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...Ego and Spirit...Contained in the Moon Jars by Carole Anzolletti

Updated on August 7, 2016


Many times I have made decisions upon which I knew I should not because of a gut feeling that was uneasy, to say the least. The voice of the ego was louder than the voice of the spirit. As time goes on and I learn every single minute about the energy around me, I hear the ego quieting down and the spirit striving to speak.

Sometimes I don't listen.

Yesterday I didn't listen.

Something happened because I went against "The Voice" and "The Feeling".

Like I so often do, I regretted not listening because something manifested in the material world that caused me to recall the feeling that I went against. I had been going against it for several days in different ways, around the same subject. I kept asking myself questions about the feelings and the answer, it is energy form, was the same Every. Single. Time.


The spirit is always underneath the ego. It is just behind it, a softer and gentler voice that is almost weak but is very wise. It doesn't need to be loud because it is a voice accompanied by the truest form of feeling, the one that is the right choice.

It is never a voice that wants to be better than anyone other than oneself. It is never a voice that wants to be noticed for every cool and awesome thing that one does for oneself or for another. It is a collection of personal pride that one can rack up when the person knows that it has nothing to prove to anyone but oneself.

It is never a voice that struggles to be right, or that stresses about appearance or performance. It is never a voice that needs to be jealous or angry or righteous.

It is always a voice that challenges one to try to be better without having to announce it to the world through social media, or public displays of dramatic attention.

It is a voice that we all know is there.


Moon Jar Ideas for this Week

What if you wrote down what you thought was your ego telling you to do something, and its outcome and then what your spirit told you.

Write "Ego" on one side of a note and on the other something like:

"Told me to give the finger to that person who cut me off."

Now, write "Spirit" on one side of a note and on the other:

"Told me to think about why that person may have cut me off, and keep my fingers down."

Or "Ego" and: "Tell the lady who piled all her stuff on the counter and bumped into you when you weren't even done paying at Kohl's how fucking rude she is." Or "Spirit" : "Maybe she has been cut in front off a whole bunch of times and she doesn't care about anyone else around her, but you don't have to get down to that level. It is not your job today to teach her a lesson or point out what you perceive as fucking rude." Your energy will thank you for not exchanging the negative energy.

You could also write a few sample notes on things that you know you will need to decide in the future, and how your spirit vs. ego should, could, and will react. Even if you don't write a word - it is something to think about. Even if you added a dollar for every time you resisted giving a finger or refrained from mouthing off, would it make you feel better? At some point, I bet it would - because energy is something that can drain or sustain us, and we all need it. Why not at least think about trying to build it up?

Meditation is also another way of researching what spirit wants to say to you, and writing down whatever message you get while doing so can also go in your Moon Jar.

I hope that you all have a lovely week, and I will be back next Monday with more thoughts on Moon Jars and how to use them to help improve your everyday world!



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