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Updated on January 21, 2019

Let there be light
Let there be man
Give him a garden
Give him a companion
It is all so very simple
A world just for two
Nature will provide
Now what should they do?

The seasons are learned
Along with day and night
There are dangers in the wild
What about wrong and right?
The beauty of one another
Bring them together
One day something happened
There was more to consider

There was a baby to feed
And other families emerged
They were drawn by need
Their problems converged
Food, shelter, water, safety
These things required action
Someone must do something
Reality caused a reaction

But who would do what?
Kill an animal, lift a stone
Are they a village?
Or to each his own?
Who would decide?
Who would object?
Did they accept?
Or did they reject?

One selfish man
And a plan will fail
One greedy man
And the garden is for sale
Can a man live for need
And not for wants?
Can a man save a life
And accept only thanks?

Will a man read a book
And study until he sleeps?
And then use his knowledge
And reject the reward he reaps?
Is this the way to achieve greatness
No discernment among men?
Everyone the same
No matter how driven?

The ocean beckons
As do the mountains
The lakes and the streams
Are natures fountains
Will they be cared for
If we live wild and free?
Will a man be happy
Not owning what he can see?

And so the rock must be lifted
And we look around the cave
A man’s back is broken
Another says, “I’m no slave”
So the rock remains
As do we in the cave
Who will get food tonight?
“It’s not my turn” he said with a wave

How much is too much
For you to have all you need?
How much is too much
Before you notice the greed?
Think of it this way
You ask a man to play a flute
He can make you smile
But will praise be enough fruit?

A good man will share what he has
And he will accept what he receives
But how many good men do you know?
And how many are thieves?
Would you rather wear a fur
Or harness the heat?
Would you rather live outdoors
Or in a home on a nice street?

And who will do this for you
Without their just reward?
Can you live like an animal
Or accept the monetary sword?
Where do we begin
If nobody will cooperate
Where do we begin
When it’s too late?

And so do you want my wool
In trade for your milk?
But the home I built for you
Requires that I receive silk
But milk is all I have
So then live on the land
How can we accommodate
If you reject what is in my hand?

It becomes a matter of trust
I say what I render
Equals what you accept
As this paper is legal tender
And you agree
Even though paper is not milk
Because now I will build your house
Because now I can buy my silk

And in this way
Our wants become cultivated
And the lazy man
Is suddenly motivated
As the thinking man observes
The power of the capitalist tool
And the rivers of paper
That once was milk and wool

He wonders how it came to pass
That a world of cows and sheep
Became one of oil and gas
It happened while some did sleep
In the fury of comfort and reward
And technological devices
Are we better off
Have we invented new vices?

I long for my children’s comfort
But at what cost to another?
Is it a zero sum game
With a winner and a loser?
Will the next big thing happen
Without their just reward
Should we just pray to God
And put down the monetary sword?

Is there consensus among men
That can ever be reached?
Or will we always fail
Will egalitarianism be breached?
Everyone the same
Everyone equal
Will we ever know
Are we God’s people

I wonder of these things
As we print more and more
The paper is all that matters
We want ours and all else we ignore
Is there a limit
On the value of wool and milk
Will we continue as we are
Will we destroy whatever we built?


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