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Employ of the Angelic Messenger

Updated on November 26, 2009

 The Employ of the Angelic Messenger

The angelic messenger knows not his author;
He remains unclouded by the blockades of persona.
Neither does his own style
Mangle the message,
Which coils along the stretches of myriad miles.

The thought arrives without signal,
Preconception implodes before it is discovered,
And occupies the being in entirety,
Like a spirit clinging to a body.

If it is true that words of idleness
Are as chaff which is blown about in the wind,
Then the angelic message comes forth;

Administering strength,
Bolstering courage in the wayward,
And the many who living are soon to be lost at war,
Whether it be political or spiritual,
Pure and whole of purpose are the ways and words
Of the angelic messenger.

You will know when you see him or her;
they will shout without ever lifting a lip;
they will sing to you
Without stressing a cord.
The messenger’s presence will feel
As ten thousand beings summoning you.

The angelic messenger bids
You guard your words,
For your words collect
On a great scroll entitled you,
And also collect in the ear of another
Like ants becoming trapped in honey.
And in another’s ear,
Your words morph into butterflies,
Eventually bearing other words,
And fruits of direct action.

The angelic messenger will never know his author,
And all for the better,
He will be eternal useful,
And bear fruit to the meanings and wholeness of the ages.


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    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      A beautiful Angelic Poem.

      I enjoyed reading it. Thanks :)