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Enchanted Blue Diamond Chapter 2

Updated on November 9, 2017

The Gem Collector

It's a dream! The Gem Collector is inside the diamond, He found it very amusing that he's surrounded by a diamond facets, so he pulls out his loop speculating the facet inside of the diamond. Touching and sliding his hands along the facets. Where am I he asked? Your inside the diamond you found answered the diamond voice! (hollow gentle tone). He turned around him and yelled out; "what is going on, who are you"? I'm the diamond your inside says the diamond in its hollow tone. I'll show you, walk forward a few steps says the diamond voice. The Gem Collector walked forward.

The Eagle

Then suddenly, he fell into a tunnel as he slide and twirl all the way to another facet. He landed on a diamond shaped bird flying around inside the facet. He held on to a diamond feathers around the birds neck. He pulls himself up, griped and held tightly with amazement in how every thing looked alive in diamond shaped form. The bird he rode is a giant diamond eagle faceted in the shape of the United States Virgin Islands Eagle shown on the islands flag. The eagle held three arrows in its right claw and herbs on its left claw shaped and made out of flawless diamonds. "Oh my goodness, says The Gem Collector.

Diamond Facet

The eagle bump the Gem Collector unto his beak, lifting and tossing him high and he tumbled and rolled near a stream of a diamond crystal mineral (water) fall. He yelled out, why I'm here? What's going on? Who are you? You are chosen to enter the journey of a blue diamond world. Your inside me, in the blue diamond you found, says the diamond voice". Are you magic, asked the Gem Collector? Yes I am, the reason your here is because your faith has brought you here and your heart of genuine love gave you a opening to follow your dreams, says the diamond voice"! What dreams, says the Gem Collector? A dream at the shore where you found me, I came to your feet, you speculated me and your heart reed a wish and it said, if I can only know who you really are on the inside, what would it be like? And so I pulled you inside me, says the diamond voice. No, no, no I did not mean that, I love gems, I love to collect them, I only dream of its beauty and its purpose to make a sale, so someone can buy it. Not dreaming to be in it. I want to get out now, says the Gem Collector! "But wait! the diamond responded. Your confused and your scared I presume, but this is your time to really look at a blue diamond really on the inside and understand your passion as a Gem Collector, says the diamond.

The Key

Then, a key came spinning very fast and landed at the Gem Collector's feet. "Take this key with you in your journey inside me. In every key hole you shall open and close. Remember your faith only determines your gift to life inside me or outside where you found me. So choose wisely and be keenly to what you've wanted, says the diamond voice. A cloud of smokey frost came inside the facet and the Gem Collector calmly snuggled into a deep sleep. He was elevated by the smokey frost carrying him onto a grassy diamond pasture filled with multi color diamond flowers.

There he rested on a soft patch. Princess Blue diamond was having dinner by the pasture with three diamond princess shape heads persons. Having every bite was diamond fish, taste just like fish, diamond rice taste just like rice and diamond plantains taste just like plantains. Deliciously it's been a wonderful meal. In a far distance Princess Blue Diamond noticed there was something at the other side of the pasture. "Princess Blue Diamond, before you go to see what's there, you need to know about the key, says the diamond voice, But she notice it was a person that is not made out of diamonds like herself. She ran as fast as she could, fell on her knees as she held his head up, holding him closely in her arms. What are you doing here? She asked. He is in a sleep, but before I wake him up, I need you to help him, says the diamond voice".

To Be Continued Chapter 3


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