeming

As we face yet another year of beginnings

May it close with revived hope and happy endings!

[RGSuyom: December 21, 2016@1pm/Angeles City]


What is being WORTHY?

A WORTHY man, in spite of being torn inside between two opposing forces: good and evil, will choose to bridle his passion, seek anything that is good, and magnify his positive thoughts so much so that he embodies all that is beautiful and righteous. It is a matter of choice and wants, not of need and force. Such individuals who strive to be WORTHY personify the following higher processes and attributes: altruism, and charity. consecration, meekness, attribution, resiliency, and perseverance

[RGSuyom: August 21, 2012@10:50pm/Mt. View, Angeles City]


In case you want to read some of my other poems and works, please click the link below:

Thanks! Hope to read some of your comments.


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